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  1. Tony B - NJ

    Sometimes the truth hurts

    Thank you for capturing and understanding my intention. Sometimes it takes a little intelligence and patience to read through and understand what people are trying to say!! Thank you again!!
  2. Tony B - NJ

    Sometimes the truth hurts

    Very true....but I feel it is important to tell people the truth. Maybe my method is a little rough but the heart is in the right place, I can assure you.
  3. Tony B - NJ

    Sometimes the truth hurts

    I truly don't care how you feel about this. I see you trying to reassure people they are doing the right thing all the time and that is fine...it is your opinion and I never, ever comment on other people's responses. But your approach is different than mine and I think it is prudent to tell people the truth. She even states her Doctor does not think her progress is satisfactory so obviously something is not being done correctly. I think it best for you to back off and keep your opinion to yourself like I do when I do not agree with your approach. My opinion in this particular issue may not be correct, maybe it is correct, but the same goes for your opinion on it. You may be correct and you may be wrong. Respect other people's opinions. Finally, people post on here for opinions and advice. If they expect everyone to agree with them, they should not ask for opinions or maybe just say what they want to hear and everyone can answer how they want to be answered.
  4. Tony B - NJ

    Please tell me I haven't failed.

    Why don't you just mind your business. Cheering her on and telling her everything is going to be alright is not the answer either. Tell me how telling her she is going everything right changes the trajectory of her situation?
  5. Tony B - NJ

    Please tell me I haven't failed.

    I am sorry you feel that way. I was assuming you wanted truthful advice, not just to have people reassure you that everything is going to be ok even if they don't believe that. I will never post to your account again if you don't actually want help to be succesful.
  6. Tony B - NJ

    Please tell me I haven't failed.

    Not the point. The point is that you need to reevaluate what you are doing and make the adjustments that are needed. REALLY count and track what you are eating, do more exercise, drink lots of water etc, etc. Back to Bariatric Basics.
  7. Tony B - NJ

    6 days post op and 0 lbs lost

    Just give it time. It is way to early to be worrying about weight. With the water weight that they pumped into you after surgery, it will take a while to shed that and you will see the pounds fall off. Be patient...it will happen soon.
  8. Tony B - NJ

    Please tell me I haven't failed.

    Unhelpful and mean? No maam. I just try to be honest with people and tell them the truth. There is something not right about what is going on there. 20 pounds after a year is not success and to say so is not helpful to the poster. If you want to just be told what you want to hear, then do not post. This is trying to help people, not just make them feel good and continue doing what they are doing.
  9. Think about this as a whole body approach. We are not just trying to cut calories and lose a little weight, we are looking to lose weight, change our lifestyles and get more healthy. I have watched a lot of Dr. Vong and while he says he is anti exercise, I really think he is referring to doing cardio for an hour a day because it is hard to compensate for all the calorie loss. That said, I don't think he or any doctor is going to tell you to not exercise at all. You have to get the body moving and assist with the calorie deficit, build muscle and get healthy. Walking a few miles a day is NOT cardio and it must be done to get the body in shape and help lose weight and build muscle. In the sense that someone said that exercise does not prevent loose skin I agree but exercise DOES build muscle which can fill some of that void that the fat vacates. I walk nearly 5 miles per day and ride bike weather permitting 3-4 times a week. I have lost 105 pounds in 8 months and 14 inches around my waist. It is working so I am going to continue it. Part of this whole process is weight loss and feeling physically better. Exercise is crucial in that process.
  10. Tony B - NJ

    Please tell me I haven't failed.

    So, I hate to be a wet blanket here and I know everyone is trying to be supportive, but to get major weight loss surgery and after a year being only 22 pounds lighter seems to me to be a bit of a failure....I am just being brutally honest. Part of supporting people is to sometimes tell them the truth and try to get them to take action. If I were in the same situation, I would go back to a low calorie, high protein, low fat, low/no carb diet and get exercising ASAP. The fact is, there has to be a calorie deficit and it we are gaining weight back, there is an issue with that deficit. Maybe we are not counting all our calories....maybe we are not counting at all......maybe we are doing ZERO exercise......maybe a lot of things but what we do know is that it is not working and we are gaining weight. It is time to reevaluate EVERYTHING and get back to what made weight come of in the first place.
  11. That is what I do. I eat and then eat a little something later to deal with the hunger. I find little snacks that are sensible really help a lot between larger meals. And...of course...water first to make sure it is just not thirst.
  12. I don't think I will ever forget about having the surgery. I like you get uncomfortable after eating if I eat even slightly too much food. I guess this is something I have to live with but the alternative is that I could have not had the surgery and still been carrying an extra 100 pounds of body weight on me. I understand it is a life change and if I have to feel a little uncomfortable after over eating, then I will be more careful about how much I eat. I find that like you I don't get full for very long and end up grazing on some snacks later. I find this an issue in the evening. I try to keep some nuts and fruits around or some diet friendly chips like Snacklins around (yucca based chips, less than 100 calories per bag) to help with the hunger without killing my calorie intake.
  13. Tony B - NJ

    Help! I need advice!

