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  1. SleeverSk

    Back to ER

    Maybe but definitely tell your surgeon about what happened.
  2. Someone I know developed an intolerance to protein mostly in meat form after surgery maybe this has happened to you too and that in turn has turned you off eating because you now associate eating with being physically sick. I agree woth the others stick to food you can eat without reaction until you get it sorted. I think its perecftly normal for you to feel the way you doing given what you are experiencing. Hope you find answers and feel better soon
  3. SleeverSk

    No interest in eating

    Perfectly normal at this stage. What I did to overcome this stage was to make myself try something everyday. Some days were successful and some werent the foods that werent i put on the try agsin in a couple of weeks list.
  4. I use to have badly cracked and dry heels, I looked at them today which was also easier and only 1 small crack remains, Yay!! I can also comfortably reach my toes to cut and paint my nails,and it wont be long before i can tidy up my bikini line myself !!!!
  5. SleeverSk

    Back to ER

    Gosh I hope you are ok, hopefully its just from stress and not eating/drinking
  6. Protien shakes or flavourless protien powder to add into water and food
  7. SleeverSk

    Post-Op Hunger Pangs?

    it will go away, I am 5 months out now and only just starting to get the empty gnawing feeling under control, i was getting even straight after eating. i found having a drink about 15 minutes before eating helped and once i had a drink 30 mins after eating it seem to settle it too. I put it down to the fact i always drank and ate at the same time and now that is missing i still feel hungry sometimes after eating but a drink usually fixes it
  8. SleeverSk

    Still haven’t lost weight

    Rather than going back to your surgeon maybe try a dietian. 800 cal is way to low. Try my fitness pal app i was like you didnt want to track etc but its easy with this app. Maybe get your surgeon to look for underlying causes for your lack of weight loss. Blood tests etc.
  9. Because if i could turn back time I wouldnt do it
  10. well I am 5 months out, would i do it again? No I wouldn't. I hate it, I wasn't ready and the reality of it is nothing like what I thought it would be.
  11. SleeverSk

    This surgery is bullshit...

    It can and does happen, I also know people who lost weight and gained it all back and are now at their starting weight plus have the challenges being sleeved gives you. You still need will power and commitment to make this work long term and it doesnt come easy
  12. Yeah I am the same, yes i might look good/ better now but i dont feel it. Tired often just a feeling of unwellness, hungry all the time. No energy, I hope this gets better. Your not alone feeling this way (((hugs)))
  13. I am always hungry, no its not head hunger my stomach growls and carries on. I am getting my protein target, i just wish i could feel satisfied after eating 😞
  14. SleeverSk

    This surgery is bullshit...

    But whats the point if you are miserable 🙁and for some its given them reflux Personally I am physically hungry all the time I cant seem to get that feeling of satisfaction. Plus the reflux
  15. The worst fatty food i have tried was kfc chicken tenders, didnt have an issue and i didnt have an issue with lollies either or chocolate 😲 or coke or bread 😲😲 which could in the long run be a bad thing. I can have a handful of chips but anymore than that it sit yucky but no foamies or anything. Some of us are lucky in that regard or unlucky as getting thev oamies certainly would be a huge deturant from eating those types of foods
  16. SleeverSk

    This surgery is bullshit...

    Exactly, which is why the op and many others feel like this. My observations and experience on this journey has lead me to believe to succeed long term with this surgery you need to be the type of person who would succeed with normal diet and exercise programs and if you can do that why would you need surgery. Surgery is a kick start caused by the early after surgery effects where you physically cant eat and your body is forced to survive on a low calorie diet. But once the body heals and you can start bringing in "normal" foods that is where you need will power and commitment and this is where it fails as some of us are lead to believe that the portion control side of things is what looses the weight. I have been very surprised by the amount and types of foods i can actually eat ! I feel that perhaps the op may experience the same. Its not the fault of the op for being disappointed and to have feelings of being misinformed. My dietian told me prior to surgery and again after surgery that I could eat as I did pre surgery and loose weight because of the portion control side of things.... false. My surgeon told me AFTER surgery at my 3 month post op appointment that the effects of the sleeve last 18 months to 2 years at the most and what happens after that is entirely up to you. So yes if you look at it like that why are we cutting pieces off a perfectly healthy vital organ for short term benefit. Studies now show that gut health plays a huge roll in weight control among other modern health issues so maybe that is another solution that should be looked at before surgery as I dont even know if we are able to do what it takes to get out gut health right after surgery. That is something i plan to look into.
  17. SleeverSk

    Well that was new

    Yeah i find my reflux plays up when i haven't eaten, it sucks 😞
  18. SleeverSk

    Home from surgery

    Hope all went well and goes well
  19. SleeverSk

    Shoe sizes... aargh!

    I guess what they mean is the bones dont shrink but if you have fat feet and you loose weight of course they will get smaller just like your hands /fingers do
  20. Yes go back and read all my posts,I was a mess, i am 5 months out its getting easier but yes a lot of people go through what you are going through. ((Hugs))
  21. You sound alot like me. I gave the same advice. If you cant stick to the short pre op are you really ready. I am guessing the surgery date for the OP has been and gone. I wonder how they are going ? OP are you out there? Update?
  22. I dont think that was dumping, you just ate to much to fast and made yourself vomit. You need to slowly move to solids. 3 weeks is early to have hair loss are you taking vitamins etc?
  23. I wouldnt worry to much seeing how you were only required 1 week of pre op i am guessing you are at the lower end bmi, i had hungry jacks 2 nights before surgery and didnt stick to my pre op 100% but i should have seen that as a red flag that i wasnt ready 😞
  24. You need to see a dr, free clinic an option or contact your surgery, surely follow up appointments were part of your package ?
  25. Yes check in with your team

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