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  1. Maggies

    Tricare Denial..REVERSED!!

    Ya, I got denied, I don't think I am going to appeal it, Because I am over 100lbs. overweight and I have 2 of the required comorities(sp). So I don't know what I could do different. I am really bummed. I wish you all luck and successfull banding.:smile: Maggie
  2. I was DENIED:sad_smile:Good luck to you Karina and everybody else
  3. Maggies

    Nervous and Excited!!

    xraigal, Good luck tomorrow on your banding. Let us know how it goes. I hope to be joining you on Oct. 1st. Just waiting for ins. approval. I'm excited for you. Maggies:wink_smile:
  4. Maggies


    I agree, better they stop the surgery to make sure you are OK. I believe your ins. will pay because it was no fault of yours it had to be stopped. Good luck. Maggie
  5. Karina, I'm using my son's computer to check in. I saw the surgeon today and they have scheduled my surgery for October 1, pending insurance approval. Wow, that is less than 2 weeks. He only requires 24 hour fast before surgery. I checked the Tricare site and it hasn't changed. Will it actually say approved on it? I am going to check it again tomorrow. I would have called, but it is to late now. Does Tricare pay for fills? Here's to approval for both of us. Maggie:thumbup:
  6. Maggies

    4th Fill Yesterday..need to vent

    You have had a great weight loss so far. But I bet it is hard to go back to liquids. I am waiting for my approval from the ins. company and then will find out about the preop diet. I am kinda worried about the liquid thing but will force myself to do it. Good luck in your continued journey. Maggie:tt1:
  7. Wow, 60 days for the appeal. Is that how long the original request takes? I just checked it on line and it has the letters np. What does that mean? I'm sure your approval will be approved since you meet their criteria now. Just keeping my fingers crossed. Will be gone until Saturday nite or Sunday. I have my surgeon appt. tomorrow morning, then I will be just staying down there thru most of the weekend. Good Luck, Maggie:thumbup:
  8. My paperwork has been faxed to Tricare, so just waiting to hear the verdict. Approval, approval, approval............... Karina, have you heard anything on your appeal yet? The waiting is no fun. Maggie:thumbup::crying::thumbup::wink2:
  9. Maggies

    Talk to me about TriCare + Comorbidities

    radar, that was a lot of good information you gave all us Tricare folks. Thanks so much. Tomato girl, I hope to hear something this week to on a date for banding, and like you an APPROVAL from Tricare. I will be out of town until Wed. nite and then have an appt. with the surgeon on Friday. Hopefully we will all get approvals and be banded in early Oct.:cursing: Talk more later this week. Good Luck Maggie:shades_smile:
  10. Maggies

    Hey 50 & over gang We have a new spot

    mimi, How long do you have to do the pre-op diet? I was hoping to get my band the first of Oct., but don't know if it is going to work out. I have an appt. with the surgeon Friday so hope to find out then. i would love to join you in having it the 6th. of Oct. Going to be out of town Monday thru Wednesday nite, so this week should go fast, and then hopefully a date for banding. Have a good week everybody. Maggie:shades_smile:
  11. Breanna, Sounds like you would be approved for the band. Just make sure you have all the required tests done. I thought I had them all done because I was going to have the gastric bypass on base and changed my mind because it is to drastic. They do not do the lapband so had to be referred to another surgeon. He required two additional tests, ( Upper GI and Cardiolite scan). I had them both done last week. I have my next appt. with the surgeon next Friday and hope to get a date. They still need to send everything into Tricare for APPROVAL. So it has been a long process for me starting with getting a referral for barairtic surgery from my doctor. How far are you into the process. Maggie:shades_smile:
  12. Maggies

    Hey 50 & over gang We have a new spot

    Hi Little Bit, How long have you been working on getting banded. It seems like forever for me. At first I was going to have gastric bypass and decided that was to drastic to do. So changed it to banding. I have another appt. with the surgeon next Friday so hopefully I will hear something then. Hopefully surgery day????? Maggie:shades_smile:
  13. Maggies

    Hey 50 & over gang We have a new spot

    Hi everybody, still waiting for the surgeon to send the info packet to my ins. company for appoval. I have every test done so am getting very antsy waiting. Would love to be banded in early October. Maggie:wink_smile:
  14. Maggies

    Did you tell others about surgery?

    I haven't been banded yet, but have decided it will remain with just my kids and myself. I don't like the questions that people would be asking and of course the "Oh you took the easy way". So private matter to me. Maggie:wink_smile:
  15. Maggies

    Tricare Denial..REVERSED!!

    Not yet, I have everything done, just waiting for the surgeon to send the info to Tricare. They are taking to long to do it. I have worked so hard for this and did everything they ask me to do. And now they are dragging their feet. Good luck again on a quick approval for you. Maggie:shades_smile:
  16. Maggies

    Tricare Denial..REVERSED!!

    Karina, Good for you, hope you get your approval soon. It is worth fighting for. Maggie:wink_smile:
  17. Maggies

    Viagra in his suitcase before trip

    Once a liar, always a liar, Once a cheater, always a cheater. He came up with the lie about the pills in his suitcase so fast, so it sounds like he has had a lot of practice at it. Been with a liar & cheat, and they never change...Just my thoughts on this for what it is worth. And I agree you need to see a doctor for a checkup. I ended up with chalimda (sp). So think long and hard and make the right decision. You don't want to be looking over his shoulder for the next 50 years. Not fun.........I am finally FREE Maggie
  18. Maggies

    Has anyone tried Alli??

    I have used Alli, and when I eat food with fat I need to make sure I'm close to a bathroom. It does not suppress your appitite. It keeps you from absorbing all the fat you eat. Maggie:closedeyes:
  19. Maggies

    Hey 50 & over gang We have a new spot

    You all are getting me very excited about finally getting my band and losing weight. The idea of actually growning out of my clothes by getting smaller. What a great feeling that is going to be.......:biggrin:...... Please send out good thoughts for me that my ins. company will approve my surgery. I love all your success stories and hope to be one also. Maggie:thumbup:
  20. Maggies

    Lapband success

    congratulations you are doing great and looking great. Keep up the good work. Maggie:thumbup:
  21. Maggies


    sunnylilme, Sorry to hear about your denial. APPEAL!!!! Now I'm really worried about getting an approval. Our weight and height is to close for comfort. :shades_smile: I also have sleep apnea. Will let you know when I find out. It should be sent to Tricare this coming week. Maggie:cool2:
  22. Maggies


    :thumbup:JWRN, Congratulations for your approval. Sept 30, isn't that long off. Do you have to do a pre op diet? I hope to find out this week if I'm approved. Maggie:shades_smile:
  23. Maggies

    Tricare Denial..REVERSED!!

    Congratulations on your approval and upcoming surgery. It pays to fight for what you want. Hopefully I will get my approval next week. Maggie:thumbup::tt2:
  24. Maggies

    Hiatal Hernia Club...

    I had an Upper GI done on Tuesday and the Doctor that did it told me that I have a small Hiatal Hernia. He also said a lot of people have them, expecially as you age. I am going too ask the surgeon if he is going to repair it when he does the band. I also have no systems of having one. Maggie:cool2:
  25. Maggies

    lapband=deceit and bullsh**t

    Agree on the troll thing. Second one on the forum today. Probably the same person?????:thumbup: Maggie

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