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    GinSunflowers got a reaction from cheryl o in Sleeve or Bypass? Confused   
    So my bariatric doctor is trying to convince me to get the sleeve instead of the Bypass, which I thought would be better for me being that I have GERD & a hiatal hernia. He says he can fix my hiatal hernia and after he fixes it, I would be fine and won’t develop another hernia. Now I’m confused and not sure which surgery would be the best for me. Has anyone who’s had the sleeve ever developed a second hiatal hernia after it was originally fixed during a sleeve surgery?.
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    GinSunflowers reacted to I♡BypassedMyPhatAss♡ in Sleeve or Bypass? Confused   
    Yep, same. My surgeon said if I was set on sleeve, she wouldn't operate, lol.
    I'm so glad she has my best interest at heart.
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    GinSunflowers reacted to kcuster83 in Sleeve or Bypass? Confused   
    I didn't really argue too much, I just asked for information as to why he recommended the bypass. I see a LOT of people talking about GERD on these forums after they had the sleeve so I am comfortable with my choice.
    I don't really know if he would have done the sleeve if I was adamant or not.
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    GinSunflowers reacted to kcuster83 in Sleeve or Bypass? Confused   
    I have severe GERD as well. I went into my appointment prepared to discuss the sleeve and he was highly against it due to my GERD. Recommended bypass and gave his reasons, i researched and agreed. I have bypass on the 21st.
    Apparently A LOT of people develop GERD after the sleeve surgery, even when not having it previously.
    Mine is horrible and there was no way I was chancing making it worse, I am hoping it goes away completely!
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    GinSunflowers reacted to Arabesque in Sleeve or Bypass? Confused   
    The surgeon may be basing their recommendation for sleeve over bypass because of the severity of your gerd & what damage it has caused.
    I had occasional reflux, which isn’t as severe as gerd, for decades before my surgery. I managed it with diet (no spicy food, no high fat, rich or creamy foods, only occasional carbonated drinks - champagne & tonic in a G&T - little or no caffeine). I only needed to take a ppi a bare handful of times a year. My surgeon recommended a sleeve too because I was managing my reflux well & it was consequently a pretty minor case. Do I still have reflux? Yes, but it manifests itself differently. Hiccups not as severe, no bad taste in my mouth, though I have burning in the back of my throat 3 or 4 times a week at night. I do take Nexium every morning now which my surgeon warned me I’d have to.
    But if you’d feel more comfortable with bypass, you have the right to request that surgery.
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    GinSunflowers reacted to mi75 in Sleeve or Bypass? Confused   
    I actually had severe diagnosed GERD for nearly 20 years pre-surgery and took ridiculous amounts of PPI. I also had my heart set on RNY because I was under the impression that VSG wasn't an option. My surgeon gave me the choice, saying that post surgery, once I lost the weight, the GERD would go away.
    I chose VSG. I'm glad I did. During my surgery I also got a hiatal hernia repair and a fundoplication. Once I lost my weight the GERD was GONE. In total transparency, I've had a small amount of regain and it DID return but I'm working my way back down so meds are also gradually decreasing.
    The main reason I'm glad I did VSG is because I had absolutely ZERO complications, no healing issues, had no malabsorption and just felt great in general. I did eventually develop lactose intolerance, but I'm told that can happen with either surgery.
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    GinSunflowers reacted to catwoman7 in Laxatives   
    castor oil is pretty harsh - I don't think that would be good to use on a regular basis. Something like Miralax or a stool softener should be OK, though.
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    GinSunflowers reacted to fourmonthspreop in Laxatives   
    I've been dealing with really intense Constipation since my surgery Feb 14th. I was first suggested Colace and that didn't do much for me. Next, my doc suggested Senna tea (also called "Smooth Move" in American grocery stores). That worked pretty well. I'm still having issues so my doctor also is having me drink prune juice, psyllium husk, and milk of magnesia which is pushing things along better. My doctor has also recommended to me glycerine suppositories but tbh that didn't work for me. So those are some bariatric-friendly options. One of them or multiple hopefully will work for you. I haven't heard of castor oil being suggested because it might be difficult for the stomach/nausea or cause intestinal discomfort. But at the end of the day, just ask your team and see what they recommend for you! Best of luck with it. I know firsthand how awful post-op constipation is.
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    GinSunflowers reacted to ShoppGirl in Laxatives   
    I had to use milk of magnesia at first but then I just added soluble Fiber to my morning drink each day and I was regular. After I got a ways out I began to decrease the fiber until I don’t need that either because I get enough fiber from food.
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    GinSunflowers reacted to kcuster83 in First time   
    I wanted to have WLS for weight loss. But I was told that because of my severe GERD that the sleeve was a bad choice. After doing a lot of reading on the net and forums I would have to agree. Most of what I have read reflects that most people who have the sleeve end up with GERD even without having it before surgery. So, with the reading and my surgeons advise, I will be having gastric bypass on 3/21.
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    GinSunflowers reacted to Tomo in First time   
    I had the sleeve many years ago and it took awhile, but I developed severe Gerd and esophagitis. In August of last year, I had to get a revision to bypass, and I haven't had any Gerd symptoms so far. So at this point (entering my 8 month post-op), it has really, really helped me sleep better, feel better.
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    GinSunflowers reacted to gabbykittyvsg in First time   
    I had the sleeve done 7 years ago and developed horrible GERD with extensive esophageal damage. Tomorrow morning my surgeon is revising me to bypass as it offers the best chance to get rid of the GERD.

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    GinSunflowers reacted to GradyCat in First time   
    Yes, my GERD is completely gone since sleeve surgery.
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    GinSunflowers reacted to catwoman7 in First time   
    Mine completely went away the first three years after surgery. I have reflux issues occasionally again now, but they're mild - nothing some Tums or Rolaids won't knock out.
    gastric bypass IS known to improve if not outright cure GERD for most people (not all - but most people)

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