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    I know! I keep getting the run-around. I asked my surgery center for an appointment with their psych department but they are booked until December
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    Definitely check what would work for the eval. For example, I was already seeing a therapist, who assumed I needed to go through a special battery of testing/questions. The surgeon's office clarified that she just needed to write a letter addressing specific concerns, which she was able to do just based on our ongoing work.
    Good luck!
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    That is bullshit that you have to find a psychologist on your own! My bariatric center has a therapist that they use and he knows how urgent it is to schedule within a short amount of time. I saw him three days after my consultation. I am frustrated for you because this is putting a wrench in your progress.
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    i dealt with this crap... I got my order to do it in December... I was not able to get a appointment until March 1st... was soooo annoying. Ask your doctor if they require anything special... Mine did... Otherwise there are online psyc evals you can do via zoom with a licensed MD or PHD that do bariatric psyc eval. This doctor does online but you need to make sure your doctor will accept it because mine did not. https://www.onlinebariatricpsychevals.com/index.html
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    Bxnaija: I messaged you. Go to your PCP AND set up consultations with surgeons ASAP

    Update: I will no longer get the gastric bypass surgery. I am going to get the duodenal switch surgery. YouTube it if you haven’t heard of it. It’s a great tool to have especially someone with over 100lbs to lose like myself. 🥰😍
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    I went to my primary first and she has a list of surgeons that she worked with before or other patients used before. That is where I got my recommendations of surgeons. However, if you know some surgeons already you could go straight to them since every hospital/program/insurance is a bit different

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