    I just think you are thinking that you are going to be incapacitated after the surgery which is most likely not going to be the case. Most people need a week or two at the most and are up and around. Should you be picking up small children? NO. But you are not going to be bed ridden and not be able to do most of the things you do now after a week or so.
  14. After a few months passes since the surgery you will be fine going out to dinner. You just will not be able to eat quite like before. Instead of a large app and an entrée, you may be limited to just the app as your main course or skip the app and order a main. I frequently ask the restaurant to hold the rice or potatoes since I will not eat them or swap the heavy carbs out for a vegetable. I really enjoy going out to dinner and as time moves on since surgery I enjoy it more and more.
  15. Tony B - NJ

    Weight stall at 9 months

    I am 8 months post op and just went through a 3 week stall. Increased exercise and really concentrated on recording my food intake as well as increased walking. I am back to losing. I am not stopping until at my ideal body weight. For years I thought it was impossible to be at ideal weight. After 105 pounds and 14 inches off my waste, 5 inches on my neck and countless other successes, I am going to push through stalls and refuse to settle at a weight my body tries to settle at. I am getting to less than a 25 BMI.
  16. Tony B - NJ

    I will eat real food again right?

    You can eat real food again, but the question I found is whether I want to. After losing weight like I have, I just don't want to go back there. I think of it as an alcoholic would think of drinking alcohol. If I indulge in many of the foods that got me to the weight I was, how long before a eat a little more and a little more and a little more. I really embrace the "life style change" aspect of this thing. I rarely eat red meat, almost never eat bread ( I totally love bread), eat a lot more vegan type meats and chickens, keep my sugars and fats to a minimum. Every once in a while, I will have something that I shouldn't like pizza, a hot dog etc but I make sure it is a small portion and I stop after that small portion. I have suffered too much to allow myself to relapse and gain back all the weight. It is a mental fight as much as a physical fight for us to permanently change our eating habits and keep weight off. I try not to think of "real food" in the context of what I used to eat. In the past I would have a huge appetizer at dinner out and then an entrée and sometimes dessert. Now, I may pick at my wife's appetizer or we split a small app. I eat a reasonable entrée, usually fish or chicken and by that time I cannot fit dessert. It is still enjoyable to eat out, but again, if you mentally convince yourself that you need a chicken wing or flat bread appetizer then a 16 ounce steak and consider that normal, then there is going to be roadblocks. Instead, a tuna tartar app and a piece of tuna at dinner is what should become real food for you.
  17. Tony B - NJ

    Just Obese!

    That is so great. I remember a few months ago when I celebrated being OVERWEIGHT. It sounds a little insane for the normal person but we know what that all means. I am striving to become normal weight but the last 20 pounds are going to be a struggle. I imagine the last 20 will be harder than the first 100. Keep it up.
  18. Tony B - NJ

    So fed up

    Stalls are super frustrating and depressing to be totally honest. I have seen more of them after I passed 6 months post op than I saw before that. My weight loss is down to around 2-3 pounds a month as I get closer to ideal weight. I do get frustrated but I know I have more to lose so I just stay the course and sure enough, it breaks and I get a couple more pounds before the next stall.
  19. Tony B - NJ


    Not technically in Onederland but definitely in Onederland. Great job!
  20. It only gets better. I really benefitted from doing squats in the morning. I do around 100 squats (I started at around 25 and built up) while I brush my teeth in the morning. It makes good use of time I would otherwise just be looking at myself in the mirror. I noticed my legs getting much more tone and it helped my knees and my stamina greatly.
  21. Tony B - NJ

    Absolutely hate myself now

    Good recommendation Redhead_che.
  22. I agree with this, and possibly even more because you are losing weight and may be seeing some increased mobility and your BP and Pulse may be improving at this point.
  23. Tony B - NJ

    Calories per day - 2 months post op?

    At that stage I was between 800 and 900 calories per day. I barely go in my protein and did the best I could to get in veggies.
  24. Tony B - NJ

    So fed up

    What better way to ensure a calorie deficit than to exercise a little bit.
  25. Tony B - NJ

    Any Tips to speed up fat loss?

    I think at this point I started exercising more and it did the trick. When I go into a stall or slowdown I notice I still lost inches due to the exercise then I see step changes in weight loss.

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