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  1. And if you are like me and don't have anywhere that sells frozen coke buy a 600ml bottle put it in your freezer until it starts to freeze but still soft, it will go like a slushy when you open it.
  2. SleeverSk

    Confused by Consult

    I have been using ppi's for 16 years with no issues what so ever other than the paranoia I get from reading stuff about them on the internet
  3. SleeverSk

    Confused by Consult

    Sounds correct this is pretty much what my surgeon told me. My reflux has improved with the sleeve. Which my surgeon said it would as being overweight is the reason most people have reflux in the first place
  4. Frozen coke is a great alternative after surgery
  5. Yes,yes you can some days it goes down fine some days it's get gassy and uncomfortable for a few minutes
  6. I was very slack with my vitamins they made me feel awful, I stopped taking them and all my blood work has been fine. If your is going to fall out it will fall out nothing you can do about that.
  7. People are going to assume you have had the surgery away when you start losing weight some might even ask you directly if you have so then do you lie to them ? I thought People would be very judge too and didn't tell anyone but then I had to because it was very obvious and I needed more time off work. I found most people were extremely supportive and you need that in the early days and why isolate yourself from your friends and social situations if your friends know maybe they can plan non eating get together until you are back in the "normal" eating phases. Bottom line is people are going to talk and assume anyway so it is much easier to be up front about it .
  8. Are you on medication for your reflux? Reflux can make you feel hungry all the time particularly what they call silent reflux.
  9. SleeverSk

    Utter regret

    It gets better it truly does I was in the same boat as the both of you and at 9 months out I can eat way more than I thought I would ever be able to eat again. Yes the first 6 months are hard but once you get past that it's pretty good and smooth sailing mostly
  10. I have noticed lots of people coming to the forums in distress because they regret having the surgery, I too was one of them. I wanted to share some of my own experience to reassure those going through regret that for some of us this is completely normal and part of the journey. Its awful, you feel like crap and wonder what the hell you have done to yourself and for some we wonder if we will even survive this life changing decision we made. You may feel like you have ruined your life, you may feel like you will never eat or drink your favourite things again. You may think you will die of thirst or even starve to death, I am here to say you will get through it, you will feel better and you will eat/drink your favourite things again (even if you shouldn't 😉) I had my final check in with my mental health care worker the other day and to hear her read back my "statement" and how I was thinking 7 months ago made me cringe, was that really me, was I really down that dark hole ? Yes I was but thankfully I am a long way from that place now. What we go through is a number of things first and foremost grief, yes grief and you will go through all the stages, denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance and for good measure throw some anxiety and remorse in there too. Then there is our hormones omg the hormones what a rollercoaster ride they send us on so hang on tight !! I remember a few bad moments, one that stands out is standing in the shower feeling incredibly weak from not eating or getting my fluids in screaming "why, why me why do I have to feel like this" (some of my friends had breezed through the surgery) lucky no one was home and I did feel a little better after.....so don't be afraid to cry, don't be afraid to shout and scream. Another outburst was at the family dinner table for fathers day screaming why did I do this ? why didn't anyone stop me? I told my team that they shouldn't have approved me and they hadn't screened me properly and they had failed me 😔. I could tell of many more "moments" but I think you get the picture. Some people especially those who have had an easy time after the surgery or haven't had the surgery wont understand why you feel like you do I mean you chose to do this right ? The hardest thing is even we don't understand why we feel the way we do, we wanted this, we paid the surgeon to have this done. Yes its normal to go through a whole range of feelings and some are really bad but it gets better and easier everyday. It might start with 1 good day in a week then 2 until eventually good days out weight the bad you will feel like you are going 1 step forward and 2 steps back but you are still going forward. Be Kind to yourself let people around you look after you but also make an effort to look after yourself even though you don't feel like it. Soon you will get to a point where you no longer have that deep regret and you finally arrive at acceptance and from there you realise you wouldn't have lost the weight without surgery, your life is going to be fine, you can have that coffee and cake with friends , you can eat a meal with your family and your health has improved and you post your weirdest non scale related victory !! You made it!! You got through it !!! There is no more regret !!!
  11. SleeverSk

