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Mini Gastric Bypass Patients
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    Cara_luvnlite got a reaction from Love&Light in April 2022 Surgery Buddies   
    1st off I hope this gets easier for you soon. I'm 9 weeks post op and haven't been able to tolerate food in weeks. Protein is my biggest Aversion. Can't eat it or drink my shakes. I've never been able to Meer my protein goals. My surgeon and dietitian think it is the hormones being wacky from severe dehydration. They put me back on Clear Liquids for a few days but I'm still not able to reach my fluid goals. Everything is upsetting my stomach (yes, even water). I went and got a myers bag IV (banana bag) 2 days ago but no relief yet.
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    Cara_luvnlite got a reaction from Quesodip251 in April 2022 Surgery Buddies   
    Hi Rachel and Jen!! My mini gastric bypass was 4/14. I have lost less than you both. I have not been able to get anywhere near my Protein and Water intake, I have a HUGE aversion to protein since week 6. I did my surgery in Mexico so I don't have any local support at this point but my surgeon advises he thinks I'm very dehydrated causing my inability to handle eating. I went and got a Myers IV bag last week and i feel like it has helped a bit, My starting weight was 242 and hit onederland Monday!!! I only weigh once a week and was at 199.8 this past Monday. You both are doing so amazing!!! I have fibromyalgia and this has helped with my brain fog and exhaustion for sure. I am not working out yet at direction from my surgeon until my fluids and protein are under control. I still get very light headed and dizzy everyday.
  3. Congrats!
    Cara_luvnlite reacted to Quesodip251 in April 2022 Surgery Buddies   
    It was late April. Also had gastric bypass. Sitting at 25.5 bmi now but it keeps getting harder to lose now that I can eat more…grrr
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    Cara_luvnlite reacted to Abbielane26 in April 2022 Surgery Buddies   
    Thank you for the kind words. Best to you! It's a personal struggle for sure.
  5. Congrats!
    Cara_luvnlite reacted to Abbielane26 in April 2022 Surgery Buddies   
    Surgery is June 23. Gastric bypass. Highest weight, 270 July 2021.
    Current weight 188 with 4 more days to go on my liquid diet. Height 5'6" BMI 30 (barely). Age 65.
    Why am I going through with surgery after losing 82 lbs pre-op? Statistics show that I will have a much better chance at keeping my weight off vs a 2-5% chance without the surgery . I'm tired of fighting obesity!
    I went on a weight loss mission, pre-op, to reduce my risk of post op complications and to train myself for life with my new anatomy. I'm ready!
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    Cara_luvnlite reacted to Quesodip251 in April 2022 Surgery Buddies   
    I was a bmi of 30 pre-op as well and am almost to a normal bmi. Long-term weight maintenance is the hard. Good for you for doing what’s best for you!
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    Cara_luvnlite reacted to oldandtired in I need help... Everything makes me sick   
    I'm 5 months PO, and still deal with nausea every day. My doc said it has to do with the same hormone that makes you nauseous when you are pregnant. It hurts even when I drink Water. I am forceful when dealing with docs, as I have had... things... happen to family members in the past. I requested an anti-nausea med, and when that didn't help enough, I requested another. I am on two different scripts for it. I asked him if it was maybe a stricture, and he dismissed that. (That is ME, I don't know about YOU) Anyway, no one cares about you more than you do, so go to him, or your primary, and be forceful.) If they blow you off, find another doc that will listen. There is NO reason you should suffer.
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    Cara_luvnlite got a reaction from lizonaplane in I need help... Everything makes me sick   
    Thank you, I really appreciate your help
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    Cara_luvnlite reacted to lizonaplane in I need help... Everything makes me sick   
    As usual, I agree with @catwoman7
    I didn't like food for maybe 2-3 months after surgery. It hurt after every meal and nothing tasted good. Check in with your surgery center (even from Mexico they should be able to tell you if you need to go to urgent care).
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    Cara_luvnlite reacted to catwoman7 in I need help... Everything makes me sick   
    food not tasting good is a common reaction and is almost always temporary.
    the sick part isn't normal, though. Has this just come on recently? If so, maybe a stricture (??) (I'm not familiar with mini-bypass, so not sure if this is common with them. About 5% of regular bypass patients get them - but I don't know about mini-bypass). I'd see a doctor or go to urgent care...this isn't normal.
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    Cara_luvnlite reacted to FarfelDiego in Protein HELP   
    I like the unflavored Isopure Protein Powder that can be mixed to make Protein Jello or pudding. I can’t take more than one shake a day. I do Greek Yogurt too. There’s one called Two Good that’s ok.
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    Cara_luvnlite reacted to Arabesque in Feeling irritable   
    Yep, it will be the hormonal flush causing the emotional roller coaster. It’s like permanent PMT. It will settle as you lose more weight & are releasing less oestrogen into your blood stream. And you’ll get better at managing it as well. It’s why your menstrual cycle may get a bit screwed up too.
    Plus you may be consciously or subconsciously mourning how you used to eat adding to the emotional swings.
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    Cara_luvnlite reacted to fourmonthspreop in Fairlife Core Power 42 grams   
    Wow I DID NOT know this haha definitely need to change my protein habits then..I tend to try to get it all in through a shake and protein snack. I looked it up and yeah seems like I can't have more than 26ish grams of protein at a time? I just started splitting my shakes. Good to know. Thanks!!!

