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  1. FarfelDiego

    3.5 weeks PO Gastric Sleeve DUMPING?!

    I can’t do eggs now and I miss them as a quick easy source of protein
  2. FarfelDiego

    5 months post op hair loss

    I just posted and it posted as Jordan from Chicago. I’ve noticed this before with some repeating posts. Glitch?
  3. FarfelDiego

    5 months post op hair loss

    I just chopped my hair off from a sassy Bob to a sassy pixie cut. The hair loss is getting on my nerves. I said I wouldn’t mind as my pre-surgery hair was so thick. But yuck. I’m tired of it. 😂
  4. My diabetes numbers have fallen dramatically. Before surgery my highest a1c was 9.5 and now it’s 5.9. My daily blood glucose numbers are in the 90-110 range. No more snoring! No more knee or ankle pain. Blood pressure has improved. Medications have been stopped or cut. I feel great.
  5. Before when swimming laps my breast stroke kick was painful and today NO PAIN! My knees and joints are so happy!
  6. FarfelDiego

    Caffeine After Surgery

    My plan said don’t drink coffee for the first month. I had some 2 weeks post-op. No problems.
  7. FarfelDiego

    May Surgery Buddies

    @leeann I had cream of wheat last night very runny. It was nice. I asked directly just now to my doc/team can I have a nice scrambled egg and they answered back NO. I’m 4 days out from soft/puréed clearance. Insert best Lucy Ricardo WAH! Ok. So no. I will listen to them. I had an oikos yogurt this morning with 20g protein. I’ll have some Gatorade zero with unflavored protein powder later. 4 more days. 4 more days. Can I just hibernate through them?
  8. FarfelDiego

    Post Op Bra Size

    Ever since the pandemic lockdown started I stopped wearing a bra and I just can’t go back. They just collected so much sweat. By midday they were soaked.
  9. FarfelDiego

    Food Before and After Photos

    Protein Jello. 😑 meh! 6 more days until soft/puréed foods!
  10. FarfelDiego

    Protein HELP

    With jello I use protein water! I can’t drink it plain but in the jello it just gives it a zing.
  11. FarfelDiego

    Not sure if I should go through with it

    @corinne2022 Do you have co-morbidities? For me it was diabetes, high blood pressure, and knee/ankle arthritis pain. Surgery has helped.
  12. FarfelDiego

    May 2022 surgery?

    Nonfat greek yogurt is on my phase 1 full liquids plan. I am looking forward to chicken with the sugar free bbq sauce!
  13. FarfelDiego

    May 2022 surgery?

    Protein Pudding. Sugar free jello pudding mix with isopure zero carb protein unflavored and 1% milk. I’m in love 🥰 It will perhaps be a short romance when phase 2 or 3 rolls around My doctor said keep monitoring blood sugar and pressure but I can stop the meds. What?! Hooray!
  14. FarfelDiego


    Congratulations! Yay! Well done! I’m so happy! Someday this will be me!
  15. FarfelDiego

    Puréed meats

    I love the no rush vibes though isn’t phase 3 the regular food phase?

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