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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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  1. copley95

    Getting money back from surgery

    They do often give discounts for self pay, robbery that they bill insurance 40k but less than 20k if not…
  2. copley95

    Puréed meats

    I am week 2 of phase 3, I have had a turkey sausage patty, I didn’t purée it but rather chewed it into nothingness….I have only eaten 2 in the past 2 days but now I am worried….also had imitation crab meat and chewed and chewed it as well…I have felt fine after eating both but now I am thinking maybe I am rushing too much, read something about blockages….thoughts?? I’m going to go back to tuna and canned chicken instead, i can blend those easily and tolerate the taste.
  3. copley95

    Illness shortly after surgery

    Thanks guys! I left a message with my dr office but evidently they don’t have an emergency contact, I am just afraid of hurting my stomach since I am not fully healed. Drinking as much as I can to avoid dehydration. I appreciate you all.
  4. I am 11 days post sleeve surgery, my family has had stomach virus, I am having diarrhea which is definitely not related to surgery(you can just tell….if you know what I mean). I am going to take anti nausea tablet and pray that I can keep it from becoming an issue with vomiting as well. I am really concerned about vomiting this soon after surgery. Any suggestions???

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