    Weight loss

    Well done, it comes off pretty quick in the weeks after surgery
  12. SleeverSk

    Question about hair loss after sleeve

    Hi, I found my skin very dry early on, I just increased my moisturiser use. my hair started to shed heavily about the 4 month mark I think. I don't think there is anything you can do about it. I found after about 6 weeks it slowed down but I have days were more hair sheds and more seems to come out when I shampoo.I have lots of new growth that is about 2 to 3cms long at the moment so that really weird especially in my fringe. I did cut about 6 inches off my length. Overall I have lost more than half the volume of my hair but I had thick hair to start with so only those who know me well, my hairdresser and of course me noticed. I have been taking a liquid collagen supplement and using cel shampoo not sure if they have helped though
  13. SleeverSk

    Keeping up with liquids

    Vitamins made me feel awful both physically and mentally. I stopped taking them and all my blood work so far as vitamins go have been fine. I also avoid artificial sweetners too.
  14. I didn't have any gas pain at all , I am also at the point of will I lose more or is this it 😕
  15. with a sleeve it doesn't normally cause dumping I too have eaten a whole 100g block of chocolate in one sitting. did i feel like I shouldn't have eaten it YES did it make me feel sick no. I am not sure what a king size bar is so I cant comment on that.
  16. SleeverSk

    Keeping up with liquids

    ah now I can help with that, cloudy pear juice its a miracle worker 💩
  17. SleeverSk

    Chronic pain medications question

    you can take pills, how ever if they are slow release I would talk to your surgeon to see how they be effected if at all
  18. SleeverSk


    Vitamins aren't always the answer, I feel terrible when I take Vitamins daily. People keep saying it's impossible but every time I try I feel like crap both in my mood and physically. I figure it something in them that just doesn't agree with me. I have also noticed a few people in my Facebook group have mentioned the same .
  19. I know there has been lots of posts about stalls and here is mine. So for the last 8 weeks I have been bouncing around the same weight 71-72 kg today I even went up to 72.5 I am 8 months Post op and have lost 30% of my starting weight. Is this stall or has my body said nope not loosing any more weight? my original goal was 70kg but I still have quiet a bit of fat on my tummy so I would like to get that off and reset my goal to 60kg . I am a shift worker and don't get great sleep and I have found in the past this makes it very hard to loose weight. now I sound like I am making excuses again like I did pre surgery but prior to surgery when I took several weeks leave I always dropped a couple of kilos just from having a better sleep pattern but it went straight back on once I returned to work. but to the topic what do you all think and what are your experiences at this point in your journey?
  20. it was about 4 months before I was eating raw veggies and salad type foods. I work mate who had a sleeve also had told me that she couldn't digest lettuce so I stayed right away from it but I can eat it fine now.
  21. SleeverSk

    Net carbs and Starchy vegetable

    potatoes are starchy
  22. SleeverSk


    Gas ? Does having a good fart relive it or could be your position you sleep in we have a new cair at work that gives me a pain in the lower left abdomen which worried me but then I realised I only got the pain when I was at work. But yes get it checked out just in case it's something .
  23. SleeverSk

    Feeling bloated....why ?

    Could be the change of diet, you just started your pre op diet from your previous posts right? I found the shake very filling and left me feeling bloated
  24. SleeverSk

    Utter regret

    I went through this too, it's a combination of things, hormones, grief for the loss of your old life style , the fear of the unknown about your new life. It can be very overwhelming and unfortunately many surgeons and their teams don't even acknowledge this side of surgery let alone warn you it could happen. Considering how common this is it should be discussed so when patients do experience this they can at least realise its normal and will pass.

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