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  1. danita75

    Hello, any veterens around?

    You can do a revision
  2. 12/14/22 doing well very happy best thing I’ve ever done wish I’d done it 10 years ago! I love the fact I eat very little! I tried this for years just to feel starved! I’ve lost 55 lbs. 70 from highest weight! Feeling real good!
  3. I had mile 12/15/21 I’m down 55 so we’re rite about the same . I sometimes struggle with my protein. But try my best to get it in. I was also told I’m doing well too.
  4. danita75

    Hello, any veterens around?

    Kris77 what else did you have?
  5. danita75

    Dreaded hair loss - question

    I was sleeved 12/14/21 and I have lost 50 lbs. I’m starting to experience hair loss , I’m noticing In The shower I’m loosing more hair I’ve been using a very good shampoo since 3 months pre op . I’m hoping it’s a very minimal that I loose. I don’t color or chemically treat my hair also . My hair is very natural. So I’m hopeful this isn’t to bad.
  6. I don’t see on this post how much you needed to loose in all? I’ve lost 49 im 3 months post op Monday that includes weightI loss 2 weeks prior to surgery I need to loose another 40-50 I’m 46 and I’m on a 1 week stall rite now .
  7. danita75

    Low BMI pre op question

    I had a lower BMI I was told by many people “ your not fat enough to have WLS@ well I fought my weight for years now I’m at my lowest since I was 24 years old! The weight loss surgery is very successful with people with lower BMI (VSG) best choice I ever made I’ve lost 46 lbs. since my surgery 12/14/21 wish I did it a long time ago! I love not eating much it’s great! I felt same way wondered if I’d loose to much pre op I did put some on wish I’d not thought that way I’d be lower now then I am! It was a mental struggle for a few weeks follow surgeon and don’t follow your own plan there the pro’s ! I finely feel I will be done with my weight for life!
  8. danita75

    Gastric sleeve

    I think you are going through this because food addiction! Remember we all had this done because face it we all have a food addiction! I hade a ruff first week seamed to level out better after that but it’s a daily challenge! My family all eats normal still I do find myself getting quite annoyed watching people eat , telling my kids to slow down a lot now! Realizing how much food they eat annoys me. I think I’m past all the sadness of not eating so much food ( because it is so good) but I go out to eat I eat till I’m full then either take the rest home or give it away there at the table to a starving teenager ( LOL) you got to really focus and change your relationship with food. I think you will be happy in the long run and one day when you have a baby in your arms it will make it all worth it! Hope your deans all come true! Focus on the why and you will succeed! My why is I want to be healthy and do stuff with my family and not be tired all the time! I’m down 40 lbs. in 2 months and I feel great!!
  9. danita75

    Final Choice

    Sleeve here you need to look at what is rite for you , how much weight you need tk loose and so on I had sleeve I was 100 lbs. over weight I’ve lost 40% in 2 months this was rite for me but have a friend that got sleeve also 1 week before me I think she should had done the bypass she is much larger then me and is eating way to much. So you need to be honest with your team and see what is best for you , you can always get sleeve and go back if it wasn’t rite but you can’t go to just a sleeve from a bypass.
  10. Mine was on 12/14/21 I tell you I’m great down 30 lbs. ( was hoping for more) but I’m doing everything I’m supposed to do! This was the best decision I’ve ever made! I’m feeling great! I’m changing my life! No side affects, I’ve been blessed ! Sometime feel they didn’t do anything to me until I eat and now can’t consume much food then I remember! I’m still prob 80 lbs. to my goal but I know I can finely do this! This was not a easy way this was the rite way to take back my life that obesity has stollen from me !
  11. 1 month post op today!! Down 29 lbs. was hoping for more but there is nothing more I can do!
  12. I’m close to you I was 242 day of surgery and I’m at 229 I also have become scale obsessed. Just want it gone!! I dieted your many years!!
  13. I think if you need a weight loss program to go to metabolic research center they have a lot of WLS clients and they are protein based program tell them your had WL surgery so they know
  14. Why are you on clear liquids so long?
  15. I am rite with you in that, realizing how addictive food is to me ! I have no hunger but think I need to eat! One day at a time!! I did this to be successfully , no turning back!

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