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  1. Laura M

    Dealing with gastroparesis

    Hi Desertblue- I know this is a very old thread, 7 years, but I thought I'd take a chance. I had RNY about 6 months ago and I have had awful nausea that lasts a good 24 hours depending upon what I eat. My surgeon is thinking I have gastroparesis. I had a barium swallow and ruled out stricture and ulcer. I feel terrible pretty much all the time after eating. Was wondering if you could share how you have handled this. Thank you for your thoughts. Laura
  2. Laura M

    Unable to tolerate meat!?!?

    Hi Paiytin, I see this post was 4 years ago, but thought I'd reach out as I'm 7 weeks out from surgery and get sick/nauseous all the time from food. I have a horrible time trying to digest meet, it will sit in my stomach for 24 hours making me sick. My surgeon is saying the same as yours did, you have to push through it and take the anti nausea pills. I was curious how long this lasted for you and if things corrected course? Any info you can provide would be great. I find this community to be so helpful. Was there anything that got you through this phase? I'm starting to become afraid of eating because I don't want to feel nauseous all the time. Also, happy holidays! Laura
  3. Is the GERD feeling burning or regurgitation?
  4. Hi Catwoman7- Weird question for you but do you remember if you had a lot of burping with the stricture? I burp all the time after I drink and eat. It often clears the nausea a bit but was wondering if you had that. Thank you again for all your responses. Laura
  5. Hi KymmieDS- yes, I have had pretty normal bowel movements since this started except my atoll can get a little hard sometimes so I take a stool softener. I have one at least every 2 days and sometimes everyday. laura
  6. Laura M

    Trouble eating food after bypass

    Hi Layla, I saw your post from earlier this year. I'm at the same place you were. I'm 7 weeks out and it seems everything I eat make me nauseous for a couple hours. Sounds like you might have been similar? I was wondering if you are still having issues or if you have been able to move up to regular food at this point and feel good? I hope you have but any information would be hepful to me as I'm starting to wonder if I have a stricture or something. Thanks! Laura
  7. I'm currently 7 weeks post op and trying to figure out why I have been nauseous after eating and drinking since week 3 (and it's getting worse). I'm thinking a stricture, but I also have a feeling an ulcer could possibly be the problem? I have a really bad reaction to PPI's so I've been on H2Blockers twice a day since surgery. Unfortunately, I've been on them for 10 months prior for GERD and their effectiveness wears off over time. So..........I'm worried I could have developed an ulcer. My nausea is getting a lot worse (started to be nauseous to just harder food, now its all food and water) and I have to take Zofran every day. I have an appt. with a surgeon next week (my surgeon is on maternity leave). I'm hoping to at least get an upper GI series to see if they can see anything. I don't have much pain with this, so just wondering if most people had pain with ulcer or just nausea or both? Were there other symptoms? Thanks to everyone reading this. I'm really at that point of regretting my surgery but I'm telling myself to hang in there. Laura
  8. Thanks for the info. Yours was an anostomotic stricture at the duodenum too? I know some people get it at the stoma. I appreciate your responses. Helps me in understanding how to talk to the surgeon next week.
  9. Hi catwoman - do you remember the period of time when this started to when you could no longer keep down food? I’ve been going through this for a month.
  10. I’m learning new everyday. I assumed if food got past the esophagus and into the stomach, it wouldn’t come back up given the size of the stoma. Sounds like yours would. Wow! So glad you got that fixed so easily. I hear a lot of people get nausea too. When I’ve been trying to vomit, I only get a lot of saliva and mucus up. Maybe that is what they refer to as the foamies. 😂
  11. Thanks for the info. I hope we can figure this out. Appreciate it.
  12. Are you nauseous all day or just when you eat and drink? It was first when I was eating harder foods but now it’s starting to be after drinking too. I just don’t understand why it’s getting worse. I hope you find some relief too.
  13. Hi stt77, so sorry you are having a hard time too. This is awful. Do you just take anti nausea all day? I’m on zofran but it doesn’t work well. I’m hoping to get some answers soon. Will update after my appt next week. Happy holidays. I will be eating very little, just like Thanksgiving.
  14. Hi greenttealael- i think my stricture would be at where the intestine and stomach go together (if I have one) because I can swallow ok. But the food seems to sit there forever. Monday I tried to eat more regular food and I was nauseous again in about 20 minutes and when I woke up the next day I was nauseous all day. I spent the afternoon dry heaving into a trash can because nothing comes up. If I stick to mushy the nausea passes in a couple hours. I used to be able to drink fine. Now even water is making me nauseous. Where was your structure? glad you got it fixed! Thanks for the reply. laura
  15. Thank you so much!! If it works to keep me feeling better all day, I will be happy. I just really want to find out why it is happening! I don't want to take nausea meds the rest of my life. Did you have nausea bouts with your surgery?

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