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    Absolutely hate myself now

    you did find someone who felt the same as you and I have reached out more than once to you
  2. SleeverSk

    Absolutely hate myself now

    you will be fine as I have said in replies to your posts before and privately ( I have sent you another message a little while back that you may no have seen yet). It gets better it really does. You need to stop regretting and stop the what if's. It's done you cant change it. IT GETS BETTER, I felt exactly like you I started to feel better around the 5 to 6 month mark and now at the 9 month mark I mostly don't have any regrets. Get some counselling to help you through the grieving process remind yourself why you did this and I know you don't care about the weight loss right now I was the same but you will when you start feeling better. I am even at the point of oh no I have stopped losing. you also need to accept that you are not the only one who feels has felt like this, accept what we are telling you. YOU WILL FEEL BETTER. you will feel like yourself again only better. you will be able to eat all the foods you love only in smaller amounts. I can eat way more than I ever thought I would these days so much so I wish my restriction was better. Do you work? have you got friends you can talk to about this? what hobbies do you have? try to do things that you enjoy and take your mind off it. Have a good cry about it, I cried multiple times a day I couldn't even utter the word surgery without crying I wanted it outlawed. now I would happily recommend it to people but I would also tell them the first 6 months are rough. Ask yourself and tell us what exactly is it that makes you think you will never be yourself again what are your fears what is causing the regret ? once you have the answers to those questions you can and we can help you move forward.
  3. SleeverSk


    See your Dr this is not normal.
  4. SleeverSk

    How long are you missing work?

    wow you are keen, good luck with that
  5. SleeverSk

    How long are you missing work?

    I was the same 8 to 9 weeks it was for me for the same reasons. I had a really rough time early on .
  6. SleeverSk


    You can get heated jackets too
  7. SleeverSk

    The Very Beginning

    Just saw this comment posted in the Facebook group I am in Hi my hubby was sleeved 4yrs ago had a restricted ring as well than developed chronic reflux bad rubbery taste in his mouth other side effects so 8weeks ago he had bypass and all gone thank God all the best
  8. SleeverSk

    weight gain after surgery

    I weigh myself daily at one point it was twice daily. I rarely weighed myself before surgery and back in the days when my weight was in check I also weighed daily. For me it helps check things in check. To the OP yes my weight bounces between the 2 same kilos for a month. This is my tracking since Feb. 73kg, 72,73,72,72, 71,72,71,72,71. These are roughly weekly recordings my loss has slowed alot now I am 9 months out but early on it was a similar pattern
  9. SleeverSk

    The Very Beginning

    Yeah, many surgeons now agree your new stomach size can't be stretched so why would you add a lapband type device into your body to prevent something that won't happen anyway.so many people had complications from lap bands ( my surgeon doesn't even perform lap band surgeries because of that reason) I would do .ots of research before going down that road.
  10. SleeverSk

    Protein Shakes Prop65

    Wow that's really interesting and certainly raises questions in my mind.
  11. SleeverSk


    As I started to read your post my first thought was he is on stilnox. Can you go off them or change to something else ?
  12. SleeverSk

    protein shakes

    Flavourless Protein power, it can be put in anything. Prepare protein drinks ( like a sports drink) I forget the brand I used but I am sure there are more brands out there
  13. I haven't tried straws, but I do have to drink soda from a glass these days I can't do it straight from a can or bottle, sometimes I can but most times I get gas caught in my throat and it feels like it's in my chest and I feel like spewing for a few minutes until I burp. That happens if I drink it to soon after eating also
  14. SleeverSk

    Confused by Consult

    Since getting sleeved I have reduced to 20mg and no gaviscon needed. Before surgery I would alternate between 20 and 40 mg and always had a bottle of gaviscon dual action on hand.
  15. I hear you I was afraid of that too (coke addict) but it's been OK some days I really crave a coke and then Ican go days without it. Moderation is the key. I do drink heaps of soda water zero calories and powered which has more calories than coke 🤔🙁
  16. And if you are like me and don't have anywhere that sells frozen coke buy a 600ml bottle put it in your freezer until it starts to freeze but still soft, it will go like a slushy when you open it.
  17. SleeverSk

    Confused by Consult

    I have been using ppi's for 16 years with no issues what so ever other than the paranoia I get from reading stuff about them on the internet
  18. SleeverSk

    Confused by Consult

    Sounds correct this is pretty much what my surgeon told me. My reflux has improved with the sleeve. Which my surgeon said it would as being overweight is the reason most people have reflux in the first place
  19. Frozen coke is a great alternative after surgery
  20. Yes,yes you can some days it goes down fine some days it's get gassy and uncomfortable for a few minutes
  21. I was very slack with my vitamins they made me feel awful, I stopped taking them and all my blood work has been fine. If your is going to fall out it will fall out nothing you can do about that.
  22. People are going to assume you have had the surgery away when you start losing weight some might even ask you directly if you have so then do you lie to them ? I thought People would be very judge too and didn't tell anyone but then I had to because it was very obvious and I needed more time off work. I found most people were extremely supportive and you need that in the early days and why isolate yourself from your friends and social situations if your friends know maybe they can plan non eating get together until you are back in the "normal" eating phases. Bottom line is people are going to talk and assume anyway so it is much easier to be up front about it .
  23. Are you on medication for your reflux? Reflux can make you feel hungry all the time particularly what they call silent reflux.
  24. SleeverSk

    Utter regret

    It gets better it truly does I was in the same boat as the both of you and at 9 months out I can eat way more than I thought I would ever be able to eat again. Yes the first 6 months are hard but once you get past that it's pretty good and smooth sailing mostly

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