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    What do you guys think of this video?

    Mmmm maybe 3 weeks out is to early to start exercising especially if you are getting pain and discomfort. You have had major surgery.
  2. SleeverSk

    What do you guys think of this video?

    Haha loved it, he has some very good points. He is right about you can't loose weight and build muscle, sure you can loose fat and build muscle but your scale probably won't move .
  3. SleeverSk

    having an issue with cravings

    Have the chicken nugget but chew chew chew until it's mush almost liquid in your mouth. They are actually high in protein and that's what I ate in the early days. You will find you can probably only eat 1 maybe 2 at the most
  4. Yes chewing your food is very important especially in the beginning. I think you will find in the early stages you will be forced to eat slower simply because you cant eat fast, at 8 months out I have the occasional ooops i ate to fast but that depends mostly on the food but I pretty much eat the same way I did prior to surgery, I find it happens more with drinks especially sodas and when that happens you take the next mouthful a bit more carefully
  5. SleeverSk

    1 yr out food

    OMG it looks divine
  6. SleeverSk

    1 yr out food

    holy smoly that over a litre !!!!!
  7. dont worry about, I am still a fast eater nothing dreadful has happened
  8. SleeverSk

    Ideal vs Best body weight

    I found this guy after another person posted a link to his you tube, he has some great advise
  9. SleeverSk

    Now thinking if canceling surgery 🥺

    Hi, were you on medication before surgery if so how long after surgery did you keep taking it and when did you know it was time to come off it and how did you come off, cold turkey or taper ?
  10. SleeverSk

    Now thinking if canceling surgery 🥺

    Don't over think it, This fear (GERD) drove me to have a melt down right before surgery and to be highly anxious for weeks after surgery. I had reflux before surgery for many years and had been on 20-40 mg of Nexium daily for about 15 years and as my weight got higher so did the occurrence of my reflux to the point of along with the Nexium I was going through a bottle of Gaviscon a week. fast forward 8 months post op I still take 20 mg Nexium daily but only because I am to scared to tapper off as I remember the rebound reflux from prior to surgery when I would try to come off them and I have to be honest I suck a Gaviscon dual tablet if I get the slightest inkling of reflux which I think half the time is in my head lol. So prior to surgery I told my surgeon reflux was my biggest fear as I didn't want a bypass either and I certainly didn't want to have to have a second surgery, He said the weight loss would reduce the reflux and I think he is right. its just my own fears and thinking about it and sometimes eating the wrong things or too much that causes me get reflux now and its pretty mild. Now I am going to say this and I don't mean any offence to anyone as it is just what I have observed, a lot people who have had revision surgery due to GERD/reflux also seem to have had a substantial weight gain too, now if anyone out there has experienced different I stand corrected but that's what I have noticed. So that is a pretty good incentive for me not to regain. Talk to your surgeon though as he/she is the best to advise you we can only share our experiences
  11. I thought the same soft food + raw veggies is a contradiction. I didn't do raw veggie or salad until well into the 5 month. I would suggest meat substitutes
  12. Stay upright and walk if you can
  13. SleeverSk

    Dreaded hair loss - question

    I have got visible new hair growth now so don't worry it will come back
  14. SleeverSk

    Nuclear Stress Test

    Totally agree, an instant chat option would be wonderful. Chat rooms did get a bit of a dark and seedy reputation there at one point but I think technology and internet security has improved greatly and its time to bring them back
  15. SleeverSk

    Nuclear Stress Test

    Way to hijack someone's post. The poor OP will be getting notifications with comments that have nothing to do with there question. Maybe you guys should take it to PM's
  16. SleeverSk

    Dreaded hair loss - question

    You're not out of the woods yet sorry to say mine started at the 4 month mark and a friend at the 6 month mark
  17. SleeverSk

    Regret and Depression

    Oh Carpeediem I went through the same thing and nothing anyone tells you will help you feel any different right now. If you go to my profile and read my early posts and think I even posted early on in this thread, you will see what I mean I think I even have a post almost exactly the same as this I even went on a huge rant on a sleeve Facebook pages saying the surgery should be banned for all except those with life threatening conditions 😳. Be kind to yourself these feelings don't last and soon you will be able get back to " normal" it will be a different normal but not how you are now. Go see a therapist that will help understand your relationship with food and how to cope with the feelings you have now. I am now almost 8 months out and feel much better about having the surgery however it did take me until the 4 to 5 month mark to even start feeling better. If you want to pm me please feel free to do so. Big hugs 🫂 it does get better
  18. SleeverSk


    Go to the ED it's not something you should put off especially if you are in pain
  19. SleeverSk

    Need a Sleeve Buddy!

    Hi Peter Feel free to pm me.
  20. Sounds like bile reflux, where your stomach bile comes up into your mouth .go to your Dr asap
  21. SleeverSk

    WLS (sleeve) schedule for 4/26th 😁

    It's still falling more than I would consider normal BUT I have lots of new growth. I don't think it something you can avoid if your hair is going to thin out it will. Everyone is different in how their body reacts to surgery I had a really rough time mentally and I guess physically as I just didn't have to strength or motivation to do anything I ended up having 9 weeks off work. So I had a deep seated regret after the surgery which lasted about 4 months but I am ok now 8 months out.
  22. Yes my surgeon said it is because sometimes when the body "releases" fat the liver gets a bit overloaded and cholesterol goes up but it should be temporary but can take 12 months or so to start coming down
  23. SleeverSk

    WLS (sleeve) schedule for 4/26th 😁

    I had silent reflux before surgery and had the sleeve. like you I didn't take meds daily but sometimes I needed to up my dosage and take Gaviscon, now I take 20mg nexium daily (only because I am to scared to come off them yet) and haven't had any reflux symptoms. I was the same the first 4 months were the worst then at 6 months i started to feel happy about the whole thing. the hardest thing I am coping with is hair loss mainly because my hair was a prominent feature of mine.
  24. My cholesterol is higher now than before surgery...........surgeon said that can sometimes happen and can take over 12 months to resolve, I live alone so not sure if my sleep apnoea has resolved, I don't get the head splitting headaches I use to get I didn't get a headache at all for the first 6 months but have had a couple in the last month or so I get a lot more back pain now than I ever did before . SO I am a little disappointed like yourself But hopeful as time goes by things get better
  25. SleeverSk

    I failed

    How are you going now ?

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