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  1. I had mine Feb 7th and the same here I still have back fat and stomach has gone down but as you say a deflated ball and unfortunately my boobs are also deflated and saggy. Once I tuck it away under clothes you can’t tell but when I remove them it can be quit discouraging 😩 but I try and look at it in a positive way and just say that is a sign of all your weight loss if you had to pick one would you go back to all the weight or where you are now. I will take my loose skin and all the health benefits over all that extra weight any day.I will just say it’s part of my progress. We have to appreciate this part of the journey also because it is journey not a sprint. IT’S ABOUT PROGRESSION NOT PERFECTION. Make the best of your journey Every one who reads this post when you get down about where you are just think of where you came from not years ago but just 6-7 months ago and appreciate the progression.🥰
  2. I am down 52 lbs but having issues with eating. Every time I eat a meal after about 3-4 bites it all of a sudden is disgusting and I can’t eat anymore. It could be something I really have been craving and as soon as I have a few bites it’s disgusting and I have to toss it out. If I continue to eat it is a chance it will come back up. Is anyone else going through this it is driving me crazy and making me not want to eat. I have already had problems taking in protein I can’t drink the shakes because they won’t stay down so I try and get it through my food but now am getting disgusted over everything I eat. I am trying to stay positive but it is very hard.
  3. Honey10604

    Messing up my pre-op diet 😩

    It’s a little tart but good. The first time I got the tall which is their small with one less scoop of matcha just to see if I like but once I realized I did I would get different sizes now I try to stick with the tall or grande which is the small the one above the small just to keep a check on getting dehydrated.
  4. Honey10604

    Messing up my pre-op diet 😩

    I had the sleeve back on Feb 7th I had to cut out caffeine before the surgery. I tried to go cold turkey since I only drank 1 cup a day but I had the worst headache ever. Pain meds didn’t help so I went to 1 cup of half decaf then 3/4 cup to 1/2 then to a few sips to none at all. I did this transition 2 weeks prior to surgery. I was suppose to do 2 week liquid diet but to be honest I only did 1 week and cheated 1x in that week. I have not yet had any coffee but I have had caffeine 2x I get the matcha lemonade from Starbucks. I haven’t had any issues with it as far as my stomach but I am dehydrated some afterwards so I drink a bodyarmor lyte the next day. I want to try coffee but I am scared it may be to acidic for my stomach.
  5. I bought Bariatric fusion. I haven’t started on them my surgery is this Monday but my nutritionist gave me samples. Not the best in taste but they will do for now.
  6. Mine is the 7th also I’m in Ohio and I have a 2 week liquid diet that I am struggling with.
  7. Honey10604

    January 2022 Surgery Buddies

    What Bariatric vitamins are you all planning to take.
  8. Honey10604

    January Surgery buddies

    What state are you in
  9. Honey10604

    January Surgery buddies

    I take my hat off to all who are on the pre-op diet during Christmas and New Years. I am nervous about the pre op diet all by itself let alone during the holidays which are usually centered around food. CONGRATULATIONS rather you realize it or not that is no small task and just wanted to encourage all keep it up. I start Jan 4th😬
  10. Honey10604

    Just started liver shrinking diet

    I start my liquid diet as my nutritionist puts it liquid deliciousness 🤬🤣 on Jan 4th I think I am more worried about that then the surgery itself. I just keep saying to myself it’s going to be worth it it’s going to be worth it. I wish I just could stay home for those 2 weeks lol.
  11. Honey10604

    January 2022 Surgery Buddies

    Had pre- anesthesia appointment today surgery Jan 18th. All Dec surgeries cancelled at my hospital in Ohio. As of now they are saying if it is already scheduled for Jan they are still on the books but anything that was cancelled or need scheduling will be after Jan that is as of today. With this Covid who knows what will happen in the next weeks to come. Good Luck to all on keeping scheduled surgery dates.😬
  12. Honey10604

    January Surgery buddies

    Lucky you only 1 day liquid diet.. I WISH I have to do 2 weeks of liquid deliciousness 🤬😡🤬😂
  13. Honey10604

    January Surgery buddies

    Yea I can imagine that will be hard but the surgery will be a great gift we can give all of ourselves and it will be worth the sacrifice of that Christmas meal. I will have to keep telling myself that it is worth it when it is time for my liquid diet.
  14. Honey10604

    Anyone near the Youngstown, Ohio area?

    Who was your surgeon? How long ago?

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