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  1. liveaboard15


    so today i had to get dressed up for a job interview, getting really bored just sitting around the house all day so i figured i would get a part time job to keep me busy and the only nice clothes i have are some i bought in late March for a funeral. At that time the pants did not fit. I could not close the top button so i used a belt to keep it closed. Today i wore it for the interview and they were too large and even using the belt at the last notch they were not secure and the shirt i wore was one that was too small in late march fit me perfectly today Gotta say i love that. LMAO.
  2. liveaboard15

    Feeling Excited

    Nice! Usually you get approval first then a surgery date lol. Good luck!
  3. liveaboard15

    Vaping pre op

    I dont smoke or vape but the hospitals paperwork for the surgery said obviously to stop that if stopping was too difficult to get the patch or gum or go see the surgeon for some prescription stuff. idk what that is tho.
  4. liveaboard15

    Social eating after gastric sleeve

    i dont eat together with family. We all go to our own rooms. But i simply have a tiny portion. 4oz bowl filled with whatever is for dinner and that takes me 30 minutes or so to eat. So far i have not had any issues with anything i have tried. I have coffee without issue but i use sugar free creamer. But yes i always eat the protein first. whatever else is there last.
  5. liveaboard15

    Drinking. Enough water!!

    i am almost 5 weeks post op and i still struggle to get enough water in. I do wake up a couple times a night with a very dry mouth and i keep a water container next to my bed. But i know i am not getting enough water by the color of my pee which is what the surgeon told me to watch. water is difficult.
  6. liveaboard15

    Throat burns post sleeve

    I have a script for omeprazole. 90 pills at a time. Cost with insurance which i just picked up yesterday was 6 bucks and my insurance does not even pay anything its just the discounted price. If they dont cover it, Use GOODRX. and you will get a decent discount. After surgery i did get a stronger medicaton for 30 days called pantropazole 40mg and was told to stop taking omeprazole until thats finished.
  7. liveaboard15


    LOL true true. I personally like to know things. I have done so many different blood test that i bought lab orders for online just because i like to know lmao
  8. liveaboard15


    you could go to your primary care and get a lab order for different allergy test to see if you can find out what you are now allergic to. I did several blood test last year for certain types of food (all came back negative) but also can test for things you breath in.
  9. liveaboard15


    Was grocery shopping today and came across this bread in the freezer section... 2G Net Carbs. Kinda curious so i bought one. anyone ever have it? Any issues?
  10. liveaboard15

    Endoscopy aftermath

    odd. I had one last year an endoscopy and colonoscopy. yea they pump you full of air but that only lasted for me a couple hours after. I had to fart and burp to get it out lol but no jaw issues
  11. liveaboard15

    Throat burns post sleeve

    Time to schedule an endoscopy. For me it was only in my chest but that was just a few days after surgery.
  12. liveaboard15

    Blah...my first stall...

    about at week 4. I weighed myself at week 2 and week 3 and i actually gained 2lb.
  13. liveaboard15

    Blah...my first stall...

    Yup. I got into my first stall at week 2. It sucked. It lasted about 2 weeks. But since then i have lost 6lb since my last weigh last week. So i am out of the stall. Just ride it out and soon enough it will pass
  14. liveaboard15

    Let’s talk about… skin

    it would help a ton of we knew your stats. Try update them on your profile under surgery section. It helps a ton when answering questions.
  15. liveaboard15

    6 weeks post op depressed

    yup everyone is different. We all loose at different rates. Some are quick, Some are slow. Its just the way it is. Just stick to your plan and enjoy life.
  16. liveaboard15

    Ist weigh in! [emoji3061]

    We cant tell you that. Every program and insurance have their own requirements. So you need to check to see what yours is. BUt very doubtful. Wear a weight belt when they weigh you lol
  17. liveaboard15

    Different diets

    This is what i was cleared to eat after 2 weeks... Now i tell you all surgeons are different. Some wont allow this type of food for much longer. but i didnt have any issues with this. You should be following what your surgeon says
  18. liveaboard15

    June Surgery Date

    Your BMI is up there at 47ish. I would think you would be on a 1 week liquid diet but your surgeon knows best. I sure dont lol. But just because your surgeon said 1 day. Does not mean you cant do a week if you want and get a jump start on your weight loss... I have seen some on here start their pre op diet a whole month in advance. (which is not easy)
  19. liveaboard15

    June Surgery Date

    that all depends on your BMI and surgeons. Some do only 1 day. Some do none, Some do 1 week or 2 weeks or a month. The whole point of it is to shrink your liver. Many of us who are overweight have lots of fat around our liver, But not everyone. What is your weight and height?
  20. liveaboard15

    Did I overdo it at the gym?

    if you damaged something or tore something you would know and be in pain. Me personally i wouldnt be doing heavy lifting for a couple months. As for everything else its great. I am 4-5 weeks out and i am going out for walks, using a stationary bicycle and waiting on my actual mountain bike to come back from the shop so i can start using it. I tried jogging yesterday but that did not work out too well with all my fat still bouncing around it was a little painful so i need to loose more fat before i start jogging or wear like a compression thing around my stomach
  21. liveaboard15

    Travel after surgery

    i was on solid foods 5 weeks and soft foods 2 weeks after surgery. of course all surgeons have different length stages. Check with yours on how your stages will be from liquids, to puree to soft foods to solids.
  22. liveaboard15

    Over The Shaming

    Its not something i ever let bother me... I personally dont care about other peoples opinions. If they wanna shame me... ok... have fun. I will continue on with my life.
  23. liveaboard15

    Has anyone else...

    any insurance you typically have that wait. Usually its 6 months or so. but if you have the cash and want to do it sooner, go for it. but i would wait for insurance. I personally would have rathered gone to the Endohospital in mexico for the sleeve if i didnt get it done in the usa.
  24. liveaboard15

    Liver shrinking diet UK

    3 pints of just milk and yogurt? that provides barely any nutrients or protein I have never heard of that type of liquid pre op diet. For most people you do protein shakes. typically 3-5 a day. of course all surgeons are different but yours seems a bit odd...
  25. Day 5 post op and protein shakes are now disgusting to me. 3 weeks of protein shakes (Pre op and post op) i knew it would get to me. need to figure out other ways to get protein in until May 3rd when i am cleared for soft foods.

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