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  1. Two new NSV’s: most of my necklaces I have always needed an extender for, but this week I was able to wear one of my favorites without an extender. When I went for a drs appt, my doctor proudly stated… I’m soon going to need the regular blood-pressure cuff for you! Progress has been slow… slower than I’d like, but things seem to be moving in the right direction still.
  2. I have a coat that was my moms (she passed in 2017) that I could wear but never button closed… I can button it!! Not only can I button it, it’s loose! That was a moment that literally made me dance. Lol
  3. LookingForward22


    I feel your pain! I seems to hit long plateaus and they are frustrating. I saw that although the scale wasn’t moving in those weeks - my body was changing, clothes were still getting smaller, skin was firming or readjusting - so that was nice to see! I noticed my calories and protein were on the low side because I’m struggling with amounts I can eat but when I can bump those calories and protein up some, I would notice a loss. Keep up the good work! We can do this!! :)
  4. LookingForward22

    August surgery buddies!

  5. LookingForward22

    Post Op 2.5 months Constipation... Advice needed!!!

    My team recommends Miralax and Colace (if needed). I have IBS and sometimes… copacetic is needed. But I always start with Miralx first. So far between the two it’s been manageable.
  6. LookingForward22

    How did you choose your goal weight?

    My program doesn’t set goal weights (however they do ask if you have one to asses if your goals are realistic). My goals were focused on my health (all met and surpassed) so far, but I have personally set mini goals for myself. First one was get below 300 pounds. (Check) Second mini goal was loose 100 pounds total (as of today check… 57 pounds before surgery, 43 pounds since surgery). I haven’t set my next mini goal yet - I need to think about it a little. I am hoping to loose a good bit more… working towards a healthy BMI, but along the way if I feel like “this is where I feel and look my best” I’ll stay there. I’d love to hit ONEderland, just because it’s been forever since I’ve been there… but we will see where this journey takes me.
  7. LookingForward22

    August surgery buddies!

    Congratulations! I had recently crossed over myself and I still sometimes forget to start with 2 when log my weight.
  8. LookingForward22

    August surgery buddies!

    Congratulations!!! How exciting.
  9. LookingForward22

    August surgery buddies!

    Update & NSV: Friday was my 4 month follow up. I weighed in at 47 pounds down from surgery and 97 pounds lost total. My clothes are getting pretty big on me but I’m trying to modify my clothes rather than buy new for as long as possible. I was helping at a school event and one of the other volunteers came up to me (who hasn’t seen me since last April) - gushing over how good I looked … saying “I almost didn’t recognize you”. I have had several people tell me that lately (many saying it’s was due to my shorter hair, I think they were embarrassed or unsure how to mention my weight-loss). Funny thing is because my loss has been gradual my family and I don’t really “see” it as much - so when people react to it, usually it’s sweet. I’m struggling getting enough calories and protein because I have some sinus drainage that make eating difficult but otherwise my dr and nutritionist think I’m on a really good track and are encouraging me to keep up the good work. I would have like to have lost more by now, but one advantage to slower loss is my skin is looking pretty good in general. I still have a lot to loose. I don’t have an ideal number set in my mind. I’ve already met all of my health related goals. In my perfect world getting down to the 100’s would be great, but as long as I’m healthy and avoid regaining… I’m happy. Having lots of plateaus which can be frustrating but with my calories being low that’s kinda expected.
  10. LookingForward22


    @ShoppGirl - I understand your frustration, but hang in there. No one wants diabetes, but some answers would be nice. My Thyroid showed fine for several tests and across multiple years, but it wasn’t working properly. Also my body wasn’t processing insulin efficiently - but it wasn’t consistent. Sometimes it worked ok (my numbers/labs were fine) sometimes it didn’t. I don’t have a diabetes diagnosis, but I do have an insulin resistance / Metabolic Syndrome dx. I’m glad you are going to follow up with an Endo just for clarification. Hopefully they can help you look at what might be going on and either find some answers or help treat some of symptoms you have, lessening the overall impact. I’ve been where you are and it isn’t fun. I hope that you are able to get some answers and make some progress soon. It’s very frustrating when our body’s are fighting against us, despite our best efforts. Hang in there, you’ve got this. If you need to chat or anything DM me. Keep up the good work, you can do this!
  11. LookingForward22

