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  1. SleeverSk

    What to add to meat to increase moisture?

    Gravy, creamy sauces, hollandaise you name it if its runny and tastes good on meat use it
  2. SleeverSk

    New Here *2 years out of VSG*

    Its is terrible that this surgery is done without giving the patient adequate information, I am guessing the constipation is from lack of fibre in your diet. Currently I have a poop every 2-3 days or so as I am not eating that much, I guess that's the reason maybe that's why for you too when I add things like benefit it tends to make me have runny poops so I avoid it. if your schedule was working for you before I would stick to it as long as your blood work comes back good and you are getting your protein and water in its ok. Just because your family member never seen anyone have a schedule doesn't mean its not right .Most people who watch their weight eat to a schedule even if they haven't had surgery. I use my fitness pal to get an idea of how many calories how much protien etc i am getting each day it helps to give you an idea of what portion sizes should be too. Its very easy to use at first you might need to weigh stuff etc but it has loads of already pre added foods in there for example if i am making a snack i will search cruskits, sliced cheese, sliced tomato and find the right one and add it lots of stuff you just scan the bar code its so easy. its has options for 3 meals , snacks and water intake and breaks it down into calories, protein, carbs, fat etc. say if you eat something regularly you can save it too as a meal or snack so it makes it quicker to add it. The amount of calories you should be consuming varies on who you talk to and how much you want to loose per week. I sit around the 1200-1400 per day mark and I am loosing about half a kilo a week sometimes more as some days I might eat less some days a little more. Hope this helps
  3. SleeverSk

    Hello everyone

    You could blend your soup, I lived on KFC mash potatoe and gravy, kids yoghurt pouches and soups mainly. These stages are hard but it gets better. Don't worry so much about the calories ATM cause seriously you are eating so little something higher in calories is probably better anyway, but get your protein in I drank protein waters and hydralite products. I didn't cook at home much either but I do now I actually enjoy the food I make better than take out these days
  4. SleeverSk

    Feeling cold

    18 years holy poop 💩!!! Once summer hit I was ok I am not looking forward to winter though
  5. SleeverSk

    New Here *2 years out of VSG*

    The old sleeve and leave routine, ok firstly you seems to be doing OK weight wise would you say that is correct? What is it you want to achieve from your diet? I would engage a new dietician they will be able to guide you. There are a few books that are available too for sleeve patients.
  6. SleeverSk

    Having sugar free chocolate daily?

    Trust me when I say I have been having little treats all the way along 😆 in the puree food stage I lived KFC mash potatoe and gravy. But small amounts is the key which I really need to remind myself of as my little 300ml coke has turned into 600ml 🤭 😞 and it's not diet.
  7. SleeverSk

    Lemon salt tajin? I

    What is " taijin"?
  8. SleeverSk

    Having sugar free chocolate daily?

    Yes I am the same. Honestly if you are only having a small amount I can't see the harm, personally I have a coke every other day and the same with chocolate. I am still loosing but half a kilo a week
  9. New clothes 😆 and hopefully my dream trip to see the Northern lights, cause now I can fit into thermals 😁 but that will have to wait till the end of travel restrictions
  10. SleeverSk

    Having sugar free chocolate daily?

