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  1. Hello everyone, I am 6 weeks post op and I'm a bit discouraged by the amount of weight I have lost and my surgeons reactions. The first week after surgery I could not get anything but 12 oz of apple juice and water down. I experienced protein aversion and would spit out any protein drink or shake that I tried to take. To my surprise, at my 1 week visit I gained 2 pounds (I was also experiencing my first bout of constipation post op). For reference Surgery day: 317; Week 1: 319. After that I moved to the puree stage and found that I can only eat a limited amount of food varieties without feeling sick, and for the most part that will only last for a few days. The only thing I can consistently eat is yogurt or a yogurt drink (8-12 oz per day) for breakfast and water. Most days I force myself to eat different low fat pureed things like burrito-less burritos, buffalo chicken dip, tuna, chicken salad, crust-less quiche ect. I tend to make them in cupcake or muffin molds so it's easy to pack for work. Usually, I can only eat one at lunch and have half of something else for dinner. Last week I had my 1 month visit with a different surgeon (mine was out for personal reasons) and I lost 17 pounds since surgery day, but the surgeon seemed disappointed that it wasn't more. They asked what I was eating, and then I was chastised for the amount of sugar in the yogurt drinks. I tried explaining that most things make me feel sick or that I have to force myself to eat. I guess my question is how do you no feel discouraged by the speed you are losing weight? Or the expectation of your medical team?

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