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  1. vegasjay82

    June 2022 surgery buddies

    It’s good but it’s not “authentic”. It won’t stop the urge for coffee. amazon has a pumpkin spice flavor and Walmart.com for a limited time has root beer float!
  2. vegasjay82

    June 2022 surgery buddies

    5’10 272 lbs 38.9 BMI with High Blood Pressure and pre diabetes. Surgery set for June 17th and I am terrified of failing at the lifestyle change after. So much so that I am thinking about postponing and trying to live the lifestyle for 4 months to see if I REALLY need the surgery BUT I am also terrified of putting it off and having a heart attack or stroke or something. I’m in Las Vegas NV and surgery is with Dr Xu. oh to make things worse… I tested positive for COVID over the weekend.
  3. vegasjay82

    Let’s talk about… skin

    Sadly I miss all the boxes. Crappy genes, bad skin elasticity, and I’ve been heavy for 28 years. Hopefully it’s not too bad or I may have to get it cut off.
  4. vegasjay82

    Let’s talk about… skin

    Cant tell at all. I am 40 about 5’10” and 280. I carry it all in my gut, arms and legs are twigs according to my wife. I want to feel good about myself after this and I don’t want a flap of skin you know… slapping her during “room activities” BUT my insurance has made it very clear they won’t cover skin removal.
  5. vegasjay82

    Let’s talk about… skin

    I am scheduled for the sleeve on June 17th. I am worried about hanging skin from my belly. What has been everyone’s experience with this?
  6. vegasjay82

    Travel after surgery

    It will be by plane for work and it will be 2 weeks.
  7. vegasjay82

    Travel after surgery

    First and foremost, what’s up gents! First post here and I am still in pre-op stages. Scheduled for my sleeve on the 17th of June. I am ripping through this forum to set my worries at ease and answer my questions, it has all been an amazing help and I am thankful to know this tool is here when I wake up from surgery because support is a key to success. all of that being said, I am wondering how everyone has done with travel after surgery. I have a training for work that I have to host exactly 2 months after surgery. I am assuming I won’t be on solid foods by then yet but maybe I’m wrong. Has anyone had to travel for work and did it go?

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