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  1. I've found that I can only do it when I'm on a laptop!
  2. qtdoll


    Yeah that's extremely frustrating. I needed both failed weight loss attempts w my Dr AND comorbidities to get approved. I'm sorry this is so difficult for you. Keep fighting it!
  3. Full liquids right? Yes! You can have tomato soup. I practically lived off of that stuff. Good luck & sleep well!
  4. I really hope it works out! All these attempts sounds stressful & frustrating
  5. I did not feel my energy come back till my 3rd month & even then I still took it easy, but I'm at my 4th month & doing high impact workouts now. It should come back!
  6. qtdoll

    Weight loss stalling?

    Yep! I've experienced a few stalls. I only lost like 5lbs~ in my 3rd month while I was doing everything correctly but I lost almost tripple that in my 4th month. Just keep at it! Stalls are normal & they will continue to happen. If you stick to your plan you will break out of it & your hard work will pay off.
  7. qtdoll


    CONGRATS. Celebrate Multi Complete Chewables & Celebrate Calcium Soft Chews have been essential for me!
  8. "high protein, calorie deficit & I workout 4x a week" because it's still true!
  9. qtdoll

    Jealousy from others?

    WOW so much bitterness seeps from that comment. Who knows what she says when you're not around
  10. qtdoll

    Miss eating?

    No bc I still eat good food! I'm having beef stew for dinner tomorrow & today I had chicken kebabs, & yesterday I had tri-tip. The only difference is that the portions are smaller & the sides I usually had are now different (im 4mos out so I still have some limitations I have to follow) I still very much enjoy eating!
  11. qtdoll

    Costco finds

    Ohhh I love this! I'll have to get the tikki masala! Thanks
  12. qtdoll

    Jealousy from others?

    I will soon be seeing my family for the first time in a long time. Some haven't seen me since I was 295lbs (136lbs ago) & this is what I'm worried about. I assume a lot of my family will be supportive but I think the ones I'm not as close to might talk behind my back. Ugh I'm worried. I'd also love to hear other's stories
  13. I just dealt with this with a irl friend. They were so excited to talk to a surgeon about surgery, got the booklet w the pre-op & post op diet & immediately said 'never mind' - he thought it was just magically going to work on its own. He said had thought surgery would magically stop him from eating every 30mins & I told him you can do that w the surgery too. So I agree with this. The "tool" thing is important for people to realize it's not the magic spell they think it is.
  14. BUMP because this is a good thread! Today I am celebrating the fact that I now weigh 159, which is LESS than I weighed during a certain year middle school! I'm VERY happy 😊
  15. I ordered clothes, dresses, jackets etc in a size too small as inspiration to lose more & IT ALL FIT. I can't believe I'm now a medium!

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