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  1. Rebekahlynn9

    Stalls - How many

    I just broke my stall today, started at 3 weeks post op. It lasted for 14 days, gained and lost the same 2 lbs the entire time. My dietitian said its because of my transition from liquid to soft food and now that I'm a month in today I have no food restrictions. She wants me at 900 cal a day and 60/75 g protein. No limit on carbs. With my stomach restriction I dont see how in the world I'll be able to do that. She said once I start eating more my weight will start to go down again! We've always been taught less is more. Not sure why or how more is going to work but we'll see. Lol
  2. Rebekahlynn9


    Im 2 weeks out from surgery and things are going good for now, but I know that eventually Im going to have to start introducing and incorporating real food back into my diet and my calorie intake is going to get higher, I'm just terrified that once I do that even of its 4-500 calories my weight is going skyrocket! Has any one experienced weight gain durring their transitional phases? How did it work out? Did you have to start hitting the gym daily to continue loosing? Can you please share your stories. Thank u
  3. Rebekahlynn9

    No BM since surgery

    Thank you for the response, I reached out to my dr and she advised me that dulcolax is safe to use so I went for the gusto and took 3 at once...... Wont do that again! Talk about nausea. But on the positive note it got things going again!
  4. I hady surgery on 6/21/20 but havent had a bm since, is this normal? I've tried all the recommended solutions, colase miralax milk of magnesa..... Nothing works, the most I get is a toot lol..... Could it be that Im only drinking water and protein shakes? Im not tolerating the soups well. Anyone else having this issue?
  5. Rebekahlynn9

    June 21st Peeps

    I agree, I crave nutrient's for energy but no desire for food at all ( its a weird feeling) and yes, the incision pain is awful, I have this one right by my belly button that stings like its being ripped apart any time I go to sit up or bend over to tie a shoe, the others are fine. But they say the incision they pull your stomach through will be the one that hurts the worst and takes the longest to heal.
  6. Rebekahlynn9

    June 21st Peeps

    How's everyone doing so far? Today is full liquid day for me and I'm tolerating my shakes pretty well. I added miralax to my shake this morning to make sure I dont get bound up from the protein. So far so good, the restriction is real so baby steps, still having a hard time getting 64 oz of water daily...... Other than that I found mio drops + caffeine and B12, my program allows small amounts of caffeine daily, so I've been putting 1 drop of mio into a medicine cup mixed with water and that really gets me going in the morning. Its crazy how such small amounts hit me now.
  7. I had my surgery 6/21/22 went in 245 came out 250 and down to 248.9 today!! The struggle is real. Sounds like this is normal for a lot of people. 😣
  8. Rebekahlynn9

    June 21st Peeps

    🤣 thats funny. And your welcome hahah.
  9. Rebekahlynn9

    June 21st Peeps

    How was your surgery? How are you feeling today?
  10. Rebekahlynn9

    June 21st Peeps

    Surgery went perfect according to the doc, I'm doing great, the gas pain was tolerable. Had to get up and walk a bunch and you learn real quick on what you thought was a sip is not a sip lol ..... Other than that I feel great and I'm happy its overwith.
  11. Rebekahlynn9

    June 21st Peeps

    Today's the day, I have a late check in..... 11am its 9:09 right now and cant stop watching the stupid clock. Lol.
  12. Rebekahlynn9

    June 21st Peeps

    June 21st here! Its starting to get real, tomorrow we leave for our hotel since my surgery is out of town. Got my covid test done and neg results, so all good to go! Today is the last day of solid food for a while. Tomorrow only liquid. Feeling a little emotional but I know its for the best. For anyone reading this... Please keep me in your prayers, surgeries havent always gone well for me in the past and I'm trying to stay positive. 💜
  13. Rebekahlynn9

    June 21st Peeps

    Congrats on your pre surgery weight loss!......its the 21st for me too! I agree the biggest struggle has been my morning coffee. I started my preop diet on the 8th because we were out of town for 2 weeks prior for a funeral and everyone wanted to take us out to dinner every night for a week so I didnt get to loose much before my pre op started. Plus I kinda wanted to divorce my bad food habbit but have that one last fling hahah. Eitherway I've been loosing an average of 1.2 lbs a day since I started.
  14. Rebekahlynn9

    June 2022 surgery buddies

    Thats hilarious! LOL...... My surgery date is the 21st so 3 days after yours.... I'll be rootin for you and praying for a speedy recovery. ☺
  15. Rebekahlynn9

    June 2022 surgery buddies

    Awww, Im sorry....that can be frustrating. When I quit smoking my husband tried to hide his smoking from me at 1st and I told him not to because I had to learn that his choices cant effect me. Psychologically I have to seperate myself from what others do. He sits on the couch next to me and eats m&m's and twinkies, popcorn etc. I'll have this breif relapse and want to eat just one kernel or m&m but have to reel myself in and come back to reality. Its a mindset that is going to have to work to save my life and im going to have to stick to if this lifestyle/journey is going to work for me. 🥂 To overcoming our cravings and being bad ass! LOL.

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