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  1. Post op Day 7

    last night I had the gas pains up in my collar bone area, mostly felt upon inhalation while laying down. It was sharp and annoying.

    today I am in a mood about having this.

    not “head hunger”, eye roll, real legit, stomaching eating itself hungry. I want to eat anything and everything and annoyed that I can’t!

    many times throughout the day I have thought “WTF did i do?” I chose this. I paid for this out of pocket.
    I’m hoping this feeling is normal at this point and temporary.

    i did normal household things today, without any trouble. I’m still guarding my belly button incision and careful not to lift anything over 10 pounds.

    I felt tired a lot and spacey. But also totally normal at times.

    I drank my Water, about 48 oz no problem.

    no Protein Shakes or waters bc I just can’t.

    I am changing my Vitamin because it’s so gross, so just to have SOMETHING I took a few of Flinstones Vitamins.
    apparently I can’t take capsules for 30 days, which there went my plan For the barislims.

    anyways. I just want to eat. Totally second guessing why I did this. I just feel stupid.

  2. 11 minutes ago, kimdlawson06 said:

    Hello! I'm just curious. I had surgery this past Friday and was told I had to do Clear Liquids for 2 weeks. It seems as if some people don't have the same requirement. How soon were you told that you could start full liquids?

    I was told 3 days of clear and then full liquids. It’s really all over the board with the different plans. I couldn’t tell you any evidence based reason why one over the other though.

  3. Post op day 6

    Today was the most normal I felt since the surgery. I wore jeans for a minute to drop off my son at school, but quickly got right back into my comfy soft pj pants because the belly button incision is still a little tender.

    I picked up a few more Protein Shakes, and I’m beginning to think it’s a lost cause. I feel weak and I get tired often. I think I’m just one of those people who just need to focus on staying hydrated, that I can do. I love just plain Water, so that will be my focus. I will still try the Protein, but it’s stressing me out. I’m so close to purées so I’m thinking that might be the game changer, who knows, not me!

    I tried the endure protein Max chocolate today. It tastes really similar to the fairlife but with less of the after taste, but an after taste nonetheless, eye roll.

    I added a couple teaspoons of Isopure unflavored to about 2 oz Sugar Free Chocolate pudding, and I ate it. Not much protein, but I’ll take it.
    I did the same to my 1/4 cup of Soup. I didn’t taste it in the soup, but it was onlyn2 teaspoons. I could see it though, but no biggie.

    My stomach started a weird churning pain. I don’t know what that was about, but it didn’t worry me.

    when my husband was cooking his dinner my stomach has never been screaming HUNGER so much in its life.

    I was able to assist in bath time with my kid, so that was nice. I was just careful with reaching because Of the incision,

    I did some things around the house like laundry and dish washer with no problems. The laundry was less than pounds , I know because I weighed it, haha.

    so things are beginning to be normal.

    i did lay down around 2p because I just felt tired.

    i felt a bit irritable at times in the afternoon, and not really wanting to talk to answer questions. Almost spacey. I blame this on the lack food. This isn’t my usual affect, so that’s a bummer.

    I am still cold most of the time and I very much look forward to the hot shower.

  4. 4 minutes ago, huskymama said:

    I’m having the sleeve in December 2021 and I was advised by someone who went through it to get a coffee warming plate (found one on Amazon for under $12) and put your warm stuff on that so you don’t have to reheat it and it doesn’t go cold on you. I also purchased some 2 and 4 ounce little ceramic dishes to put my warm stuff in to go on the warming plate. I love to read your day by day especially since I’m coming up on my surgery in a little over a month! Thanks so much for sharing!!

    Oooo yes I need one of those. I just ended up popping it in the microwave, and then pouring most of it out, but it’s Monday, such as life.

    I sure hope you are more prepared than me! I should know better, I’m an operating room nurse and I work with my surgeon! Haha but I just assumed “pshhhhhh I got this”. I do not. I do not in fact got this.

