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  1. Nomorecookies

    7 Months Out, Need Motivation

    This is so so true! I'm so all or nothing. I need to work on that. You guys are great! Your advice is spot on and so helpful
  2. Nomorecookies

    7 Months Out, Need Motivation

    Right! So the hard part is those days when it doesn't feel like honeymoon, but like a diet. When the scale doesn't budge, and the hunger and cravings are there big time.
  3. Nomorecookies

    7 Months Out, Need Motivation

    Thank you to everyone who took the time to reply! I really appreciate it. Great advice, all of it. Please keep those helpful tips and viewpoints coming!
  4. Hi Everyone, I've benefited immensely from reading all the content on here and am wondering if you guys have helpful advice for me. I'm 7 months out and have been losing nicely till about a month or 2 ago. My appetite and hunger have returned and I'm finding it very difficult to stick to my plan without cheating, reach my protein and fluid goals somewhat, and push myself to work out. Some days my cheating is so bad, it scares me. Obviously the scale hasn't moved downward, it only keeps fluctuating by a few pounds according to my intake. I haven't seen a significant loss in a while. While I'm so happy about my weight loss, I still really want to lose more and am scared about being able to maintain the loss if at 7 months out it's so easy to eat so much junk. I'm slowly building new habits, but at the same time, old habits die hard. I want to hear from you what helped you stick to your plan like glue, what motivated you day after day? How do I resist the urge to cheat? Any and all advice welcome. Looking forward to your replies!

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