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    SleeverSk got a reaction from Kjudin711 in What are you treating yourself with?   
    New clothes 😆 and hopefully my dream trip to see the Northern lights, cause now I can fit into thermals 😁 but that will have to wait till the end of travel restrictions
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    SleeverSk reacted to NolaJay in 6 Months Later   
    I’m sorry you’re having a few concerns but this post is so comforting to me. I’m 8 months post op and I can notice that I’m able to eat more, that full feeling doesn’t come nearly as often (if at all) and I’m slipping back into old habits with snacking. It’s been helpful to read your post and some of the responses!
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    SleeverSk reacted to BillyHalleck in 6 Months Later   
    Hey all -

    So like many of you, I am still trying to figure out what normal means, six months post surgery.

    First off, I am so happy I did the VSG - no complaints, I feel great, surgeon was fantastic, their office is responsive and follows up and I am down from an all-time high of 305, 261 on Surgery Day, and 195 Today. Hoping to get to 185.

    That's where my difficulty is: In the past 10 weeks, I have lost maybe 5 pounds. I find my weight fluctuates daily +/- 5 pounds, so I only track the lows as benchmarks. (IDK: Water retention, lack of BM, salt...). My low was 194, today 196, the other day 200 (which is a number I hate!). I think I am spoiled by the rapidity of weight loss early on and feeling a little discouraged now that things are slower.

    More than that though, my fear is that my portion size is starting to feel almost normal person normal... not my pre VSG by any stretch, but not terribly restricted. I also am getting hungry again... and craving things like sweets again. After a filling dinner at 6, by 9 I think about dessert - and sometimes succumb. Thus far, I havent done anything too terrible, but the idea of making a batch of chocolate chip Cookies has been on my mind for weeks. I feel like I could fall off the wagon at any time. And now that I can eat almost normal amounts again, its not like the little cheats along the way that didnt matter due to space restrictions - I COULD DO DAMAGE!
    (BTW- still dont understand the "2nd stomach" when it comes to dessert. If I think about having another piece of grilled chicken, I know I am full, but a bowl of iced cream, suddenly I am starving!)

    With slow weight loss, which I understand is normal as I am getting close to goal weight, and growing portions (8-10 oz at a time), cravings for sweets, and inter-meal hunger, I am terrified that I am a few months from seeing an uptick on the scale. Ten pounds from the finish line - which I might hit, but for how long?

    So, for my version of the "is this normal" questions:
    1. 5 lbs in 10 weeks?
    2. 8-10 oz portions 6 months out?
    3. How long till 8-10oz becomes, 12, 14...
    4. Is this in my control (am I stretching), or is this healing and normal?
    5. Why am I hungry - is it psychological bad habits or physical healing and ok?
    6. I have no problem getting enough Protein, but are carbs still the enemy, or calories, or fat?
    7. Macros, Keto, Calorie counting - academically I understand them all. I cant reconcile the conflicting info. Even my Doc and my nutritionist seems to differ (though they obfuscate to be respectful of one another). Anyone in a similar phase of this process with insight on this part?

    And tips:
    1. Least harmful Desserts that have worked for you?
    Mathing things our has been getting me a little crazy. I have gotten back to espresso/lattes lately, which I find to be a filling snack, but even with skim milk: 100 calories x 2/day x 7 days per week = 1400 calories = almost half a pound a week. Same with the 100 calorie dessert. Thus, if the I'm doing the math right: I am basically eating a neutral calorie amount at this point - evidenced by lack of meaningful weight loss. Avg 1/2 a pound a week for the past 10 = 1750 calorie deficit per week = 250 calorie deficit per day. Does that mean I am a skim milk latte and an apple a way from not losing weight. Then any excess is gain!?!?

    I think all I have left in my arsenal is more exercise, which frankly, doesnt seem that probable. If I liked the treadmill, I would be on this forum now would I?

