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  1. BumblePhee

    Eat till full or?

    Oh that’s an excellent point! I didn’t even think about my nerves not being healed yet!
  2. BumblePhee

    Eat till full or?

    Thank you so much! I wanted to make sure I’m doing everything right!
  3. So I’m starting to add more substantial things to my diet. My NUT said in the full liquid stage I could have cottage cheese (1% or skin milk small curd) or sugar free pudding as well. I tried a small portion of cottage cheese tonight, about two tablespoons because it looked like a lot, to start with, and I’m not full. Which is okay! I’m not hungry, but everything I’ve read said that your new tum will let you eat till you feel full and then not a bite more, but I don’t really want to push my still healing stomach. What do you do with that?
  4. BumblePhee

    January 2022 Surgery Buddies

    Oh no! I’m glad it’s still on though! Today is the first day that I’ve felt like myself, and I’m up doing laundry and things. The biggest thing that I can say, and I know everyone says it, is STAY HYDRATED. I missed my hydration goal a few times and had to go get an IV to replies what I lost, and I didn’t realize how bad I felt till I was hydrated again. The slow sip sip sips were killing me, so I’m not chugging water, but I’m taking normal drinks and that seems to be working so much better for me. EDIT: I don’t know about other’s, but the absolute worst pain for me, for about 4 days out was the CO2 gas stuck in my chest. It feels awful, but it will pass!
  5. BumblePhee

    Return to work

    I definitely thought I’d be back to work sooner than I was as I have a desk job and work from home. I had my surgery on Tuesday, was discharged Wednesday and tried to work on Saturday, but only ended up doing a half shift.
  6. BumblePhee

    January 2022 Surgery Buddies

    I had my surgery on the same day! How are you holding up so far?
  7. BumblePhee

    8oz of soup 1 week post op?

    Thank you guys so much! I know I have a little bit of hypochondria so this is super reassuring! I’ve been worried about drinking too much at one time and I’m starting to realize I’ll be okay if I don’t take a baby sip every few minutes, and just make sure I’m hydrated.
  8. I had my gastric bypass surgery on January 4th and I’ve just transitioned to full liquids. I’m sitting here sipping my soup, and my NUT said that I would only be able to handle 4oz or so of any food, but I’m not feeling full at all. I’m super worried about like, popping my staples or something! EDIT: I made myself stop just because I was concerned, but what is normal?

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