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  1. Happy 38th Birthday truediva!

  2. Happy 37th Birthday truediva!

  3. 3 years has passed since you registered at LapBandTalk! Happy 3rd Anniversary truediva!

  4. yesterday b- handful of honey roasted almonds l-taco "muffin" topped with lf sour cream and salsa d-1/2 cup turkey chili, topped with lf sour cream, cheese and green onions
  5. I've been MIA, but I'm back... Been eating some crazy stuff (junk), don't know how I'm still managing to drop a few pounds
  6. yesterday b---liquids (water, crystal light) l-vanilla creme protein drink d-blackened talapia, mexican cole slaw with toasted pumpkin seeds and Jicama s-sf, lc pb2 ice cream
  7. yesterday b-liquids l-vanilla creme protein shake d-grilled shrimp and parmesean zucchini
  8. yesterday b-raspberry crystal light l-vanilla creme protein shake s-small piece of cake (baby shower @ work) d-1/2 cup 7 layer dip with 10 soy tortillia chips s- 1/2 cup sugar free low carb peanut butter ice cream exercise--1 hr at the gym
  9. today b-1/4 cup tuna l-1/2 cup 7 layer dip with soy tortilla chips d-sweet and sour shrimp exercise...1 hr at the gym
  10. yesterday b-1/2 cup tuna l-10 parmesan soy chips d-1 salmon burger (no bun) with grilled onion, tomato, yogurt,lemon dill sauce s- 1/2 cup homemade peanut butter "ice cream" I bought an ice cream machine (because ice cream goes down well and some days I can't eat much of anything) and started making my own with lf soy milk, protein powder, some type of torani sf syrup and equal. It is the best, low calorie, almost low carb and sugar free... for the peanut butter one, I added 2 tblspoons pb2, equal, french vanilla torani syrup, splash real vanilla and a handfull sf chocolate chips... yum exercise---1 hr at the gym, started back with my trainer
  11. yesterday b-1/2 cup tuna with 10 soy chips l- 1 cup potato cheddar soup d-1/4 cup 7 layer dip with 5 soy chips
  12. I agree with confused, not being able to keep liquids down is not good. You run the risk of being dehydrated. I can do liquids and really soft food like tuna or crab salad, other things usually come right back up. I had a slight un-fill a few weeks ago because it hurt to drink and no food, absolutely none would stay down. I want to lose the weight, but not at any cost
  13. I've been hiatous since the funeral and eating ice cream (wtf), I don't know how I managed to still lose 5lbs, but I did. Well today is a new day, and I'm back on track. Who needs to wait until Monday to start over.... breakfast green tea lemonade with equal l- 1/2 cup tuna with 9 or 10 soy chips (these aren't bad if you need a little crunch in your life) d- will be crab cake topped with lemon yogurt dill sauce, and homemade sugar free low carb vanilla ice cream exercise- 1 hr at the gym
  14. yesterday b-south beach living tide me over l-1/4 mushroom swiss burger (no bun) 3 fries d-braised short ribs over low-carb pasta