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  1. You should notice a difference in your arthritis pain. I’m 4 weeks from my pre-op and definitely feel less pain. It’s worth it from a pain standpoint.
    That would be brilliant! I would love to walk our dog a lot more than i can atm, i can walk shout distances but with the dog if she pulls it jarrs my knees and its then even more painful.[emoji24]

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  2. After surgery you will be able to eat very little at one time, but you might not feel "satisfied". I have been hungry since right after surgery and I can't eat enough to be "satisfied" even though my tummy is full. Being satisfied is more emotional.
    Sorry its the not feeling full i mean by not satisfied. Most days now i dont eat until my evening meal as as soon as i eat im then constantly hungry. I know its not a good way to eat but if i eat at Breakfast im then constantly hungry all day until i go to bed so i just dont eat.

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  3. Thank you. I have been having therapy for a while and i feel now is the right time for me to move forward and look to the future and put me first. I have 4 children who obviously come first but i need to do this for me to be who i need to be for me and for them if that makes sense. I have put off doing so many things that i would have loved to do with them due to my weight and i feel guilty for that but i know now guilt wont change anything, all i can do is make better choices now to improve my future and hopefully be around for them a lot longer than i would be if i carry on as i am. My eating isnt as much a comfort thing now its my portion sizes as a small meal just wont satisfy me. I will keep a journal and write my questions down so i feel prepared. Thank you for the support

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  4. Hi everyone, im new on here. Wls is something i have thought about for a few years now but not seriously, i always thought eventually I'll do it on my own. I started putting on weight at around 12 years old. I was sexually abused from age 10 too 11. This affected me dramatically and i shut myself off from everything and food was my comfort. I have tried and failed at diets ever since. Iv tried most of the diets going, slimming world more tines than i can count, ww when it was weight watchers, rosemary connelly, cabbage Soup diet, calorie counting and not eating for days at a time. Each time i lose some but eventually give up when the weight loss sticks and each time i end up heavier than before. Im now almost 23 stone (317lb) and im 5 foot 8 inches tall. My bmi 48 so im classed as morbidity obese. I wear 24/26 clothes. I have arthritis in my knees, feet and back which makes it difficult to exercise due to the pain and i know losing weight would help me a lot. My parents both have high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels and my mom is type 1 diabetic and has to inject insulin. The last few months i have thought more seriously about wls, i have spoken to the weight management woman at my gp surgery who got my doctor to refer me to bariatrics. I have a blood sugar blood test tomorrow and then i will be referred to hospital. I only spoke the her last week so im shocked im getting referred so quickly. I will be around reading posts and asking questions of you i hope thats ok. What questions should i ask when i get seen?

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