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  1. Neubian60466

    November Surgery Buddies!!!

    Spinoza sounds like you’ve been doin great! I haven’t done anything differently except i’m not drinking nearly enough liquids. I’m thinking that might be the key to my stall. I’ve slipped up a few times and had a sip of something to drink before I should but my appetite is still the same and i’m still eating very small portions. Hopefully by next week i’ll be writing about how I lost some pounds
  2. Neubian60466

    November Surgery Buddies!!!

    Congrats on your wl, you are doing great. I’m 7 months post bariatric revision and have lost 79lbs to date. I’m officially stalling been 180-181 for almost 3 weeks now. This is longest stall I’ve had and starting to wonder if I’m done losing?? Got a couple more months to go to reach a year and my projected wl is 100lbs.. I hope this stall breaks this week!!!
  3. Neubian60466

    Not Happy

    I live in Chi-Town also and my surgery was done by Dr.Cahill also, I’m at 60lbs and I’m hoping my weightloss continues, it’s slowed down quite a bit! Wish I would have done a little more research on WL drs. I would have chosen a different one!
  4. Neubian60466

    7 weeks post op

    Omg! How bout I was thinking the samething here lately my appetite has picked up and I was like why am I experiencing hunger like this after the surgery. I’m 4 months almost 5 months out and just now experiencing being hungry. The difference between my hunger is pre surgery I could eat a whole lot, post surgery just a couple bites.
  5. Thanks for your input and I know everyone is different in their wl journey. I’m pleased with mine soo far just confused about the end results. The inches are coming off nicely also so I’m happy with my accomplishments thus far.
  6. Thanks , that helps me understand some, I have a group meeting tonight and i’m going to ask the nutritionist if she knows anything about the reference to the prior weight loss from my previous wls.
  7. Can somebody please help me….I’m reading so many different things on revision wls and I’m so confused! I know weight- loss is slower, but it’s been coming off pretty good for me so far (55lbs dwn) since Nov.8th. I’m stalling now for the 2nd week! (Frustrating, but expected). Where the confusing part is how much weight I should expect to loose, my doctor told me I should loose a 100lbs, but my research is stating something in the area of about 60-70lbs, but it’s also stating something about my weight-loss from my previous surgery(btw it was the sleeve). So if I’m to understand correctly I’m only going to loose a total of 100lbs ,including my weight-loss from previous wls? I’m so confused…
  8. Neubian60466

    November Surgery Buddies!!!

    Congrats ! Isnt it a good feeling to actually look in the mirror and see the difference. I also had my surgery in Nov the 8th to be exact and I am also @ 54 lb weight loss and counting. I’m struggling also with the 30 min before and after meals, who knew it would be this hard! I find myself takin a cap full literally to satisfy the erge! I hope it doesn’t come back to haunt me
  9. Neubian60466

    Smoothie king

    The nutrition information was on the written menu that’s located in the store.
  10. Neubian60466

    Smoothie king

    How bout I just went to smoothie King last weekend they have a menu that consist of smoothies that are sugarfree and full of protein, plus they have all the carb, fat, and sugar infromation listed on the menu.
  11. Neubian60466

    Only 9 pounds almost 4 weeks post op

    Here it is almost 3 months for me and it seems like I’ve hit a stall again! I barely eat and having issues with hydration. This is becoming really frustrating just at about 40lbs. Since surgery on the 8th of Nov. but now no weight loss for a week. My level of frustration is UNEXPLAINABLE
  12. Neubian60466

    Do You loose weight slower

    Karen Dean thnx so much for the words of confidence, the weight seems to be coming off pretty steady now so I’m feeling a lil better
  13. Neubian60466

    Do You loose weight slower

    That should be told to the revision patients, and maybe it is but it wasn’t told to me..If that would have been explained to me my expectations would be different.. “catwoman7” what is a virgin bypass?
  14. Neubian60466

    Do You loose weight slower

    Thnx for the words of encouragement, I really needed it today did my weekly weigh in and only dwn 1lb! Ughhh…But the bright side of all this is,the inches are melting off I’ve lost 5.5 inches off my waist and I’m dwn 3 sizes…so if I look at the big picture, I’ve got to RELAX and let the surgery work.
  15. Neubian60466

    Do You loose weight slower

    To be honest with you I thought with the bypass it would fall off, not realistic huh.. lol my surgery date was on the 8th of Nov and I did not loose but about 7 or 8 lbs pre surgery. I didnt understand that either didn’t cheat or anything so this whole journey has really got me baffled

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