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  1. Thank you! I’m definitely learning as I go!
  2. Thank you for that input. Was a little stressed because I’m not meeting all my daily goals. This puts it into perspective.
  3. Ok, thanks for the replies! I’m trying to understand if it’s important to consume all of the calories of a particular meal or just don’t worry about it.
  4. Hi All, I’m officially two weeks post op and have moved to soft foods. I carefully measured one half cup or 3 oz etc, but cannot finish certain things. My question is, during the 30-40 minutes of trying to eat, do you just stop or do you go back throughout the day to try and finish? Or do you just toss it and focus later on another meal hours later?
  5. Very true! I got there today…glory!
  6. Awwww relief! LOL I was feeling much better today 10 days out, my body did as it should this time. It was also intense. HAPPY 😃
  7. I can’t wait to find out!! Good for you! That’s a win for sure 😁
  8. Ha ha!!!! I love it!! Good going!!
  9. Yes! Here’s to hoping it does. It’s so strange. I’m very much in tune with my body and I’ve always noticed everything. Something has changed, and like other people who have replied have mentioned…perhaps it’s too early and I’m overthinking this. It’s been 8 days for me so you’re one day ahead! Please come back to this thread to let me know if it’s improved. To be honest, I’m still so tired and I still feel pain on my left side where they pulled out the stomach and just general pain in my stomach area (soreness) This too shall pass I know, but not being able to orgasm freaked me out!
  10. Thank you. Healing on the inside in more ways than one. Received!
  11. Thank you, you’re right. Having it not happen has made me stress. I’m going to give it more time and concentrate on feeling better.
  12. I’m 6 days post op and because we are supposed to refrain from sex for awhile, instead of waiting to do it traditionally with my husband…we just played around and I masturbated. Usually within a few minutes I can reach an orgasm, but IT DID NOT HAPPEN. We even tried two days in a row…NOTHING. I’m hoping it’s just because I’m still sore and my body is adjusting to coming off the pain meds and not eating as much etc. I’m still aroused, but cannot orgasm. Has anyone experienced this? I hope the feeling of not being hungry isn’t connected to not being able to orgasm.
  13. It’s natural to feel apprehensive right before something major like a life changing surgery. I had mine 6 days ago and I almost cancelled the day before. I feel so much better that this weight is coming off and so will you. Even with that being said…it’s permanent and lifestyle changes will be forced upon you. Every body (literally) is different and drinking water will just take longer but it will be able to be done, just slower. All the best
  14. Ready21

    Daily intake

    How many calories is everyone averaging within the first few weeks of surgery? I am on Day 5 and average about 400. I’m curious. I am having a hard time with the protein drinks.
  15. Ready21

    I think I messed up!!

    Thank you. I feel horrible and now I’m contemplating calling the surgeons office to let them know what happened. I should have not done that! From this point moving forward I’ll stick to the creamy soups and such. I think I was thinking that since they are allowing me sugar free pudding and yogurt, that I imagined a smoothie to be fine…wrong!

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