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  1. amazingmimi

    For the ladies

    I had the worst period of my life after surgery. Mine are always a little iffy as to timing, but I really wasn't due for another week and a half. Normally I have very light periods and mild cramps. I had horrible cramping and clotting, super heavy flow and it lasted for TEN days. I am so over it and hope next month will be back to normal.
  2. amazingmimi

    Diuretics after surgery

    I was taken off hctz, lisenopril, and metformin the day I left the hospital. I went from taking 7 pills every night to 4. I was taking a double dose of fomatadine to one ppi, and they added in a daily aspirin. Haven’t had any hbp or blood glucose issues since I came home.
  3. amazingmimi

    August surgery buddies!

    I had a PSL the other day as a small treat. I got a single pump instead of two and got it decaf with fat free milk. It was definitely a nice treat but I only drank about 1/3 of it before I just couldn’t drink anymore lol. Pretty sure we can have coffee as long as it is decaf with no sugar in it.
  4. Just had surgery on Friday afternoon. I don’t remember much of Friday night, except that I had a lot of pain that night and I was very nauseous. They gave me a lot of meds for the pain until it subsided into just a bit of discomfort and kept me in nausea meds until that went away too around 11am yesterday. That was when I was finally able to start getting my water in. Once I had a couple hours of staying up with the water recommendation they let me go home. I have a little pain when I get up to walk, but really only when I first straighten up. Otherwise it’s just minor discomfort.
  5. amazingmimi

    August surgery buddies!

    My husband recently had a partial foot amputation due to diabetes so we are both following a diabetic plan that reduces carbs and increases protein. Just being very mindful of what we are eating and how it affects his blood sugar. I figured it would be good to get into the habit of eating in a more healthy way now, rather than after the surgery. I'm not exercising right now. I'd love to, but hubby is still non-weight bearing and on a pic line so most of my time when I'm not at work is taken up with taking care of him. Hoping to get the go-ahead for weight-bearing tomorrow as well as ending his IV antibiotics, so I'm hoping to start getting some walking in.
  6. Oof. This morning I learned from my employer that they are changing insurance carriers. Effective September 1st. Thankfully, my surgeon had ONE cancellation in August. New surgery date is August 26th! A full 10 days closer. It was a very nervous morning waiting for them to call me back, knowing that they were booking August when I scheduled for September last month.

  7. Can't wait for my surgeon consult! June 8th, I get my surgery date!

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