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  1. Hey there everyone. New here, but I figure you all have more wisdom than I do. I am having such a hard time! I am currently sitting in the 170's. Usually around 172-174. I am 5'5", and an athletic build. For instance, I wear a size 6 sometimes a size 4. I started out my weight loss journey at 280, but my SW was 241. I workout often, and eat around 1200 calories a day, but for some strange reason I have literally not moved in over 2 months. I forget how long now, but basically since October when I hit the 170's. Im feeling very frustrated. I don't know what to do differently. I track, I drink my water, I do weight lifting, I follow my plan that my nutritionist gave me. (most days). And yet, nothing. Is it possible my body is at my set weight? I still feel like I have a lot to lose. I have a lot of loose skin, but I definitely have at least 20 lbs of fat left to lose. I don't know how I could do things any differently. Im thinking of trying Intermittent fasting, or maybe Keto. or both. But I just don't know. I am at a loss. Do you guys have any advice? I can't afford to reach out to my NUT right now, (I don't have one with a program, I have to pay out of pocket), so I am following her getting back on track program, which is high protein low carb. But even that isn't making the scale budge.
  2. cheesy_and_vsg

    havent lost in 2 1/2 months 10 months post op

    I just did a TDEE calculator and it says about 2300 calories a day when I am active. That is what my Fitbit says too. I do track my lifting. I don't lift heavy, the max I lift is 15 lb weights. I've contemplated giving up exercise because it seems like when I workout I don't lose weight but when I don't workout I do lose weight. But I don't want to just be skinny I want to be fit. I'll be the first to admit I graze too much and eat over my 1200 calorie limit more than I'd like so I don't think Im under eating- but I don't think Im OVER eating either. At least I don't think Im at maintenance calories. That would be sad if maintenance was 1300-1400 calories a day.
  3. cheesy_and_vsg

    havent lost in 2 1/2 months 10 months post op

    Thanks everyone! I think you're right, it definitely seems like the last 10-15 lbs are going to be a beast. Im switching up my workouts a little here and there as is, but I think Im actually going to make my major focus hydration. I can always try to drink more water.
  4. cheesy_and_vsg

    havent lost in 2 1/2 months 10 months post op

    Thanks for your input! As far as my goal weight, 147 puts me JUUUUST in the healthy range for BMI. But my real goal weight was just 160. I feel like it should be doable. But Im wondering if I am at my set weight. I just don't really like being this weight, I'd really like to hit at least 160. Thank you. I have pretty bad body dysmorphia I think, because I look at myself and don't see a size 6. But I mean, the pants don't really lie. lol

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