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  1. Honey10604

    January Surgery buddies

    Lucky you only 1 day liquid diet.. I WISH I have to do 2 weeks of liquid deliciousness 🤬😡🤬😂
  2. Honey10604

    January Surgery buddies

    Jan 18th seems to be a good day for surgery lol. Well I guess we can make a New Years resolution to lose weight and actually keep it this time.🤣
  3. Honey10604

    January Surgery buddies

    Yea I can imagine that will be hard but the surgery will be a great gift we can give all of ourselves and it will be worth the sacrifice of that Christmas meal. I will have to keep telling myself that it is worth it when it is time for my liquid diet.
  4. Honey10604

    January Surgery buddies

    I start my liquid diet on Jan 4th and will be working during my liquid diet also. I think I am more worried about the liquid diet more then the actual surgery 🤣
  5. Honey10604

    January Surgery buddies

    I am scheduled for Jan 18th in Cleveland Ohio nervous but excited at the same time.
  6. Honey10604

    Post op day 2

    quest products have a nasty aftertaste they taste okay when you first eat them but an awful aftertaste.
  7. Honey10604

    Anyone near the Youngstown, Ohio area?

    Who was your surgeon? How long ago?
  8. Honey10604

    Anyone near the Youngstown, Ohio area?

    Yes it will be a challenge cooking for them and not eating what they eat but hopefully I won’t have a big appetite so it won’t bother me lol. I have been on diets before in past and cooked and didn’t eat or was able to eat some things but not all what I cooked. I know it will be a challenge I think more so during the 2 weeks of liquid deliciousness as my nutritionist put it.
  9. Honey10604

    Anyone near the Youngstown, Ohio area?

    Thank you Hillcrest Hospital is in Mayfield Heights Ohio so it’s a suburb of Cleveland it’s a Cleveland Clinic Hospital. I think right now I am more excited then nervous but I know I will get nervous like a few days before. Even though I knew this would be coming my mind won’t stop racing on what I need to do to get ready. Not with just myself but family also lol but Whatever it is I am will be ready the day they tell me to be ready 😂
  10. Honey10604

    Anyone near the Youngstown, Ohio area?

    Good luck with knee surgery and I am sure we all will figure something out rather it’s through zoom or an Ohio thread that would be great. And just to add a bit of good news I WAS APPROVED. I am waiting for the coordinator to call with surgery date so I am sure in the next week or 2 I will probably be starting the liquid diet 😩. I am having it at Hillcrest Hospital.
  11. Good luck to all that are waiting for approvals. I was told it could take 7-15days for a response from the insurance company. I rush an open every email that comes in phone lol even though they just sent me the message Friday evening telling how long it can be and it’s only Tuesday 🤣. Very nervous not about the surgery but about the approval ready to get the 2 weeks of liquid deliciousness over 😂🤥
  12. Honey10604

    Anyone near the Youngstown, Ohio area?

    Hey Laurie I am not close but not far from Youngstown I am in Cleveland Ohio.
  13. Thanks so much hopefully we both will be updating our post soon saying we are approved.🤗
  14. Hello all, I have been reading different post over the last week before I decided to join. Glad I did 😊 I have finished my last nutrition visit yesterday my insurance company required 6 months. A little disappointed I only lost a couple of pounds so I hope and pray my insurance company approves it. Unfortunately I believe my body has decided to pick this time to start peri-menopause which they say may be why I am not losing despite making all the changes that I have made. I just hope it is enough to get approved. So now I just wait I guess to here if it was approved hopefully not to long for an answer.

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