    Now i’m post op, weak, and hungry AF trying to figure it all out. And I feel like I’m just trying to push through to the next stage of foods without actually caring what I’m eating, which is kind of missing the whole point of this. Sighhhhhhhhh I’m just surviving at this point.
    BUT I am learning a lot. I’m constantly searching the forums. I’m jealous of how well a lot people just thrive immediately, because I am drowning. I’m happy, but imma a mess.

    Anyways, please learn from my mistakes and prepare. I don’t know much money I’ve spent on all the Protein shakes/waters/powders, but it’s a lot! And I hate them all.

  5. 9 minutes ago, TheTimeIsNear said:

    I found the Fairlife to be way too sweet. I preferred the vanilla shakes from Prermier Protein, but those are still a bit sweet.

    If you can (and want to) have cafeine, the Latte from Premier Protein is not sweet, and you can warm it and have it hot.

    But for total non-sweet you need to do what @vikingbeast said above. You can even add Isopure to those Soups from Panera.

    You can also make (or buy premade) chicken broth, make it salty, and add Isopure.

    Thank you for your feedback.

    I have some flavorless isopure that I’m experimenting with today. In hindsight, I REALLY should have done the experimenting PRIOR to surgery, but here we are.
    I’ve broken it down to Protein per gram of the isopure, which is about 0.86 protein/g. Which is about 1/2 teaspoon.
    For my first experiment I mixed 1 tsp spoon with a quarter cup of milk and a little coffee. I knew I wouldn’t drinking the whole thing, but it was good! Soooo baby steps. I still haven’t t figured out how much I’m physically able to drink in a certain time period, say thirty minutes. I will get there.
    My second experiment is about 2 oz sugar free pudding and 2 tsp spoon of isopure. I can taste it but I’m trying to just power through.

    Through a recommendation from a friend/coworker who has had the sleeve as well, I will be trying Ensure Max protein chocolate variety later in the day.

    i am currently WAY behind with my Water, but it’s Monday morning and life is happening. I will do my best to make up for this later. I gotta pick my battles at the moment.

    My next priority will be finding a proper multi Vitamin, preferably one can effortlessly swallow, because the Bariatric Advantage one is huge and gross.

    this reply of thanks has turned into an update. Sorry! I’m sorta using this thread as a personal log.

  6. Post op day 5

    after sleeping most of the day yesterday I woke up early with my 5.5 year old and let my husband sleep in. I ready to get up anyways because I guess of maybe reflux. I’ve never had it before but something in my sternum area was bothering me.

    my belly button incision is still pretty sore while getting up, bending over, and to the touch. It doesn’t, and never did require anything more than Tylenol (which thankfully I have the dissolvable).

    I had little meltdown involving some tears over trying to stomach yet again another Protein Shake I hate. Everyone’s beloved fairlife can go straight to hell. So I haven’t even reached 10g of Protein yet people, imma die. Also I need to find another multi Vitamin.

    so I pick myself up and brush my tank teeth (all this fake sweet stuff in protein waters/shakes/vitamins/chewable gas x/dissolvable Tylenol/sugar jello/sugar free popsicles is giving the worse taste in my mouth).

    i did manage with no problem 32 oz of Water, 1/2 ounce at time using a med cup, spaced 3 min apart sometimes longer if was doing something. My goal tomorrow is to increase that by another 16 oz, we’ll see.

    Ok so after feeling like I was being a major baby about the cussing Protein Shakes I decided to white knuckle it and do 1/2 oz shots with 5 min in between. I had a cup of water for rinsing my mouth out and an empty cup to spit the rinse into between shots. And I managed 2 oz. and the after taste was STILL after the rinse.

