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Stephanie reiss

Gastric Bypass Patients
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    I’m 27 happily married and just had gastric bypass June 14 2021
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    Walking reading video games
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  1. Stephanie reiss

    Before and After Pics

    I had surgery 6/14/21The right one is from the other day almost 5 months out from surgery these pics are 100lbs different
  2. Stephanie reiss

    Psych Meds after Gastric Bypass

    I had to switch my meds so much since surgery n had to decrease my anxiety meds because they was to strong for me
  3. Stephanie reiss

    Constipated HELP!!

    I switched from mirlax to 3 colace a day
  4. Stephanie reiss

    After surgery diabetes

    I was told by doctor to stop all diabetic medication 3 day prior to my two week pre diet because i have history of blood sugar dropping to low and i had surgery June 14 2021 and havnt had any diabetic mediciaton since i was on meal time insulin ozempic and bed time insulin and merfromin all Before surgery and I’m still having problems of my blood sugar dropping to low when i try to exercise its so fursting but i would rather that then be to high
  5. Stephanie reiss

    Post op weight loss slowed down

    Thank you everyone that makes me feel better
  6. I was wondering my almost 5 months post op and my weight loss has slowed down to almost 20 or less pounds a month is this normal ? And anyone got any good work out idea todo at home
  7. Stephanie reiss

    I’m 4 months after gastric bypass

    Thank you everyone I meant to ask in this post if I should do therapy for food I go to therapy now but I never really talk about my food or my weight n today 10/19/2021 I’m weight in at 226lbs
  8. Stephanie reiss

    Anyone in here from Omaha, NE????

    I’m from Abilene Kansas
  9. I don’t recognize my self in my pics any more I’m firing into stuff that I fit into from middle school and even in middleschool it was tight but now it’s lose such a suprised but also hard because I’m having a hard time breaking my coping with food what have others done to help so I do more therapy that deals with talking about not using food as a coping skill I’m at a lost here me 4 months post op I use to weight 325lbs at my highest at my lowest today 10/18/2021 I can ever remember now is 229lbs
  10. Stephanie reiss


    Hey I’m struggling with depression I had surgery June 14 2021 and i didn’t realize tell after how much I relied on food to cope
  11. Stephanie reiss

    After gastric bypass

    I don’t even recognize my self today n yesterday in my picture we took

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