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  1. Missie21

    Periods (women only please)

    Hey All, I have the Mirena IUD. (Currently intimacy inactive) I got it after having my baby end of 2019 I went from having NO cycle 20-21 To having WEIRD cycles and unpredictable spotting AFTER sleeve 12/21. In the past I did use the Nexplanon (arm) no issues or than (vacation coloring) would be a orange brown hue.
  2. Missie21

    Potatoes 5 weeks out

    Yep and I AGREE with you. You worded that excellently 🥂
  3. Missie21

    Potatoes 5 weeks out

    I can share what I CHOSE to do. I didn't advise anything. PEOPLE are going to do WHATEVER they choose. Clearly I'm alive which means I knew what to do. You people always get on the internet and feel as if everyone has to do as you all say. How about just sticking to giving your advice about YOUR journey
  4. Missie21

    Potatoes 5 weeks out

    Exactly to each their own. If I chose to tell the o.p. that I didn't follow a plan I HAVE THE RIGHT TO DO SO. I never told her to do as I did. My doctor and surgeon weren't even giving the same advice. So just worry about your answers to her questions NOT anyone else's. Just remember nobody is here to have their post or comments policed by anyone else🍻
  5. Missie21

    Potatoes 5 weeks out

    I'm right behind you with my weight loss. I did have an issue with my teeth which stalled me a bit and I didn't want to consume anything. When I talk to my team they said I was back on track a little bit ahead of expectations and to keep up the good work.
  6. Missie21

    Potatoes 5 weeks out

    I didn't advise any body on anything. I stated what I did! My dietitian that works with my surgeon and my pcp were all giving DIFFERENT advice so again I DID what worked for me. Obviously I payed attention to what I was doing and doing things in moderation. There are lots of things that people here have stated they're doing that didn't work for me. So don't tell me what I should n shouldn't do, I can honestly tell people what I've done after my vsg if I want NO WHERE did I tell anyone they should do it. The advice some of you receive others may not. So be mindful of that before trying to dictate other people's post!
  7. I ask myself the same question😭 I had my sleeve 12/22 and at my post op visit 1/18 I'm already in the bariatric plateu. My surgeon said it's normal BUT the thought of doing all this potentially for nothing is heart breaking. I wish you all the luck possible🤗
  8. Missie21

    Periods (women only please)

    Yes ma'am definitely surgery side effect. I have an iud and hadn't had a cycle for about 2yr. After sleeve the cramps were ridiculous and the bleeding was annoying!
  9. Sindibee I'm having an issue getting enough water also. Fluids have been a struggle. I checked in with the Dr on the 18th and I've hit the bariatric plateau. Now I'm going to start things all over to see if I can restart my weight loss. I'd hate to think I did all of this for nothing. Especially considering all the meds needed.
  10. Missie21

    Potatoes 5 weeks out

    I honestly have eaten what I wanted since 3 days after surgery 12/22 I know my limits and haven't had any problems. My dietitian wasn't happy but, I've been doing what works for me and have lost 15pounds. I don't deprive myself because that makes the craving stronger. It's not everyday so I think im fine.
  11. Yep..... that's basically what I did. I said I was having surgery on my stomach. I have other issues with my stomach anyway, so I just kept the main part to myself, I omitted the main part of it so that mentally I can focus on my health and my journey w/o everyone's input rather negative or positive it's not a conversation I want to have everytime someone talks to me😇
  12. Hey I had my sleeve December 22, 2021. To be honest I did not follow what I was told. I was told different things by my surgeon, dietitians and my pcp. I listened to what everyone said and then I had to tweak it to what worked best for me. I have been planning my surgery for a few years so I did a lot of reading and thinking about my process. I also don't really talk much to anyone about it. So i dont become mentally drained by all the opinions or questions 😄 I have not been worried or anxious about my journey at all😇 As far as protein I look at what I was told I need and I balance that out by trying to get in a certain amount every 2-3hrs. My liquids/water I try and get in 6-10oz every hour. I also have certain bottles to help. Example- 28oz water bottle 11oz protein drink 4oz cup of jell-o or applesauce I have had NO ISSUES at all. I know it may not work for you but I hope it helps You develop your routine.
  13. I understand your need for wanting support, I also understand your thoughts for initially wanting privacy. I don't think it would be a good idea you lie and say they win then do the surgery anyway. That gives the impression you're doing something wrong and YOU'RE NOT!. I would tell them I respect their opinion but im doing what I feel is right for me then tell them you all can agree to disagree and don't need to discuss it any further. I talked very little to my friends n family about my surgery 12/22 as I wanted to focus on my journey and did not want to always talk about the now and later of it. Or be asked a bunch of questions everytime I talk to them. It is ok to keep parts of YOUR LIFE PRIVATE. I wish you the best of luck on your journey and look forward to your updates.
  14. Missie21

    I hit goal today!

    😍🎉🎉CONGRATULATIONS 🎊🎊 I'M so proud of you.🥂 I'm glad that this pandemic hasn't stopped you from living. I hope that I am as lucky as you in my journey🤎🥰🤦🏽‍♀️🍾🍾🍾🍾🥂
  15. Yep that's how I felt. The trying to track made it worse. Me deciding to do my own thing is how I was able to (2) as their methods didn't help with constipation.
  16. I had yo start doing my own thing. It's actually working FOR ME. Plus I have a 2 y.o. The lack of energy and pain was making me feel really sh..ty as a mom. I honestly stopped doing what everyone on my team said and starting seeing how my body handled things. It didn't help that the drs, 2 dietitians a d my pcp were ALL saying different things about how I should proceed. I've missed my real food. I'm glad I figured out how to help myself😭. The gas in the shoulder is still my nemesis as I have only tried chewable gas x
  17. When did everyone actually STOP the clear liquids. I realized that my dietitian and my actual surgeon were telling me different things about how to proceed. Which is fine because they've never done it so it's just opinions. I did sneak and sip a shot of twist pop to help with the gas. It worked but I don't wanna try it again!
  18. I went through that as well. I still was home the next day. The worse for me is the gas trapped in my body going up to my left shoulder. So far I'm only trying water sips and broth sips. Both make me nauseous 😫. The thought of consuming anything else makes me afraid I'll mess up my incisions.
  19. Yes I had my sleeve done in Michigan December 22,2021

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