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  1. Lost 80 pounds in one year (March 2) Feels great, yet feel it should’ve been a lot more [emoji20] Started over 300. I can easily eat 1800 calories (is this normal?!). I see people that say they can’t eat more than 600-800 and that’s definitely not me. I need tips bc I’m only halfway there!

    You look FANTASTIC! Celebrate your big weight loss! If you're not losing more weight, check your life... to see what you can change to get you to your goal. Remember, you're beautiful and can do anything![emoji173][emoji119][emoji173][emoji119]

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  2. It’s my 6 month surgery anniversary… I can’t believe it’s already been half a year into this new me. This surgery has changed (and saved!) my life so much, I never thought I’d see the physical change in myself (we’re our own worst critics), but when I look at these photos… I am so damn proud of myself because I SEE where -70lbs has gone!

    HW (left): 242
    CW (right): 172
    VSG: 9/13/21
    Goal: 142


    Looking beautiful! Congrats! I hope I follow in your footsteps![emoji173][emoji119][emoji173][emoji119]

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  3. Dear all,
    IT has been 6 month and 2 weeks after my gastric sleeve. I lost 28 kg and I am looking and feeling great. I fit in very tiny outfit and I can wear whatever I want. I went from size 50 to size 36. Please trust this surgery, take your suplements and dare to change your life around.
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    Congrats! You're doing a great job!... very inspirational![emoji173]

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  4. I am struggling with cravings for sweets anf chips. Helppppppppp. Im scared!!!

    These are some treats that I've tried and LOVE! I hope they work for you... if you decide to try them.
    Salty cravings: Quest chips are high Protein & yummy.

    Sweet cravings: Go Better Keto sugar-free chocolate sea salt caramel cups, sugar-free pudding, sufar-free Jello, sugar-free Cool Whip in the freezer tastes like ice cream.

    You CAN do it! I hope you find something that works for you.[emoji173]

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  5. I’ve had mid to upper back pain and thigh numbness ever since my surgery 3.5 months ago. I haven’t been taking anything for it, but it is annoying. Im seeing a neurologist about it in a couple of weeks.

    My middle back on my left side is hurting too after surgery. I'm thinking it's compensating for my stomach weakness. I am going to email my doctor.[emoji173]

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  6. Has around anyone my size in this forum gotten gastric sleeve surgery? Do you have any regrets or do you wish you had gotten it sooner. I was always small when I was younger. I was under 100lbs when graduating high school. But after my 30s I started gaining and now at 50 I can't lose it at all. No matter what I try. I feel my next step/hope is WLS. Any info will be helpful. Thanks

    I am 5'6" and weighed in at 214 on the day of my sugery 2 1/2 weeks ago. I, too, was skinnier when I was younger. Over the past 5 years or so, I gained weight and could NOT lose any weight no matter what I tried.

    After the gastric sleeve 2 1/2 weeks ago, I am already down to 198. This is such a gift! It's not easy, but it's so worth it. I would do it again in a heartbeat. This is changing my life!!!!![emoji173][emoji173][emoji173][emoji173] I know, you too, will love it!!!!!![emoji173][emoji173][emoji173][emoji173]

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