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  1. MiniGastricBypassDude

    Proper weighing of Halo Top?

    You're welcome, xoxo, Europe.
  2. MiniGastricBypassDude

    my year anniversary

    I bet this is where your body decided you're supposed to be at your best We don't decide our set points for our new weight, but we do decide whether be happy about it. Congratulations!
  3. The idea probably is that you'll eat less (fullness kicks in earlier) - the burn more part sounds ... hmmm Anyway, for us MGB'ers, we actually do want to get some food down there as our main mechanism is feeling satiety from the fast impact to the lower intestine. Unlike other surgeries, we do better with a larger anastomosis (up to a point) because it means we'll get the effect faster and more 1:1 with what we're eating. If you think you get drunk fast with a RNY, try an MGB lol ...
  4. I think I eat fairly quickly, too, but I'm pretty unrestricted. I just make sure it's the portions / calories I want to eat on the days I'm logging my intake (Mon-Thur, it's my way into maintenance, which sure is a new experience).
  5. MiniGastricBypassDude

    (9 days post-op) I'm in crisis and overwhelmed

    Kurt, my man! Easy! You'll get there. Aside from the physical stuff so excellently covered by the kind people above - take a deep breath. You just had a huge part of a hormone-producing organ taken out - consider you could be recalibrating hormones and this will affect your mental state. Upside for the guys; in a few weeks or months, you'll experience the male post-bariatric testosterone boost. It'll be like you're 16 again, for better and worse. Just watch yourself from the outside a bit, take a deep breath, follow your plan, get your fluids, get your sleep, laugh at the comical stuff we experience on this ride. And yeah, strap yourself in, it's a hell of a ride. A good one, usually.
  6. I'm pretty sure you've seen me and others try to gently nudge people out of the "I eat 1 lentil a day" disordered eating-mindset. For mental, physical, and social reasons. Literally just read a reply somewhere else that someone at BMI 26 is scared to eat more than 700 calories a day. It's mind-bogglingly sad. Thanks for this input. It's what I've been saying all along.
  7. MiniGastricBypassDude

    Daily calories one month p/o from RNY?

    I mean, a fact of human life is we need breaks You're doing so well otherwise, don't beat yourself up! Time to enjoy not being over BMI35 anymore - our risk dropped with the pounds. I caught delta 5 weeks back and I'm glad to have it overwith, and they can come with omicron, too. We're all going to get it anyway, and now we're no longer morbidly obese, so yay us, we'll live.
  8. MiniGastricBypassDude

    Loosing track!

    Oh I'm so sorry to hear that. I thought you guys were going for zero-covid, so that's unlucky that you both have to isolate for two years and then still deal with it. Bummer.
  9. MiniGastricBypassDude

    An Ode To Cauliflower

    Not really an ode; I'm not a composer. If I were I'd write a lil' song to a very overlooked, beautiful vegetable that I've been sleeping on. Cauliflower rice completes my Thai takeaway. Steamed cauliflower is great instead of plain potatoes. Grilled cauliflower adds umami to - let's be honest - sometimes bland post-bariatric dishes. But there's a new thing in town! I was browsing the frozen meals section at the store. As usual, most dishes are 600+ calories and I'm a single dude. I can't eat all that in one sitting. Yet lo and behold, cauliflower gratin with lean, shredded ham. Could that be good, I wondered? Surely not. 284 calories for such a huge dish? This must suck. Oh well, let's try. 45 minutes in the oven, grated a little bit of parmesan cheese on it (80 cals worth) and my god, what a feast! Had half of this and I'm saving the other half for Dinner 2. Here's to cauliflower!
  10. MiniGastricBypassDude

    Low BMI pre op question

    As predicted. There is help for you, too. It's just not surgery you're looking for.
  11. MiniGastricBypassDude

    Can’t stop thinking about eating!

    You don't, basically. The reason you're having surgery is the body fights with everything is has to keep the pounds on - until you get surgery. I'm not going to tell you exactly what you can do, but I will tell you it gets easier if you acknowledge that yes, this isn't normal to just be drinking things, but it's in a strange way the ultimate gift you're giving yourself. And this, my friend, is the last time you'll go hungry. Something we have had to do way, way too much on our 400 different diets that ultimately had to fail (see above, body). Can you reward yourself in other ways? Again, know this will pass very, very soon. And for once, going hungry isn't an act of self-punishment, it's an act of self-love. For the last time.
  12. MiniGastricBypassDude

    Giving Dumbbells a Try

    Yay, lifter team! Pro-tip: chest and shoulder work really gives you that toning that takes the pounds off, visually.
  13. MiniGastricBypassDude

    Doing it all wrong.