    Welcome thoughts & feedback! Thanks all!
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    SleeverSk got a reaction from Warriorprincess1982 in How often does a sleeve need to be converted to bypass?   
    To add to what catwoman said another reason people revise to a bypass is weight gain which I would imagine to be the biggest reason
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    SleeverSk got a reaction from RaisnHL in Low BMI pre op question   
    Yes you are nuts!! You asked I gave you an honest answer. Why on earth would you try to keep your bmi above 30 just so you can have an unnecessary surgery with your low bmi. Bloody hell woman surgery is not easy or a quick fix, it's hard and some days just plain horrible. Go see a shrink about your weight/ eating issues. I doubt any surgeon would do you with such a low BMI anyway and if they do I would expect they are very dodgy
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    SleeverSk got a reaction from RaisnHL in Low BMI pre op question   
    Yes you are nuts!! You asked I gave you an honest answer. Why on earth would you try to keep your bmi above 30 just so you can have an unnecessary surgery with your low bmi. Bloody hell woman surgery is not easy or a quick fix, it's hard and some days just plain horrible. Go see a shrink about your weight/ eating issues. I doubt any surgeon would do you with such a low BMI anyway and if they do I would expect they are very dodgy
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    SleeverSk got a reaction from OutdoorsGirl in Five Month Post Op Stall   
    Same thing happened to my surgery buddy, she had a stall at 5 months and has only just starting losing again at the 7 month mark. all normal hang in there, don't give up
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    SleeverSk got a reaction from Arancini in What foods have you broken up with?   
    I thought the same but it is much easier than I thought. I think you do have to allow yourself to have what you crave every now and then other wise you will drive yourself crazy and binge. For example I allow myself a coke and chocolate every other day (small portions) and last week I wanted it everyday but this week I have have only fleeting thoughts about consuming those foods/drinks and not had any. once you get into the habit of making better choices it gets easier.
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    SleeverSk reacted to Mlocke71 in Milestones!   
    I am just beginning this process. I am required to do 4 months of dietary sessions with my primary. We have actually been doing this since I got on prednisone. I keep blowing up. 109 lbs in 11 mths with a 1000calorie or less diet. I have 2 lung diseases and RA so I will be on some dose of prednisone for the rest of my life. I am working on a taper down. I am hoping to get down to 5mg? I think 10 mg is going to be my magic number, unfortunately so my battle will be forever but getting all this weight off now is going to be a good thing. I am at a point where I can barely walk anywhere without my O2 dropping down in the low 80s. I am on oxygen 24/7. My risk of a cardiac event is alarming. This is the main reason why my dr wanted me to have the sleeve surgery. I want to get rid of the type 1 diabetes that prednisone threw me into after my SECOND dose! I have already started a scheduled meal day and cut my portions down to child size(I 1use a kids plate and utensils). I sub one meal with a Protein Shake. I will graduate to 2 shakes closer to surgery pre-op. I am really concerned about my support system. My husband already does most of the housework. I cook when I feel up to it. Maybe 3-4 times a week. However, he works nights so that he can take me to dr appts. Well, he sleeps ALL DAY LONG. From 9ish until 7 pm at night. He says he can't function without 10 full hours of sleep. On his days off, he sleeps all day and most of the night. He says he has to catch up. He is exhausted and sore. I don't know if I can manage by myself post-op. My son lives in the same town but he has work and such, I am sure he would come to help for a few days. My daughter lives in Florida. She has 3 kids. When I asked if she would come for the surgery since I am high-risk with my lungs, she said that my youngest 2 grandchildren's birthdays are near the time I will be scheduled. Could I plan it some other time? I was devastated that she said that. My Pulmonologist said I have over a 65% chance of not waking up(my risk of a cardiac event if I don't have surgery, is 100%). So, I am not sure how much help I am going to need after surgery. I know everyone is different but, can I do things on my own? I even have 4 dogs to take out all day. One on a leash. Please tell me I will be ok?

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    SleeverSk reacted to delphane in Just feeling blah   
    Check your Thyroid, I remember a time in my life I felt like that. Very apathetic of everything. At the time, I had everything I wanted, moved to Hawaii after a winning a custody battle. I had the best job, that pay me to travel all over the Pacific Islands. The beach was my playground. I was so apathetic. Little I know I had tyroid issues. I discovered after a routine check up with a naturopath. Once I started the treatment, I came back to life. Never underestimate how annoying the endocrine system can be. Still in Hawaii, enjoying the beach and my new weight, as I Celebrate my 1 year anniversary of surgery this month 70 pounds less.

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    SleeverSk reacted to Toesinthewater in Night Sweats   
    Fat cells store and produce estrogen so as one loses weight estrogen levels can change. The low or changing levels of estrogen in particular are the cause of night sweats. Plus perimenopause typical occurs been 40 and 50 so that could be another reason for fluctuating estrogen levels.

  12. Congrats!
    SleeverSk reacted to GummyBearQueen in ONE-DERLAND!   
    I did it! I weighed in this morning at 196.4…at my heaviest I was 348.

    I started my liver shrinking diet last May at 309…down 113 pounds, VSG has been the best decision of my life!
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    SleeverSk reacted to Twinkle9 in 2 yrs Post op and still gassy   
    Thanks! I am gunna give it a go! Dear Lordt its gunna be hard..
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    SleeverSk got a reaction from Dfidelman in Emotions on high post op?   
    Yes very normal, all sorts of emotions and perceived realisations will emerge. it does get better and half of the "realisations" are not real for example I was convinced I would never eat or drink normally again ........wrong you can. I realised food was my best and sometimes only friend and how much, I relied on food to fill the empty spaces in my life that was a hard one to deal with. But you will get there remember alot of this is caused my hormones as well and once they settle down your emotions will too. 💖
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    SleeverSk reacted to Arabesque in Help 9 days post op   
    Definitely get in contact with your medical team or go to your local medical centre asap! Dehydration is a big concern with many complications. You’re only managing a third of what you should be having.
    I had swelling to begin but it passed after a couple of days but it made swallowing difficult & painful. I did find warm drinks much easier to sip: more soothing on my throat & easier on my tummy. I even heated my Protein Shake.
    On day 9 most are still only on fluids - Protein Shakes, broths, cream Soups. Make sure you’re only having a sip at a time & waiting in between.
    If your shake contains lactose, it may be upsetting your tummy because you may be a little sensitive to dairy post surgery (this is not uncommon & is usually temporary). Look for lactose free shakes.
    All the best.
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    SleeverSk reacted to wdbass in Feeling cold   
    Thanks for the feedback. I hope it eventually goes away.
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    SleeverSk reacted to OnMyWay1956 in Where do I update my weight for the ticker bar?   
    Thanks that did it!!!
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    SleeverSk reacted to blackcatsandbaddecisions in No Caffeine   
    My surgeon didn’t care much one way or the other about coffee. I had a tall nonfat latte on Friday after a Tuesday surgery. It took me hours to finish but it was literally the first thing I was able to drink without struggle after surgery.

