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  1. SleeverSk

    Emotions on high post op?

    Yes very normal, all sorts of emotions and perceived realisations will emerge. it does get better and half of the "realisations" are not real for example I was convinced I would never eat or drink normally again ........wrong you can. I realised food was my best and sometimes only friend and how much, I relied on food to fill the empty spaces in my life that was a hard one to deal with. But you will get there remember alot of this is caused my hormones as well and once they settle down your emotions will too. 💖
  2. you could try what I did, just lick a chip (french fries) to get the taste in your mouth without eating it
  3. SleeverSk

    Peppers, Peppers, everywhere Peppers!!!

    Cloncurry yes, Yes that's for sure stuff can be replaced although cleaning up after floods is a very mess and hazardous Maybe we should privately message rather high jacking the OPers post to chat or we could start a new thread for general chit chat
  4. SleeverSk

    Peppers, Peppers, everywhere Peppers!!!

    lol yeah people are astonished when I say I cant eat Mango or banana. No not getting any of the rain, I am up near Mt Isa. How about you much rain? Looking at friends posts from the SE it looks terrible
  5. go to "My Surgery" and then My Progress and i think from there is updates it automatically
  6. SleeverSk

    Peppers, Peppers, everywhere Peppers!!!

    I hear you but my gripe is mangos and bananas, allergic to both and its so annoying just about every juice/ smoothie has them in it. I must admit over here in Australia we don't get a lot of capsicum ( Peppers) in our frozen meals ..........touch wood, but banana and mango are in everything other than savory dishes of course.
  7. SleeverSk

    Am I eating too much?

    oh yes at 8 weeks out it probably is a bit much usually they say 1 cup of food per meal at this stage, doesnt sound like much but it actually is a fair amount
  8. SleeverSk

    Am I eating too much?

    How far out are you?, I am 7 months out and that is roughly the amount I Can eat too. I can eat almost all of a 2 egg omelette with baby spinach, tomatoes, cheese and bacon in it.
  9. I am the same as you, its a bit frustrating.
  10. I use to measure and weigh my food but I just go by sight now or I use the recommended serving size on the packets if it comes in a packet.
  11. I agree with Catwoman and I am putting my money on the gum, stop chewing for a week and see what happens
  12. SleeverSk

    Five Month Post Op Stall

    Same thing happened to my surgery buddy, she had a stall at 5 months and has only just starting losing again at the 7 month mark. all normal hang in there, don't give up
  13. I am 7 months out and I still cant tell, I could in the early days say the 3 month mark but now nope I am just guessing when I have had enough and sometimes I think I eat to much but I just don't feel any restriction the way others describe it
  14. the stomach seems to be the most stubborn and last place for the fat to move from I am 30kg down happy with everything except my darn stomach yes its smaller but still holding onto a lot of fat. but I think you will be fine you are more active than me. I am yet to step foot in a gym or do any planned exercise.................slack I know.
  15. wow thats is totally different to my surgery requirements its good though that they are taking extra precautions. Are you going from sleeve to Bypass? good luck with it all
  16. To add to what catwoman said another reason people revise to a bypass is weight gain which I would imagine to be the biggest reason
  17. yes it would be nice to be able to chat to people directly
  18. really where and what topics are they ?
  19. SleeverSk

    In pain

    BIG HUGS, we all felt like **** to start and wonder wt have I done to myself, it gets better though in 6 months time you will be super pleased with yourself and feeling great
  20. SleeverSk

    Should I even try

    agree, most surgeons say a year at least
  21. SleeverSk

    Feeling foggy

    Morning were my worst early on and some mornings are still hard. I found if i had a snack before bed i felt better in the mornings
  22. SleeverSk


    Hello and Welcome
  23. SleeverSk

    Vaginal Bleeding

    I got a very heavy period straight after surgery and i hadn't had a period for 6 months prior to that (peri-menopause).The surgery does muck your hormones up a fair bit but obviously if you are concerned ask your Dr.
  24. I use to love chat rooms, but for some reason all chat rooms were banned quiet a few (Over 15 years ) ago. the only places you can chat live now are within online games such as second life but even that is different to a chat room but can be good fun as you have an avatar and you can "hang out" with friends while you chat .

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