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  1. I'm transitioning from the soft diet phase+raw fruit/veg to the permanent/solid diet and now that I've hit that mark, I'm kind of blanking on what new foods I might be able to consider eating besides maybe some protein chips. I'm a vegetarian, so not adding any meats-- and I guess I can look at recipes here to come up with fresh ideas. But everything I can think of right now is either "soft" (eggs, yogurt, veggies, beans) or off-limits (high carb). Am I missing something? I'd love to hear from others who have done this whether they found new/exciting additions at this particular stage.
  2. NJ, I'm in an earlier stage but I know I'll be where you are now down the line because I always read that plateaus (and slowed weight loss) are an inevitable, normal, and healthy part of the process. Wow, you've lost 93 pounds and are feeling great!? That's AWESOME!!!!! Maybe take some time to care for yourself, focus on and enjoy what you've accomplished. I'm taking an online workshop called "The Hunger Within" that focuses on the psychological aspects of eating and food choices. Maybe you would benefit from that course or something similar; I can't package it into a quick takeaway but it helped me notice that I often take either a strict or rebellious route with life's chicken vs. chocolate decisions, and that it would help me to develop and listen to a kinder and more rational voice that says something like "chicken and sometimes the little piece of chocolate." (I'm a vegetarian, so it's not chicken for me, but you get the idea...😊) If you are able to check in with your nutritionist, they'd probably have advice and be able to reassure you that you are on track! You are totally in control and you've got this!
  3. These are amazing! And easy! They come out looking tidy and are a favorite of the whole family. Great for kid's packed lunches as well! Ingredients: Wonton wrappers (typically sold next to the tofu) Boca vegetarian "meat" crumbles LF ricotta LF mozzarella Marinara (I like Rao's) 1 egg Parmesan Spray for muffin tray cups Steps: (1) Preheat oven to 350 & spray each cupcake/muffin tray cup including the sides (2) Lay 1 wonton wrapper in each cup (3) Microwave a small bowl of boca crumbles about a minute (4) stir the crumbles into the marinara (1/4 to 1/2 jar) (5) In a bowl combine half a container of LF ricotta with one egg and a small handful of mozz (6) layer the tomato sauce and the ricotta mix into the cups (I go sauce, ricotta, sauce) leaving enough room for cheese topping (7) Top each cup with a yummy layer of mozz and parmesan (8) Cook for 20 minutes and allow 5 minutes to cool before taking them out of the tray

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