    I drink multiple cups of coffee every day, and I’ve been maintaining at 175+ lbs lost/at goal weight for a while now. If you add sweetener or tons of full fat cream to coffee I can picture it being a problem, but outside of that I’ve never seen any compelling science behind the rule.

    If the bariatric police want to come find me then please note the fact that I added back in the occasional glass of wine or beer before I hit my goal weight. I’m a wild and crazy rebel over here.
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    SleeverSk reacted to suzannethemom in No Caffeine   
    That actually makes perfect sense. I hope I can resume coffee maybe a month or so after surgery. I could live with that.
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    SleeverSk reacted to AnotherGuy in No Caffeine   
    Sound thinking...especially the snorting part. 😁
    My surgeon recommended waiting 30 days for the stomach to heal before drinking coffee which, according to surgeon, could be an irritant.
    I waited 30 days and I have been drinking normal amounts of coffee since. There have been no issues.
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    SleeverSk reacted to Splenda in No Caffeine   
    The explanation I was given for why no caffeine was that post-surgery, it irritates your stomach at a time when the stomach needs to be handled as gently as possible. Once my stomach was healed, I was given the go to resume caffeine consumption. I can see where hot coffee, which is usually highly acidic, would irritate your stomach post-surgery.
    I used Grinds coffee pouches to introduce caffeine into my bloodstream without irritating my stomach. They are a coffee-based chewing tobacco substitute; they are pouches that you stick inside of your cheek/lip like chewing tobacco. The caffeine enters the bloodstream directly, reducing any stomach irritation. I also used them pre-surgery to wean myself off caffeine without having to go completely cold turkey -- it got me out of the habit of drinking caffeinated drinks without giving up on caffeine completely.
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    SleeverSk reacted to mendisu in No Caffeine   
    My sleeve surgery is on Feb 23rd too. I'm excited for the next part of this journey. I gave up sodas over a year ago I'm not going to lie it was hard giving it up. Dr Pepper was my life from the time I got up in the morning until I went to bed at night, so addicted! I just want to say diet cokes of any kind are not good for you they actually can make you gain weight and the sweeteners in them are bad for you. It took a long time to wean myself off of soda but then when I got Covid in October 2020 my taste for sodas changed it burned when I drank it so I just stopped. I now drink only Water, tea, milk, crystal light and v8 juice. I've lost 70lbs, this is before surgery, and I have more energy than I did before. It's hard to give something up but you should really find the reasons behind why you have to have it and find reason why you and your health don't need it. Pros and cons! Good luck to you and your journey!
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    SleeverSk reacted to lizonaplane in Hello! New here   
    My guess is that there haven't been enough people with a partial bowel removal who have also had bariatric surgery to be sure what the results will be.
    I have had IBS with both diarrhea and constipation during my life due to medications I take. Diarrhea can make your life really complicated, as I'm sure you are aware. When I had diarrhea predominant IBS, I was told to eat more carbs and less fat, veggies, and meat. I don't know if that is true for UC, but I know that would be really hard for me now - I am supposed to do pretty much the opposite!
    I would get second opinions from another GI doc and another bariatric surgeon at a bariatric center of excellence. Personally, I'm not sure I would take the risk in your situation, as the sleeve is not reversible. Maybe instead of trying to get thin, focus more on healthy activity and things like therapy for binge eating, if that's an issue for you. I'm not saying these will make you lose a lot of weight, but losing weight is not the end-all be-all in life. Being able to live your life without always looking for a bathroom is pretty important, too.
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    SleeverSk reacted to ShoppGirl in Normal Bites?   
    I have been able to do Normal sized bites all along. I just chew them better most of the time. Honestly I have caught myself eating fast and it doesn’t bother me but I try to chew better and slow down between bites.
  25. Hugs
    SleeverSk reacted to ShoppGirl in 2 weeks post op can’t tell when full   
    Well for what it’s worth I got to 9 pounds from my goal without any exercise other than walking just by measuring my food so it can be done. I need to add exercise to get all the way there I think. At the same time when I lost a family member recently and went off plan it was super easy to gain some too. I think because I could eat so much when I wasn’t measuring.

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