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  1. Cee Cee 3

    What insurance is fastest ?

    I would suggest calling the insurance company and ask them to email you a copy of the Clinical UM Guideline. This is what they use as a “checklist” when they review your file. It would tell you their requirements for approval. I have Anthem BCBS and my first consultation was on 8/26/22 and my surgery was on 11/2/22. I didn’t have to wait a specific amount of months to get approved by my health insurance, I just had to get the clearances which were scheduled and spaced out for 2 weeks between each visit.
  2. Cee Cee 3

    Passed psych eval!

  3. Cee Cee 3

    Covid Testing Prior to surgery

    Yes. The hospital scheduled it 2 days prior to my surgery.
  4. Cee Cee 3

    First Bowel Movement… dark brown?

    I ended up calling the nurse practitioner and she said the same thing after asking me a couple of questions. She said if anything changes, to let her know but she’s not worried about it. I have a follow up appointment on Friday so I’ll see what my doctor says then. Thank you!
  5. Cee Cee 3

    First Bowel Movement… dark brown?

    It was darker than usual though. Maybe that’s why I was surprised? This morning, I did drink my fairlife chocolate protein shake. Maybe that’s why?
  6. I’m 5 days post op from have VSG and I just had my first bowel movement. It was soft but dark brown. Should I be worried?
  7. Cee Cee 3

    Food confusion

    I’m 3 days post up and my doctor put me on a Protein only (soft, mushy, and/or finely chopped) diet. I was able to tolerate water and chicken broth okay at the hospital. I had a little nausea but did not vomit. In fact, the PA called me yesterday and asked me to try tuna with Mayo to see how my stomach tolerates it. If it does not tolerate it then she asked me to try something else. Every doctor is different. The booklet and docs they provided us with is just general information but your doctor post op will tell you what diet they would like for you to follow.
  8. Cee Cee 3

    November Surgeries

    My surgery is scheduled for November 2nd and I just started my liquid diet today 🥴. I’m getting VSG.
  9. Cee Cee 3

    Surgery is tomorrow

    @miyita27 Your surgery is today! Good Luck!!

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