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  1. Amy Braun

    September Surgery Buddies!!

    Congratulations, lizonaplane!
  2. Amy Braun

    September Surgery Buddies!!

    Congratulations to you! Best wishes as you continue! I'm finding my 7th month has really slowed down with the weight loss, but I expected that. I figure it might take 6 more months to get the remaining pounds off -- unless I can find an additional hour to increase exercise!🏋️‍🚵‍♀️🤸‍♂️🤽‍♀️
  3. Amy Braun

    September Surgery Buddies!!

    Just a status report. For encouragement, I hope. It's not been easy, but I feel so much better. Just hoping to stick with it for 40 more pounds and forever. So, yesterday, 6 months after I started my pre-op diet, I weighed 199.8!. Having started at 288 on August 21, I am very grateful and pleased at how much better I feel. Thanks to everyone who helped with this, and for this group for your support. 40 more to go! I'm going for a size 12. Maintenance will be the key, since I am a veteran roller-coaster dieter and almost 65, but be encouraged!. The procedure helped me be able to start again. Sorry about the bare feet in the first picture!
  4. Amy Braun

    September Surgery Buddies!!

    I've always had to do periodic blood tests for thyroid levels (way before surgery). Surgery has not changed anything.
  5. Amy Braun

    September Surgery Buddies!!

    to Arancini - Re: but I just found out that I have inactive thyroid and possibly fatty liver. ...I have been on thyroid medication for 13 years. It has not affected my surgery or post-op. Usually, you have to have your thyroid levels checked about every 90 days
  6. Amy Braun

    September Surgery Buddies!!

    Responding to TonyB "Amy....my surgery was the day before yours and I have experienced the same thing in the past month or so. ... Thank you so much for your encouragement! I would be lost if I didn't write every morsel down. I think I will always be this way. You are right about the condiments and little things adding up. I do think I'm careful -- ha ha! although one thing I've never counted is the calories in those calcium chews, which would add 45 every day! I'm glad to hear from you, and hope I will be over this slump soon. I'm trying to add 10 minutes to my exercise daily, but still don't see any difference on the scales. I'll be glad when I can get out hiking again -- too much snow for me now!
  7. Amy Braun

    September Surgery Buddies!!

    Sep 1 reporting in again. I have been in a major stall for 2 weeks, only 2 lbs lost. This is new. I am behaving, was trying to increase to 750 cals but have gone back to 650 cals in hopes of making those scales move. Stuck at 79 lbs lost, can't get to 80. This will be the first month I won't meet my personal goal. Was hoping to lose 12 lbs in this fifth month, not going to happen! Still hoping for 10.
  8. Amy Braun

    Exercise videos for 60 +

    Thank you!
  9. Amy Braun

    Exercise videos for 60 +

    HI, I looked over the topic headings but could not quickly find a matching question. I am 64 years old, soon 65. Since my surgery on September 1, 2021, I have walked or bicycled on a recumbent bike 30-40 minutes almost every day. (I did almost nothing before). Now the cold weather with snow has set in, and the bicycle gets boring. I am looking for suggestions for a good senior training / exercise video, something I can get on DVD. I have some weights. Probably beginner level, but progression would be nice. We are far away from the nearest gym, so I'm hoping to find something I can use at home. I've lost 78 lbs, so I am feeling much better about exercising! Do have knee and balance problems. Thanks!
  10. I am in my fifth month post-surgery, and what I have experienced, especially at night, is period of feeling very cold inside my body. I have covers on and heat on, but still I have these chills. I wake up cold and put on another sweater. Now granted, we are in the mountains and it is very cold right now with snow. And, I have always been much colder-feeling than my husband. But I have experienced these night chills since the surgery.
  11. ALDI's is about 40 minutes away. We went there yesterday, but finding items others have found there proved impossible. But we will try again, maybe once a month. Never heard of a BJ's. Thank you so much, though.
  12. I find this site so cumbersome, the way you can't just reply to a comment, but that's annoying aside. There is a lot to check out at Aldi's. I found some good 100 calorie packs, like the pretzels. Of course, these have to be a once a week treat because I'm still losing and just starting my 5th month. I found some cauliflower crackers, but didn't find much substantial food. I'm going back in a few weeks to look for those shrimp fajita packs. I did see chicken. I wish you the best of luck when you plan your Aldi trip.
  13. Just got back from our Aldi's. As kind of expected, they did not have the ,No Carb bread, the shrimp fajitas, the Alpen cereal, or the probiotic cookies. I guess it's hit or miss in a less metro area. I picked up a few things and will try again when we go that way. Hope you can find everything if driving that far.
  14. Thank you, these are great ideas. What spices do you like to use with frozen shrimp when you cook it?

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