    Yeah, I think this one comes from the same bag as nO cAffEinE which should be labeled The Big Bucket Of Ideas To Torment The Fat People. Literally zero reason.
  14. MiniGastricBypassDude

    Low BMI pre op question

    I think anyone I could refer would be an entire ocean away from you. And I don't know anyone who's an expert at borderline issues; I struggled with eating as most here do, but I'm otherwise well-functioning. I truly am sympathetic to your issue, but this is a community for people working their hardest to overcome lifetimes of obesity, eating disorders, and social disconnection. You won't even find the anger here that you're trying to incite. A true borderline response now would be extreme victimization, no introspection, accusatory tantrums. You're welcome to do that; this comment isn't really for you, it's to try to avoid good people getting manipulated into a situation where you get to yell at them. Yell at me. Now's the chance. Don't yell at them.
  15. MiniGastricBypassDude

    Doing it all wrong.

    Don't worry! I'd agree with the coke, but if you really really need it - and hey, we all have something we really, really need - why not give diet a go, let it sit and decarbonate (tip: pour room temp carbonated drinks over ice; that'll take out a lot of carbonation right off the bat). Decarbonated diet soda is fine in moderation, it's calorie-free fluids. Perfection is the enemy of good, is really the best line in this thread. You saw what happened: when you give up on perfect, it all goes out the window. Be honest with yourself and try to deal with it before you go into the disaster zone. Oh, and: don't trust whether you experience pain signals or not. Your nerves are cut, and it'll be a while before you can trust that mechanism. Relax. Refocus. Forgive yourself. Move on.
  16. MiniGastricBypassDude

    Low BMI pre op question

    Have you considered talking to a therapist while pursuing surgery? The borderline weight issue may be worked better with if you're in that borderline situation by taking care of the mental health side. That was borderline one of the best decisions I made.
  17. MiniGastricBypassDude

    Daily calories one month p/o from RNY?

    Hmm ... I wonder why
  18. MiniGastricBypassDude

    An Ode To Cauliflower

    Just checked, it's definitely not over there from that brand :/
  19. MiniGastricBypassDude

    An Ode To Cauliflower

    Some local Scandi, unfortunately
  20. MiniGastricBypassDude

    Daily calories one month p/o from RNY?

    My program had us on 1400/day from day 1 for males, 1200/day from day 1 for females - at 6 months, both go to 1800/day for males, 1600/day for females. The reasoning being you're going to get to where your body wants to be anyway (new set point), better not get used to 500 cals/day. Advice vary wildly with this, it'll be great when the science is settled some time in the future
  21. MiniGastricBypassDude

    An Ode To Cauliflower

    I've never had "wings"
  22. MiniGastricBypassDude

    Is Breakfast The Most Important Meal of the Day?

    Definitely my least important meal. People overcoming eating disorders get told to eat on a structured schedule, 6 times a day. At the end of the group therapy period, most people then choose a schedule that fits them. And, well, breakfast usually isn't in my schedule. Been completely symptom free the past ... 23 months.
  23. MiniGastricBypassDude

    How much weight did you lose per month after 6 months?

    Here's my months - my surgery was early in December 2020, so I can just go by my app month by month: Month 1: -39.0 lbs Month 2: -23.2 lbs Month 3: -15.4 lbs Month 4: -12.1 lbs Month 5: -12.8 lbs Month 6: -14.1 lbs Month 7: -4.4 lbs Month 8: -9.3 lbs Month 9: -5.5 lbs Month 10: -6.6 lbs Month 11: -2.2 lbs Month 12: -3.3 lbs Month 13: -8.4 lbs* *COVID infection had me down five extra pounds, they've come right back. Probably dehydration. My 'real' month 13 loss is around 3-4 lbs.
  24. MiniGastricBypassDude

    Pouch reset

    We will all be rooting for you, but remember: if you struggle, reach out! To people, professionals, us. And there's nothing wrong with your willpower, none of us can withstand a body that's yelling out for food. So take it easy, make one good change at a time, pat yourself on the back for being good at maintaining at your current level. That's no small feat.

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