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    Cara_luvnlite reacted to Raw188 in I lost my Bum to a gastric doctor 😁   
    Squats. Leg press. Pylo box.
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    Cara_luvnlite reacted to kcuster83 in I lost my Bum to a gastric doctor 😁   
    I started with none, so I guess I am safe... haha
    Do mom butt lift videos?
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    Cara_luvnlite reacted to The Greater Fool in I lost my Bum to a gastric doctor 😁   
    Look a bit lower.
    Good luck,
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    Cara_luvnlite reacted to GlennL in I lost my Bum to a gastric doctor 😁   
    I have literally no backside, as if someone came along and stole it in the night!
    Seriously though, what’s the best ways of getting my bum back from the thieves please?

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    Cara_luvnlite reacted to mysticcrow in Feeling irritable   
    Has anyone else felt super irritable after their surgery? I'm almost 3 weeks post op and finding myself getting irritated with my husband and daughters more than normal. Maybe hormones?? Not sure.
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    Cara_luvnlite reacted to LilaNicole20 in Feeling irritable   
    Yes! It’s the hormones. I am so irritated with my husband all the time now.
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    Cara_luvnlite reacted to summerseeker in Feeling irritable   
    I didnt know but I had it explained to me. Our hormones live in our fat cells. We are loosing weight rapidly and releasing all these hormones into our systems. I found it like the menopause or pregnancy all rolled into one. I cried so much and my ever caring husband got the full length of my tongue a few times when he was just trying to help.
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    Cara_luvnlite reacted to Arabesque in Alcohol   
    Are the sweet drinks diet? Just wondered if it’s a reaction to an artificial sweetener??? Wine is sweet naturally from the fructose in the grapes. 🤷🏻‍♀️
    I’d just drink wine all the time so you don’t get sick. 😉😁😁
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    Cara_luvnlite reacted to ms.sss in Will I ever have my favorites again ??   
    Mandatory Disclaimer: this is what i did, and the results/side effects are particular to me. YMMV.
    With that said:
    Im 3.5 years out.
    If I wanted to, i could forgo weighing and measuring food to avoid physical discomfort…i have long since learned what my stomach likes/dislikes and how much it can hold at a time.
    BUT i still measure/weigh because i’m a serial food tracker/logger cuz that’s just how i roll. Its not for everyone, but its just part of everyday life for ME.
    Beer and Coffee:
    I don’t drink beer (never did), but i do drink hard liquor. I had less than 10 partial drinks during my 7 month weight loss phase, but am now a regular drinker…some may say too much, but whatevs.
    coffee, i served at the hospital, and i went back to my at least daily thermos of coffee at around 1 month post op.
    Also, i started drinking my fave sparkling Water again around the same time. I probably drink about 5-6 litres of it a week.
    Fave food eating:
    I can honestly say there is nothing that I don’t eat IF i want to eat it. Alcohol? Check. Desserts? Check. chips? Check. Fried foods? Check.
    Mind u there are alot of things that WERE my faves and ate alot of pre-op that just don’t register much anymore. I’m looking at you, rice and Pasta. I barely eat (nor want) rice anymore…basically only if its sushi. Same goes for pasta and bread…i mostly only eat it if Mr. makes it, and we are talking like once every couple of 1-2 months.
    The volume of what i consume of my “faves” though is like a fraction of what I consumed pre-op, but thats just fine with me…its all about taste anyway, not about stuffing myself.
    All this works for ME, and may or may not be your experience as well…you won’t know until you know.
    P.S. I’ve been maintaining below goal weight this entire time, so i must be doing something right! 😇
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    Cara_luvnlite reacted to armartin98 in Will I ever have my favorites again ??   
    I had my surgery Dec. 22, 2021. I eat and drink anything I want and I love it. I just eat and drink small amounts. I've always been, (for the most part) a healthy eater. I don't eat a lot of junk food or sodas. I do drink coffee and wine but a lot less than I used to. I'm so happy I got this surgery. I just wish I would have done it a long time ago. Good luck to you.
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    Cara_luvnlite reacted to FutureMILF in April 2022 Surgery Buddies   
    That’s fantastic!! I had mine Monday morning and should go home this am. 🙌🏻 Definitely some pain but overall feeling good. Enjoy your 1st day home!

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