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  1. Pricilla

    Bariatric Therapy

    Anybody out there eat to eat (or did before the surgery), because it’s delicious and feels great to fill up on yummy things? Is it ever JUST that? Just that basic? ….or is that the addiction talking? Does it have to be emotion, stress, trauma, filling a void, or even a “why”?
  2. Hey guys! I have looked into bariatric therapy and so far the only place I’ve found in my city does not take insurance and cost over $250 a session! Gulp! I’ve adjust my search to exclude the words “bariatric” and include “disordered eating, behavioral therapy”, to hopefully find one that does take insurance. I’m really curious for those that have (and/or continue to) use therapy, what are some main take away? General advice? I’m not suggestions this thread/forum could replace therapy, being that it’s very subjective, but maybe if you could share some basic lessons you’ve learned at therapy or homework they’ve assigned?
  3. Pricilla

    Day 10 of my new life

    I loathe taking my vitamins. I’m a month out. I’ve found if I eat a couple spoon fulls of sugar free pudding right after i swallow, it helps weigh it down. After I have the pills in my mouth and the water, i lean my head back dramatically and tap on my throat to center the pills…. I’m sure I look REAL crazy. I also stand there a while convincing myself not to to throw up and I sorta pat my belly to get burps out, hahahaha. This is everyday, every time. I couldn’t stomach the bariatric advantage chew or calcium chews. So now I’m taking a centrum womens and a target brand calcium that I can swallow. I have an iron I’m to take every other day. A sublingual b-12 once a week. And a high dose thiamin every day, because I was deficient.
  4. Pricilla

    Comically small sandwich

    Crazy how different everyone’s plans are! I’d love actual evidence based rationales, but there aren’t articles with actual research, it’s a little odd! i have tested the waters with not the healthiest foods and chewed thoroughly (not proud, just weak). I’ve tolerated everything fine, and really wished I didn’t tolerate it. But I’m trying to get my sh*t together. I’m sticking to less than 3 oz at a time. It’s been a major adjustment, but everyday I’m making some changes for the better. Do I slip and lick the peanut butter knife while making my kid a sandwich, absolutely. Here’s to hoping tomorrow I don’t.
  5. Pricilla

    Comically small sandwich

    It really was the best! my surgeon’s plan allows this in the soft food stage which started at day 15. I wish I could say I ate this over a 30 min period, but I did not. I took tiny bites, but it really did not take very long. I was savoring every little bite 😹😹😹
  6. Pricilla

    Comically small sandwich

    It was the best thing I’ve ever eaten🤣
  7. I just really needed someone to witness this tiny sandwich (which I’m stoked to be eating). 😹😹😹
  8. I too am finding it WAY too easy to eat all things. I’m on soft food stage, and my meal plans involve tortilla and pasta as a few examples, which is shocking because in so many post I read, post-op peeps aren’t even trying these foods for months or even a year+ I’m 3 weeks post, and have tested the waters a bit with foods, and have had no issues or intolerances, and honestly I’m a little bummed! I was kinda hoping for that sick feeling with foods that aren’t super healthy. I feel restriction and I stop, but I always feel like I could eat more (and really want to, but don’t) and I’m hungry a lot. I wish I was one that was never Hungry and got sick looking at a pizza, but nope.
  9. Pricilla

    Post op day 2

    2 week post op appointment My last weight prior surgery was 168. That was my weight at the last appointment prior to surgery which was a week before, so it may have been a little more. I say more because I did not do a pre- op diet…at all. I ate all the things up until the day before surgery. I did a liquid diet for 24 hours the day before surgery. Starting weight: 168 pounds height: 5 foot (imma meatball) Self pay, BMI 33.2 2 week post op: 152.8 pounds down: 15 pounds When I told my surgeon that I haven’t met (or even have come close to) meeting protein goals, and I haven’t drank a single protein shake. He said “don’t worry about the protein, I don’t really want you drinking protein shakes”. UMMM what?!? I mean, weight lifted because I’m not doing it anyways. He was pleased that I’m staying hydrated with just water, and that I am eating 2oz at a time. I told him I having cravings, and he said have one bite and be done with it. He also told me to start eating fruit. Music to my ears. I feel a lot less stressed about it all. He doesn’t seem super strict, which I don’t know if it’s case by case. Being that i started at a low obese BMI, maybe that has something to Do with it. He also said my hunger is likely to decrease over the next few weeks. Enough appointment talk. Back to what’s going on with me post op day 15. I’ve been able to take a mouthful of water and swallow 3-4 times in a row. Still pretty small sips, but I’m no longer using a med cup (haven’t for while) or waiting minutes between. I am having a hard time slowing down with my meals too. I’m definitely not taking 20 minutes. I find my found myself eating 3 small bites rather quickly, then taking it slower after that. My vitamins have become a 10 minute ordeal of me almost throwing up. Like my mouth will water like I’m about to puke. I just try really hard not to. My energy level is pretty good. Considering no caffeine and little protein. For breakfast I had 1.5oz canned chicken and 0.5 oz banana) For lunch I had canned Annie’s vegan chili (1oz) and 1oz smashed potatoes, pinch of shredded cheese. It was yum! feeling good!
  10. Pricilla

