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  1. Sleevedupgirl1995

    Get back on track

    Thank you it’s definitely hard
  2. Sleevedupgirl1995

    Get back on track

    How do I get back on track? I was able to get down to 170 with my goal 160. The last month I’ve ate whatever and went from 5 times to 2 times a week at the gym. Which has resulted in 5lbs regain in a month. I can’t go back to old habits but it’s hard to get back on track .
  3. Sleevedupgirl1995

    Premier Protein bars

    I’ve never bought premier protein with added sugar I believe their nut bars are the only ones I saw that did have added sugar. I’m fine with carbs I lift 5 times a week. I was just looking for something similar 1g sugar and 21 and 25g of protein that don’t have that awful aftertaste quest and pure protein has.
  4. Sleevedupgirl1995

    Sleeved November 2019

    Everyone sleeved November 2019 how are you currently doing and what are your stats? I’m currently 175 my goal was 160 which I unfortunately didn’t reach. I started at 299.
  5. Sleevedupgirl1995

    Skin removal

    Yes I’m in Texas and I’ve consulted a few near me in Dallas and told I can get my stomach and breast covered by insurance. But I’m really looking hard for the best surgeon/results and hopefully the price not too bad even if I have to pay all oop. I notice Miami has some great prices.
  6. Sleevedupgirl1995

    Skin removal

    You look amazing thank you so much for the information
  7. Sleevedupgirl1995

    Skin removal

    When did you get skin removal? How much did it cost? And who was your doctor?
  8. It will get better. It took about a month until I was 100% myself. And now so much better with the weight off, so much more flexibility. Be patient you’ll get there pun intended 😂
  9. Sleevedupgirl1995

    1 year 8 months out!

    I’m officially 1 year 8 months out I’m still about 15lbs from goal probably would have made it by now if I hadn’t got pregnant immediately after surgery 🤦🏽‍♀️. My starting weight was 299lbs and I’m currently 174lbs I feel amazing but I definitely still feel like I look fat. Even though I’m not to goal I definitely feel great that I did this and have zero regrets my family constantly tell me I look great and not to lose more. The only regret I have is not doing it sooner! I go to the gym 3x a week alone then 2x with my trainer. I love the gym I try to get everyone I know to go with me lol. I can’t wait to get to my goal to celebrate with a tummy tuck 😂.
  10. Sleevedupgirl1995

    Premier Protein bars

    Higher calories is fine for me I only eat dinner I mostly drink water and protein all day. Quest is definitely disgusting. Thanks I will definitely try Bult.
  11. Sleevedupgirl1995

    Premier Protein bars

    Thank you so much they are so good they legit taste like chocolate candy bars and no bad aftertaste like others.
  12. Sleevedupgirl1995

    Pregnancy and Gastric Sleeve

    I got sleeved November 2019 never got a period after found out I was pregnant January 2020 I delivered august 2020. From surgery to my due date I lost almost 80lbs then once I delivered I lost another 40 about 2 weeks postpartum. I was scared to see my surgeon when I first found out because he said to wait a year. But everything turned out great and it was my easiest pregnancy. Good luck!
  13. Sleevedupgirl1995

    Premier Protein bars

    Anyone know any Protein Bars similar to Premier Protein? Especially similar such as 21g Protein and 1g of sugar. They are no longer in store or online but I love to have them when I’m craving chocolate, they are so good. I still have no self control after losing 110lbs I know if I eat a candy bar one day I’ll eat them all week so I just avoid them.

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