    c-section vs sleeve

    I’ve had two c-sections, and I had a very easy time with both… probably abnormally easy. My first one 24 yrs ago) - no staples, they glued me. No issues at all. My 2nd (21 yrs ago) I had staples, but still very easy recovery. My VSG, had I wore my binder the whole time - I would say would have been easier. The most discomfort I had was my incision where they removed my stomach. The muscles were pretty sore there, but manageable. I never took anything stronger than Tylenol. Ice and heat were my friend - but my binder helped the most. Over all I’d say that the binder helped keep the muscles from pulling as much. As soon as that pulling stoped, I had no discomfort.
  12. LookingForward22


    I understand your concern - took me years to get my endocrine issues diagnosed because I wasn’t cookie cutter either. My endocrinologist is amazing working with my weight, thyroid and other issues. Find a good one and I would bet they can be supportive and helpful - even if it’s not 100% fixed. Take one breath at a time and I can’t imagine you’ve blown your chance - at worst let’s hope this is just a side step and you will soon be back on track. Let us know how things are going. My progress has been slow and tedious, but between the looooong stalls - I am still making baby steps forward I’m getting there. You will too!!!
  13. LookingForward22


    I don’t have a diabetes diagnosis at this point (hoping to avoid that) but I was diagnosed with metabolic resistance and was on my way towards a diabetes diagnosis prior to weight loss surgery. Metabolic resistance can cause your body to react in different ways and really make loosing weight difficult - even when you are doing everything right. It’s a combination of several medical conditions that affect how your body breaks down and processes insulin. I struggled having to eat less than a 900 calories (prior to WLS) to see any results along with exercise (it was not maintainable long term). Eventually I agreed to try some medication - which made all the difference, I was finally able to eat reasonably and loose weight (slowly) but I was loosing. My body still fights me - but it’s better. I’m hoping the damage that metabolic syndrome can cause is reversible for me - depends on several factors (like how much damage was done while it was active, if my weight was the cause or genetics). The tests I’ve had are the fasting glucose & A1C, I’ve had non fasting test (but not asked to eat anything specific) and I’ve had to drink the sugary drink (which is awful). A family Dr is a good place to start, but I’d suggest talking with an endocrinologist if you don’t have one you see. Mine has been a blessing helping me dial in things and he doesn’t solely rely on labs to do it. He looks at my labs and my symptoms to make adjustments… in addition to metabolic syndrome - I have Hashimoto’s also. While ranges are great to guide you if you are looking for something wrong. My Endo is the first to say “that may not be what’s normal for you, so let’s see if we can do better”. Since my WLS I’ve had improved numbers across the board, except my cholesterol, but that might stay high till my weight stabilizes. I still have to take a medication to help my body process the insulin and when I take it, the weight comes off slowly but more easily than when I don’t. (Even if I am eating all the same things and doing the same activity). As far as what to eat, I would think the dr wants to see how your body is processing carbs in your normal diet, if they didn’t give you specific guidelines on what to eat. My guess on the “big meal” is they don’t want you to eat minimally and the test results wouldn’t be as accurate. Depending on the results - it might dictate the next test(s). So I would eat whatever the normal diet is I was eating (and struggling with) to give an accurate reflection of how my body is handling the breakdown, not cutting out carbs or anything else (dessert or snacks) that I would normally have. Good luck!
  14. LookingForward22

    I just don't know

    I agree with therapy as an option if talking to him doesn’t get you anywhere. If it’s not his nature to be insecure or jealous, it’s possible he’s hearing things from male coworkers that you aren’t, not necessarily about you but how others talk about women in general and when you share things (rightfully so… to get honest with him) he gets upset - knowing how the coworkers can be. It could be as simple as wanting to protect you or it could be he’s becoming insecure as you become healthier. Either way - the best way to get to the bottom of it is to talk to him. And if the two of you can’t work through it one on one, a counselor might be the next step. Best of luck!
  15. LookingForward22

    My story

    Congratulations on the improvement of your A1C and weight loss, but I am sorry about the struggles you are having. I hope that the medication helps keep you moving in the right direction and your health continues to improve.

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