    I had a sugar free popsicle for the first time, and even though I am totally over artificial sweeteners, it felt nice to bite into something.

    hungry and desperate for something that was palatable, I sent my husband to Panera to get 4 cups of different Soups. I chose to strain the broccoli and cheese Soup and water it down to slide off of spoon. I ate 1/4 cup by toddler spoonfuls every 3 min. I had to reheat 3 times for 19 sec. I wanted to eat the entire cup, but atlas I did not. I was satisfied and then passed out for a nap.

    I will be having that for dinner as well. Healthy? Not really, but I need some motherfarten calories, ANYTHING that doesn’t make me gag.

    today was better than yesterday.

    I took a lovely shower and did my hair.

    the end.

  7. End of post op day 4

    this has been a tough day. I’ve spent most of the day in bed. I have drunk about 32oz Water. I never went back to the fairlife Protein Shake that i got about 1/3 through. I had about maybe 1/4 cup (if that!) of chicken broth.
    I am definitely hungry and weak. I attempted a Protein Gatorade zero, and NOPE!
    I took a phenergan and went to sleep for a while.

    ive done a little walking around the house. I find my self holding my belly all the time, like supporting it.
    I took a hot shower which is just so nice since I’m freezing.
    I have all the farts (which are never just farts). I feel like there is a huge burp bubble that never comes out.
    im a bit miserable. It’s so crazy that there are people that just totally fine! My body is like WTF did you just do to me, and where is all the yummy food? !

    im having some specific cravings, like old school dine in pizza Hut pizza.

    I just don’t know what I’m going to do if I can’t drink the protein, that seems to be the key. So I’m just not eating.

  8. Post op day 4

    Feeling worse than yesterday 😩

    I came home yesterday and I felt ok for a while. I managed half of a Protein Water mixed with miralax and a little extra water.

    I attempted Bone Broth, and just typing it makes me want to gag.

    today was to be full liquids. I have managed about 24 oz water and maybe a third of a fairlife shake. I also started Vitamins today, and good Lord! Those multi Vitamin chewables from Bariatric Advantage didn’t seem as big prior to surgery! My dietitian wanted me taking two of those beasts, I managed 1 and a half.
    I feel icky in my tummy all day. I’ve been soooooo sleepy and freezing! I was anemic prior to surgery and got my period early 🙄 so I’m probably even more so now.

    I have been in bed most of the day with the exception of walking to the bathroom, I guess the half a miralax did something. I’m producing watery bright yellow stools, in minimal quantities…I can’t trust a toot. I think the thiamine supplement I was on (and should still be taking, but haven’t been able to) is causing the bright yellow color.

    It has been so nice being in my bed.

    the abdomen pain isn’t bad, just getting up from lying down is a little painful.

    my 5.5 year old boy has been so sweet, bringing me gifts he’s made me.

    im going make myself get up now and walk around the house for 5 min.

    I might see what Panera’s Soup look like, if they qualify as full liquid.

    Oh! Also, I was told to take the omeprazole capsule and open it and mix with apple sauce. Is applesauce allowed at this point? Or is it just for taking medication?

  9. Day 3 post op sleeve

    I am much better than yesterday and a million times better than day one.

    I got to go home today. I took a shower immediately.

    I feel hungry. I was really hoping i didn’t feel hungry.
    I’ve been sipping on my Protein Water mixed with Miralax.

    I’m still very sleepy and a bit shakey. Not much for incision pain, just a little tender above the port sight where they pulled a portion of stomach out.

    Feeling hopeful that every day gets better, because it has already gotten better everyday. My nausea is minimal and the gas pains are nearly gone.

    I never tooK the narcotics in the hospital and said no thanks to the prescription. I only got Toradol IV for the pain, as I could not keep the liquid form down. I was really scared about ripping the staple line when I coughed, but I guess I’m alright.

    I decided I won’t weigh until the post op visit.

  10. End of day 2 and already feeling better- not great. I feel tight in my whole torso, which has to be the gas. I think my nausea is directly related to the gas.

    I’ve walked a few times.
    I’ve been given Zofran and Phenergan, but doesn’t do too much to the nausea.