    Post op day 2

  11. Pricilla

    Post op day 2

    I have had no issues with any food I’ve tried. i did canned chicken and Mayo(1oz), butter beans(0.5 oz), and smashed sweet potatoes(0.5oz) today for lunch. i ate it a little more quick than I had tested the waters with, and it was totally fine.
  12. Pricilla

    Post op day 2

    Post op day 13 Purées have given me life. i had canned chicken, mashed up and mixed with 1 tablespoon olive oil mayonnaise, and some salt and pepper. I split it up into 2 oz serving and was lunch and then a snack later. It was so good. I took about an hour to eat it, but I was being a little overly cautious. When I ate it as a snack later I ate it in a shorter time and was fine. I felt like I could have had more, I DEFINITELY wanted more. But I stopped. later for dinner I had 2 oz refried beans with a pinch of shredded cheese. It was so yum! Again, I felt like I could have had more, but I didn’t. ughhhh i miss over-eating! BUT I will continue to stick to the recommended portions.
  13. I have to hype myself up to swallow my vitamins. I use a pill cutter for the big boy because I loath throwing up, and if that beast gets stuck, I know I will. I have to take an additional 265mg of thiamine because I was deficient prior to surgery. My urine smells like vitamins. It is gross. And I can only assume my sweat will to when I get the go ahead to exercise. Yesterday I think I experienced “the foamies” people talk about on here after I took my vitamins. It lasted like an hour. I finally ate a sugar free pudding in an attempt to weigh down the foamies. It either worked or enough time had passed.
  14. Pricilla

    Post op day 2

    Post op day 12 Praise be, purées, praise be! i am human again 🙌 ok, so last night (so mere hours from purées day), I had about 2 oz of the most delicious mashed potatoes and gravy from Popeyes. My husband was ordering and i said “oooo order me mash and gravy”. I also had 3 tiny pinches of the biscuit. It was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! And this morning I had 2 oz applesauce. And then for lunch and dinner I had 2 oz of the best grits of my entire life. i tried a protein water today. Ick! I need to find something i don’t know how some people don’t want the foods they used to eat. It’s all I think about. It’s a little concerning. I think about stuffing myself with all the food. I miss being able to overeat. Obviously, I want to change otherwise I wouldn’t have had this surgery. But if anyone thinks this is the cure to your food desires, it simply isn’t true. I truly don’t know if I will see the success others do. Time will tell.
  15. Pricilla

    Post op day 2

    Day 10 A couple things have changed since my last update. I have a superficial thrombophlebitis in my arm above where my IV was. I did notice a couple days after being home that my upper arm was a bit sore and tender, mostly when I was using the arm. But then I noticed it was a little bit pink. Only then did I think “oh this could be a blood clot”. Now this isn’t a deep vein thrombosis, but really the only way to know is through ultrasound, and since i wasn’t willing to risk a PE, I went to the ER. No treatment, just warm compress. The other thing that has developed is that my diaphragm feels really sensitive/tender. Kinda like when you get bumped (or hit) in you belly. So I feel slightly nauseous. Even my bra resting on the diaphragm area is irritating. My muscles definitely feel weak. I’ve mostly been surviving on water, a couple ounces Greek yogurt, sugar free jello, and sugar free pudding. I’m going to try another protein shake today. My dietitian said to basically stay hydrated and take my vitamins. I’m doing normal daily things, taking my kid to the playground (though i’m not playing), driving, Grocery shopping, and house work. one more day until purées! Wahoo!

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