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  1. ClareLynn

    Back to ER

    Turns out I have gallbladder sludge? Gross. Next up is a HIDA scan to see how my gallbladder is doing. It's been over 3 weeks with constant pain from this, so I want some resolution but also... I really don't want another surgery! So far my attempt to return back to work isn't going so well because I feel so sick all the time. Thank god I'm working from home so no one can see me with my heating heating pads hunched over typing. 😅
  2. ClareLynn

    Return to work

    I had a loop duodenal switch (SADI) and took off 5 weeks as the surgeon recommended. I was really bad off and in/out of the ER the first two weeks. Later I’ve been dealing with other things like gallbladder pain, trouble swallowing… let’s just say I was so thankful I took the time off. I would have been in pain trying to sit in the office all day and needed a lot of time to push fluids and food. Hell it’s still hard 7 weeks out to work and take proper care of myself. Y’all who took off just a few days amaze me.
  3. This is why I didn’t tell my family and said I was getting a hernia repaired. I didn’t want to argue or talk about any of it. I’ll let them figure it out later when I’m feeling and looking better.
  4. I am having similar pain (stomach and back) that comes and lasts for hours then eventually goes away. I saw the surgeon and when he pressed on my gallbladder it hurt. I’m getting an ultrasound Tuesday to check for stones. Definitely ask your surgeon about the pain!
  5. ClareLynn

    Baritastic app

    I contacted them yesterday and they fixed it this morning.
  6. ClareLynn

    November Surgery Buddies!!!

    I had the loop DS 7 weeks ago and have lost 33 lbs (83 total). My three week stall ended up lasting a while 3 weeks. 😅 I am really happy with my progress. I feel well. My face looks like me again, and I keep sitting awkwardly on my now saggy stomach. I can still only eat 1.5oz at a meal and am not hitting any goals but the surgeon is happy with my progress.
  7. ClareLynn

    Going back to work

    I am 6 weeks post op and am struggling with the same things! I keep my water right in front of me but if I’m drinking then I am not working (need two hands to type). So I haven’t been getting as much water since going back to work. Luckily I work from home so at least the bathroom trips aren’t an issue. I’m not sure how I would deal with that in an office…
  8. ClareLynn

    Back to ER

    I had my 6 week checkup with the surgeon. He said that if the hernia is still bothering me at the 6 month mark he will go back in and fix it. He's hoping that once the swelling goes down more it will cause fewer problems. It's such a small hernia I'm surprised it is so troublesome! Since I guess I just love trouble, I'm having an ultrasound of my gallbladder next week to see if it needs to be removed. Fingers crossed that it stops hurting and behaves! 😂 He reassured me that I don't have to try to eat/drink as much as the dietician keeps telling me which is a big relief. With everything going on in my insides, I am seriously not hungry and eating is very uncomfortable.
  9. ClareLynn

    Back to ER

    The swallow test showed my little hernia buddy again, which is slowing down how quickly things move into my stomach and is causing a backup. So it's not exactly normal for it to back up but he thinks it will get better as I heal over another few months. I chatted with the surgeon about when my throat backs up and he wants me to take a lot longer between sips, minutes, and don't even try to get in 64oz a day. He said he doesn't expect someone even 3 months out to get that much water and trying to hit the goal just won't work until things loosen up in there I guess. I loooove that my surgeon and dietician say completely different things. I'm going with what the surgeon says and just eat/drink whatever fits down the hatch easily without trying to hit these goals. She was really riding me hard about not getting 64oz an 80g of protein and doing whatever it took to cram it in.
  10. Did you ever figure out what was the problem?
  11. ClareLynn

    Back to ER

    I have a pre-existing sliding hiatal hernia since 2016. They did not fix it during my surgery like they said they would unfortunately. So it’s still there causing symptoms. I’m not sure how to more clearly say I’m not stressed? If it’s magic hidden stress that even I don’t know about I don’t honk there’s much I can do about it anyway. 😄 I do separate my eating and drinking. I only take the same ridiculously small sips since the surgery, otherwise it backs up into my throat. I sure hope the answer is found from the upper gi I just did since otherwise, it’s not clear why this is my fault and what I’m doing wrong…
  12. I had this diagnosis pre-surgery, it wasn’t a complication from my duodenal switch (SADI). I do not have trouble breathing really, except when I drink and then bend over or lie down. Then the contents of my stomach often come up and go down into my lungs. When that happens I can hear a crackling noise when I breathe and have trouble taking deep breaths. I avoid this by cutting off drinking about 30 minutes before bedtime and sleeping on an incline. I have read here often that gastric bypass should help with reflux. I’m sorry that you developed it even with the “right” surgery.
  13. I have had silent heartburn since before the surgery. it took 10 years for a diagnosis. I don’t get heartburn symptoms or anything. But I do have constant trouble swallowing due to a lump and tightness in my throat. I also have had vocal troubles that required months of vocal therapy so that I could speak with less pain. It still hurts to talk though. I take 40mg omeprazole twice a day, sleep in an adjustable bed so I can be on an incline, do PT every day to relieve the throat tension, and avoid: dairy, acidic foods like tomatoes, chocolate, fatty foods, spicy foods, and bread/pasta to avoid making it worse. I was supposed to have a hiatal hernia fixed during my WLS which they thought would help but that … didn’t happen. So I still have it post op.
  14. ClareLynn

    Back to ER

    I don’t think it’s stress, I have been taking it easy post surgery and don’t feel stressed? Just tired of the constant disphagia. I had existing problems with my esophagus, throat and voice going in due to a hiatal hernia. They didn’t fix it during the surgery (said they didn’t see it… which well what can you do at this point?) I’ve had the hernia for over 6 years on multiple endoscopies. I’ll just wait and see what the GI shows and hope it’s a stricture that they can dilate or something. I would hate to have to go through this again with a follow up hernia surgery. 🤞
  15. ClareLynn

    Back to ER

    Well I’m back to having trouble swallowing and have an upper gi tomorrow morning. I hoe they see something that they can fix! 🤞

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