    If you stop loosing weight cut them out but if they aren't effecting your weight loss have them
  11. You will be able to have chicken tenders and a diet coke. I can eat 3 KFC tenders but that's all I am full then 😁
  12. I don't see anyone suggesting meal plans ? I seriously believe we all try our old favourite foods, sometimes they hit the spot and sometimes it's meh and you don't hurry back to have them. I got a take away steak sandwich yesterday and found it really bad, too much bread it was on some sort of huge bun, hardly any salad no cheese and it was awful. Today I made my own thin bread, lots of salad and it was yummy. The further along I get on this journey the more I am finding I am enjoying what I can make at home which is a much healthier option and if I don't eat it all it's OK where if I ate out and someone else pays for it I feel guilty for not eating it all. I think the OP will work this out too.
  13. Yes, although I have only had take away a couple of times ( unhealthy options) I try to look for salads or meat and veg options you know take away meals instead of fast food. I live alone and find it very hard to motivate myself to make something to eat at home for example right now it's 12.30 I haven't had breakfast and finding it hard to get motivated to make some lunch even though I have plenty of options in my cupboard and fridge. Think about what you went through and are going through do you really want to ruin what you have achived so far. I don't believe in denying yourself but moderation is the key. I still have coke chocolate and chips but I don't feel great after it and it certainly isn't in the amounts I use to eat although coke could be tricky as it's fluid . I haven't exercised at all apart from the odd walk around the block here and there and my gym membership application is still on my fridge 🙃. I did weigh portions to get an idea but I don't do it as often as I should. My fitness pal is a good app to track your food in take on I found that easy to use and very helpful
  14. I love that you say normal size portions, I am in a Facebook sleevers group and they tend to make anyone that can eat more than a few mouthfuls at a time like a failure which has left me feeling like I don't have the restriction I should have for example the other day I was away from home so had to eat take away, I got a Bacon deluxe you know just to test the water see how it went, I ate the whole thing bar the last bit of bun 😬 I didn't know whether to be happy or devastated as someone posted they had half a cheese burger and got smashed for it some of the comments were oh I am 6 years out and no way would have been able to eat more than half etc etc. So to hear you say we should/ can eat a normal sized serving is music to my ears.Thank you
  15. So many of us feel like this, I was a complete mess ( feel free to go to my profile and read my early posts) it gets better though I am now 7 months out I still have days where I don't feel so great about my decision but I have come along way from where you are now. Be kind to yourself, do other things or find new things to enjoy. ((Hugs))
  16. SleeverSk

    Acid Reflux

    You could try splitting your meds into 20mg morning and 20 mg night. I found the first 6 to 8 weeks the worst for reflux. After that things settled down. Or another option nexium in the morning and somax at night
  17. SleeverSk

    Sandwiches and chips

    I think both of you are trying things way to early, take it slow it's not good for your healing tummy to be forcing these types of foods in this early. Wait until the 6 month mark at least and really even then they are sometimes foods if at all. I loved hot chips and sandwiches too but they are now sometimes foods. Mmmmm nothing better than a fresh bakery bread butter and hot chip sandwich ..........aahhhh 🥪 I still haven't attempted to eat one yet. It's won't benefit your weight loss either to return to your old eating habits and yes it is hard I still struggle with what to eat but we will all get there.
  18. Interesting read, which makes me wonder at the very start of my weight loss I plunged head first into what seemed menopause and was given estrogen patches... wouldn't this overload me if my body was releasing hormones
  19. SleeverSk

    Indigestion? Gastritis?

    So glad you went to the ER, it just goes to show as well meaning our advice is, it's always best to get checked out by a Dr. Wishing you all the best going forward
  20. SleeverSk

    Indigestion? Gastritis?

    Are you on reflux medication? Most people are for the first 6 months after surgery
  21. Sadly it's normal for a lot of people and something the surgeons don't warn us about. It's great you already have a therapist you will need them. I felt like this and worse for about 4 to 5 months I cried multiple times a day, but I got through it and you will too ❤❤
  22. SleeverSk


    Sauce, gravy, salad dressings are a must in the early stages I am 6 months out and I still make sure my food is moist from the addition of sauces. My dietician also told me to do thisc
  23. I forgot to mention, the pain in the left side. I had pain there too my surgeon said it was most likely my spleen as sometimes it can get unsettled or brushed during surgery. I don't have that pain any more but obviously let your surgeon know just Incas it is something that needs to be checked out
  24. Totally agree a small tin of the high protein and calcium tuna mixed with Mayo on cruskitswere a staple of mine too, kids yoghurt pouches were great too as the consistency is thinner. It so easy to forget what it was like and what we survived on once you get past the hard times.which I guess is a good thing

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