    I am currently attempting to eat Jello, and so far it’s staying down.

    as soon as I got to my room I changed into my night clothes. I brought a couple books, my iPad, and ear buds. I haven’t touched them. I’ve been preoccupied trying NOT to throw up.

    no BM yet. I had a few burps (which was nice) and maybe 2 tiny toots.

    ive drunk about 16 0z of Water.

    When I breath in deep I do get a sharp pain under and in my rib cage.

    I washes my face and brushes my teeth this morning and on some mascara to feel normal again.

    and finally, My room is no more longer freezing.

  11. 2 hours ago, Pricilla said:

    Hey everyone!

    Just had sleeve yesterday morning.

    I was a self pay.

    first day was the worse than today. I’ve been nauseous ever since I woke from surgery.

    it’s hard for me to distinguish from gas pain and nausea. I managed to get 8 oz down yesterday. I threw up the gabapentin immediately. Feeling scared to try anything. My nurse said he’ll have me try the Tylenol at some point.

    belly just feel like I worked out my abs, and getting up takes some work.

    I’ve walked until I get tired, which a about 5 laps around my room.

    today is better than yesterday, but boy does this suck!!!!

    And my room freezing.

    nothing good today yet, just that today is better.

    I got half of the Tylenol down, and said NOPE to thee other half. They are treating my nausea, I really think it’s the gas 🤷🏼‍♀️

    The barium swallow test yuk! But I don’t throw up, so I’ll take it!

    Walked around the room some.

    i might have to stay another night if my nausea doesn’t subside.

    this sucks! I know will be better and will continue to get better.

  12. Hey everyone!

    Just had sleeve yesterday morning.

    I was a self pay.

    first day was the worse than today. I’ve been nauseous ever since I woke from surgery.

    it’s hard for me to distinguish from gas pain and nausea. I managed to get 8 oz down yesterday. I threw up the gabapentin immediately. Feeling scared to try anything. My nurse said he’ll have me try the Tylenol at some point.

    belly just feel like I worked out my abs, and getting up takes some work.

    I’ve walked until I get tired, which a about 5 laps around my room.

    today is better than yesterday, but boy does this suck!!!!

    And my room freezing.

    nothing good today yet, just that today is better.

  13. On 8/7/2021 at 12:32 PM, Tomo said:

    Had the revision a few days ago. I went from vsg to rny. From day one with the sleeve, I was hungry. I don't know why. From beginning to end, the most I could eat was 10 oz with my sleeve, and I still lost weight but I remember it being a struggle to keep under 1200 cal. So with the RNY, the recovery pain isn't much different than the sleeve. Every pain was doable. I didn't feel nauseous, never threw up when I was in the hospital. I do feel like I did 1000 sit-ups. GasX helped a lot. I felt like I could've walked out of the hospital that evening but I had to stay overnight (due to insurance). I walked out of there at 11 am the next day. It's been 4 days, and I'm not hungry at all. The two days of clear liquid for pre-op was difficult, but now 4 days post-op RNY there is zero hunger. It's a new feeling for me.

    Some notes for the curious: I had a urinary catheter while asleep. My revision took less than 1.5hrs. I had a serious dry mouth and a sore throat that made me want to eat more ice chips and drink more Water, which is good. No nausea, I took Aprepitant 40mg capsule two hours before. That helps with post-op nausea and vomiting. If any of you have any questions, please just ask and I will share my experience.

    Was the reflux due to the sleeve? Or did you have reflux before the sleeve?

    Is this why most people that end up having a revision, because of the onset of reflux? Should we just jump to the RNY instead of the sleeve?

  14. 25 minutes ago, mtlmiracle said:

    I haven't done the surgery yet but I'm a busy mom who has dieted a lot. In 2018 I did a lot of fasting and I mean like rolling 42-hour fasts. I was not hungry during a fast but I was so lethargic I struggled to keep the house. I did that for about a year and learned some coping skills:

    -Give yourself a lot of slack and compassion, take deep breaths, stay grounded.

