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  1. I agree with Catwoman and I am putting my money on the gum, stop chewing for a week and see what happens
  2. SleeverSk

    Five Month Post Op Stall

    Same thing happened to my surgery buddy, she had a stall at 5 months and has only just starting losing again at the 7 month mark. all normal hang in there, don't give up
  3. I am 7 months out and I still cant tell, I could in the early days say the 3 month mark but now nope I am just guessing when I have had enough and sometimes I think I eat to much but I just don't feel any restriction the way others describe it
  4. the stomach seems to be the most stubborn and last place for the fat to move from I am 30kg down happy with everything except my darn stomach yes its smaller but still holding onto a lot of fat. but I think you will be fine you are more active than me. I am yet to step foot in a gym or do any planned exercise.................slack I know.
  5. wow thats is totally different to my surgery requirements its good though that they are taking extra precautions. Are you going from sleeve to Bypass? good luck with it all
  6. To add to what catwoman said another reason people revise to a bypass is weight gain which I would imagine to be the biggest reason
  7. yes it would be nice to be able to chat to people directly
  8. really where and what topics are they ?
  9. SleeverSk

    In pain

    BIG HUGS, we all felt like **** to start and wonder wt have I done to myself, it gets better though in 6 months time you will be super pleased with yourself and feeling great
  10. SleeverSk

    Should I even try

    agree, most surgeons say a year at least
  11. SleeverSk

    Feeling foggy

    Morning were my worst early on and some mornings are still hard. I found if i had a snack before bed i felt better in the mornings
  12. SleeverSk


    Hello and Welcome
  13. SleeverSk

    Vaginal Bleeding

    I got a very heavy period straight after surgery and i hadn't had a period for 6 months prior to that (peri-menopause).The surgery does muck your hormones up a fair bit but obviously if you are concerned ask your Dr.
  14. I use to love chat rooms, but for some reason all chat rooms were banned quiet a few (Over 15 years ) ago. the only places you can chat live now are within online games such as second life but even that is different to a chat room but can be good fun as you have an avatar and you can "hang out" with friends while you chat .
  15. SleeverSk

    Exercise and what to do

    Sounds like she is trying to find reasons to keep you seeing her ( milking as much money as she can) I find what you are telling us a bit disturbing. Maybe confide in one of the other team members you trust cause as you can see none of us experienced what you are going through and it would be worth seeing if they agree with her methods
  16. yes it is hard and its ok to stay on softer foods a bit longer too. Not sure what you call tuna salad, but tuna is high in protein so I wouldn't imagine its a slider food. I made a salad of chopped baby spinach leaves, cubed watermelon, crumbled feta cheese and a nice dressing it was nice . I ate chicken before steak and the steak I do eat is good quality tender meat .
  17. I wouldn't be doing raw veggies just yet, take it slow. Something you will be able to eat fine and others not so good. with the not so good ones try again in a couple of weeks it can take up to 6 months to be able to eat "anything". I tried to have something new each day didn't always turn out good keep your portions small and chew really well. My team said the 20, 20 ,20 rule. chew 20 times, wait 20 seconds for the next bite and stop eating after 20 mins so what you didn't eat in 20 mins that's it no more. mind you I break that rule all the time especially if it something yummy. what you eat is up to you obviously dont go back to your old unhealthy habits. A good go to for me was cruskits with tuna mixed with mayo. I still have it now if i am not sure what i feel like but need to eat something. steak and salad is a favourite of mine now. omelettes are another good option in the early days
  18. SleeverSk

    Help me

    It Does get better, that taste in your mouth goes away its from reflux, are you on nexium or anything for reflux ? if not that will help it may also help with nausea.it took about 2 to 3 months for that taste to go away for me. you will be able to eat your favourites again but you may not feel like it which is a good thing . I have started eating my favourites again (in moderation of course) and in the puree stage I had KFC mash and gravy. I had such a deep seated regret after surgery too, In fact I was a mess for 5 months, thank goodness I am doing really well now and you will too 💖
  19. SleeverSk

    Exercise and what to do

    I have done zero exercise and it wasn't expected of me either other than walking directly after surgery for obvious reasons. I would find another team that suits your needs much better and who don't make you feel like this team has. you should not be doing anything that causes you pain and for them to direct you to do so is just plain negligent.
  20. SleeverSk

    Lemon salt tajin? I

    Oh yes that does sound yummy 😋
  21. SleeverSk

    Weight worry!!

    I had the same thoughts today, now I have lost it how do I keep it off and how do I stop worrying about regaining. I am having a hungry day today and I haven't even got to my goal weight yet
  22. SleeverSk

    What to add to meat to increase moisture?

    Gravy, creamy sauces, hollandaise you name it if its runny and tastes good on meat use it
  23. SleeverSk

    New Here *2 years out of VSG*

    Its is terrible that this surgery is done without giving the patient adequate information, I am guessing the constipation is from lack of fibre in your diet. Currently I have a poop every 2-3 days or so as I am not eating that much, I guess that's the reason maybe that's why for you too when I add things like benefit it tends to make me have runny poops so I avoid it. if your schedule was working for you before I would stick to it as long as your blood work comes back good and you are getting your protein and water in its ok. Just because your family member never seen anyone have a schedule doesn't mean its not right .Most people who watch their weight eat to a schedule even if they haven't had surgery. I use my fitness pal to get an idea of how many calories how much protien etc i am getting each day it helps to give you an idea of what portion sizes should be too. Its very easy to use at first you might need to weigh stuff etc but it has loads of already pre added foods in there for example if i am making a snack i will search cruskits, sliced cheese, sliced tomato and find the right one and add it lots of stuff you just scan the bar code its so easy. its has options for 3 meals , snacks and water intake and breaks it down into calories, protein, carbs, fat etc. say if you eat something regularly you can save it too as a meal or snack so it makes it quicker to add it. The amount of calories you should be consuming varies on who you talk to and how much you want to loose per week. I sit around the 1200-1400 per day mark and I am loosing about half a kilo a week sometimes more as some days I might eat less some days a little more. Hope this helps
  24. SleeverSk

    Hello everyone

    You could blend your soup, I lived on KFC mash potatoe and gravy, kids yoghurt pouches and soups mainly. These stages are hard but it gets better. Don't worry so much about the calories ATM cause seriously you are eating so little something higher in calories is probably better anyway, but get your protein in I drank protein waters and hydralite products. I didn't cook at home much either but I do now I actually enjoy the food I make better than take out these days

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