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  1. Healthy4longerlife

    How long were you off work after surgery?

    I had bypass was in the hospital for 4 days, but was able to work after. I pretty much was never in pain. I had a surgery on Tuesday and got home on Friday later afternoon, so went to work on Monday, but I work remotely , so no commute or walking, but I felt up to it if I needed to. But dont be too hard on yourself, if you feel on Sunday like you need more rest, let work know you will probably not be back in until Wednesday, you need to be easy on your body the first few days after surgery. Wishing you good luck and a healthy speedy recovery!!!!
  2. Healthy4longerlife

    Super happy but a bit confused

    Its a tough one, but at least for me, I am 5 1/2 months post gastic bypass, so we are around the same time I think I am loosing some of mu build, I was doing some weight lifting before surgery and now train twice a week, and I can lift soo much less than before surgery. Granted I lost 122 pounds, but it means a lot of it was muscle. Also you have skin that stretched and now weight at least 7-8 pounds more than before. So a 210 can be more like a 200 of the old you before your skin ever stretched, I hope this makes any sense !! Good luck!
  3. Healthy4longerlife

    10 months

    interesting, since I love olives, I just started eating them again. I like kosher foods . It makes sense that the salty acidiness kills the other cravings. Its like the opposite effect of candy.
  4. Healthy4longerlife


    They also sell chewable pills if you want to buy. You can order on amazon and get them quickly. As far as swallowing, it was not a big deal for me or anyone I spoke with to just swallow a small pill. good luck!
  5. Healthy4longerlife

    10 months

    yes missing meals and letting yourself get too hungry is bad. So before I go out, I always bring a high protein yogurt and cut up veggies or tuna and crackers and eat on the go. Which also eating on the go after surgery is never a good idea! I hope you just hit a stall and keep loosing until you reach you goal weight!!!
  6. Healthy4longerlife

    10 months

    The snacking has been creeping up too much on me lately as well, chocolate and candies The problem is I am 5 month post OP and lost 55 kilos = 122 pounds, So i feel like im doing great. My goal weigh tis still another 18 kilos away so I need to be careful. For me i need to stay way from smoking week. I smoke 1-2 tiInsert other media mes a week after a long day of work or or on the weekend, and I get the muchies, not a good combo
  7. Healthy4longerlife

    20 years out

    Thank you so much for sharing your journey! I really hope you have a fully recovery and get what is needed for your kidneys! You should be blessed with only health and happiness!
  8. Healthy4longerlife

    Sometimes the truth hurts

    I read the 3 pages on the original post you are referring to. And I have to agree with you on this. I understand people want support, but your original reply to the article was not rude, you tried your best to say it in a nice way. If people just want support with whatever their results are they anything we do in life is okay. I agree we all need to be positive , but if someone has a surgery that went far from what was planned as far as results, something needs to change, maybe a revision surgery, a change in the diet, see a therapist to deal with the demons we all have. You seemed to be more helpful than most on that chat that are just cheering on anything as its greaaaaaattt like tony the tiger. I really wish the OP of that chat a very successful weight loss journey.
  9. Healthy4longerlife

    Slider foods and dumping

    I kind of wish I had this. Im 5 months post op Bypass and I do not dump, I can eat a lot of sugar , my issue is the learning how to eat slow when I used to devour all my food whole. now if i space out for 1 second and have 1 bite without chewing i feel the pain, all my pain has come from eating too fast, not too much sugar, I can eat candy and know its bad for me, but never have I dumped, I have passed out a few times after drinking too quickly after eating or after not shewing chicken well enough and drinking 30 minutes later. I guess we each have our own journey through it all. I just need to stay eating healthy 95% of of the time and I will be fine. Im down about 120 pounds in 5 months. so now 40 pounds from my goal weight!
  10. Healthy4longerlife

    1 Month Post Op Pictures

    You look great! Your face is much slimmer!!
  11. Healthy4longerlife


    @BirdLady21 I had my bypass the same day as you, on Dec 7th, im 3 weeks pot-op today as well. My problem is i can eat almost anything. I am refraining, but wish i would have a hard time. I have lost 38 pounds in the 3 weeks, i eat a meal every 2-3 hours. Today for breakfast was 59 cal yogurt, with 1 smashed avocado and small bag of 120 calorie protein crackers that I bought on bariatricpal. But then 3 hours later, 2 eggs and 1 percent cottage cheese, like 4 ounces worth. I feel like im eating too much, but my stomach is not bothering me at all, and i lost the 38 pounds in 3 weeks which is more than 10% of my body weight. Am I doing something wrong?? Any help from anyone would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Healthy4longerlife

    Lack of WLS buddies?

    I would also be very happy for a whatsapp group. it would be an easy way to constantly give each other encouragement and help each other with struggles.
  13. Im a 34 year male, I have told everyone I know, as it has been a topic of mine since i was 28, and I was supposed to get it for the last 6 years. But i regret telling some, as they say its automatic . Implying there is no work to be done on my side of the court. It has been hard and only 3 weeks post op, I'm hungry a lot, but sticking to it.
  14. Healthy4longerlife

    Any December 2021 bypass people?

    Hi! Just got the Rouen xy gastric bypass on December 7th last week. Got home on Friday the 10th and doing great. I am off pain meds for 2 days now. I do have a pain that comes and goes under my left breast. But it's manageable and only for an hour or so a day. Hardest part is I can't eat what I want it's make me so sad. But I did this beacuse my blood pressure before was regularly 175/115 Have a wife and 4 kids so I want to be around. For them!! SW -358 CW after 5 days -344 Goal weight 200 pounds. I'm 6 feet tall.

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