    -treat it like exercise, push yourself while you are working but take frequent rests.

    -use electrolyte drinks more often especially if it's hot outside.

    -putting a small piece of salt in your mouth can boost your energy and halt hunger.

    -have as much of a routine as possible and keep it simple to avoid stress.

    Overall it is super hard having to deal with the stress of other people while your own body already feels so upset! I always put my kids first and it was to my whole family's detriment. Now I have to put the focus back on myself again and lose the weight once more.

    Ooooof! This is gonna be tough!

    I hope I don’t turn into Mommy Dearest, eeek! J/k I would never.

    “Mommy will you play with me?” Is my kryptonite. It’s going to be heartbreaking to say “sorry I’m too tired”.

  15. Hi all!

    I will hopefully be having my sleeve early November.

    This questions is for the moms (or very involved dads).

    After surgery, how do manage through the tiredness/irritability/nausea?

    If you are the one that runs the house, makes all the decisions, plays with the kids, cares for the kids, play dates, clean up, does ALL the things, how are you getting through that first month (or longer) post op?

    Where are you getting your energy since we can’t have caffeine (R.I.P. coffee, Diet Coke, chocolate)?


  16. 6 hours ago, Arabesque said:

    You may discover that your definition of yummy changes. A lot of fast food, takeaways, sweets, etc. are really unappealing to me now. Watching advertisements for this type of food almost turns my tummy.

    When I was losing I ate the inside of a wonton (group of friends decided to order takeaway for dinner) but didn’t really enjoy it. I’ve had gyoza (steamed, inside only) twice & Chinese (braised chicken & vegetables) once since I started maintenance. Again a bit blah!

    I’ve also had some dessert & cake at Christmas, a wedding & a birthday but again honestly the couple of teaspoons/bites was more than enough. I didn’t get the same enjoyment from eating them.

    I do drink alcohol. About once a month & usually only a glass. Gin & tonic or champagne usually.

    Some people do have the odd pizza, burger, etc. eat the occasional biscuit, etc. but it’s an individual thing. Some have found healthy versions (like bun less burgers, high Protein chips). You know your lifestyle best & how you will be able to manage adding some things back into your diet in the future.

    It definitely seems like the consensus is that a lot of post-sleevers just don’t really want the foods they use to want. This is exactly what I’m hoping for.

    Since I haven’t had it done yet, it just seems a little unbelievable. I find myself wanting to grab the sugary things when I start getting hungry or tired. Or a Diet Coke. I’ve only recently stopped eating and drinking those things, so I suppose it’s only natural to be having longing thoughts about them. I miss them. Which is why I’m on here looking for the light at the end of the tunnel. But it sounds like I won’t be thinking about food the same way post surgery.

    Also, I find myself sorta looking around my kitchen confused about what to eat. I feel aimless at times. I keep referring back to my binder for what I’m allowed to be eating (for phase 2 pre-op) and I’m so (cussing) hungry! I would usually just start eating on candy, chips, nuts, cheese stick, Water, Diet Coke (whatever I can quickly stuff in my mouth) as I figure out what I’m going to eat, and obviously that is part of the bad habits that have gotten me here.

    I’m looking forward to craving healthy things!

  17. 2 minutes ago, Queen ApisM said:

    Honestly, you may not want it. I'm 8 weeks out, and I have had no desire to eat a number of things that typically I would have been salivating for once I thought of them. I'm sure at some point they will become appealing, but right now, not so much and I am really hoping this sticks because it makes it all easier.

    I hope that is the case for me!

  18. 2 hours ago, catwoman7 said:

    I don't think I ever went off plan my first year. Maybe occasionally after that - but only very occasionally. I don't want to start gaining my weight back. It took too much work to get it off!!

    I guess it’s hard to imagine, since I have t had it done yet. I can’t really wrap my brain around not craving/wanting yummy food.

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