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    Walking shoes recommendations

    Walking shoes can be worn in everyday conditions and become a comfortable outfit when walking. Walking sneakers are not oriented by manufacturers to run. Consequently, the level of elasticity and cushioning leaves much to be desired. Another mistake is the purchase of shoes from unknown brands. The result may be micro-injuries of the knees, feet, and hip joints that have harmful effects on muscles and ligaments. At first, such problems will remain unnoticeable. My walking sneakers are yeezy boost 350, they are quite comfortable to walk in, and the most important thing is that the leg does not get tired. And what kind of walking shoes do you have?
  2. My friend, after losing weight, also suffered from the problem of sagging skin. And unfortunately, the doctors assured that it would not be possible to get rid of a problem of such magnitude on their own. The loss of 60 kg did not go unnoticed for her: sagging skin all over her body, massive legs, and drooping breasts. Even though my friend has already done 360 surgery (surgery to remove excess skin in the torso and back area), she still has something to work on… She tells me that great things take time, and she will be pleased when all her surgeries are over. So far, he's not just taking care of his skin. By what means she does it, I do not know, but you can find more info about it in various sources.
  3. RandyA


    In general, due to bariatric surgery, alcohol tolerance does not change in any way. Those biochemical processes that occur in the body and are associated with the disposal of alcohol remain the same. All the biochemistry associated with the assimilation of alcoholic beverages remains the same as before the operation. But some things are still changing. After any bariatric surgery, alcohol usually enters the small intestine faster and, therefore, is absorbed faster. After the operation, I started getting drunk with a smaller dose and somewhat faster than usual. After that, I had a lot of questions regarding alcohol consumption. And I found all the answers on the platform https://fherehab.com/alcohol/detection-window /.

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