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    Christina Phillips got a reaction from Vassarini in Anyone dating after surgery   
    I'm kind of in the same boat. My marriage feels over I've tried a million things for it to work but I'm the only one trying. He was with me at the hospital for about 30 mins the day of my surgery and that's it. My daughter had to care for me. I wish I could find someone who truly appreciated me and truly cared and showed it! I guess people just change....

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    Christina Phillips reacted to Ana-Maria in Regret?   
    Thank you so much for your response. Trying to prepare myself in ase it happens.
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    Christina Phillips reacted to newyorklady20 in 6 Months and Stalled   
    I'm so glad I found your post, its like I could have typed it myself and am here also looking for solutions. I'm about 7 months post op from sleeve, and I haven't lost any weight since the beginning of September. I keep pingponging back and forth between the same 2 pounds. I thought it was just a stall but its been so long now. I'm at 207, and I'm SO CLOSE to hitting 199 and I just want to get there... my goal was to get down to 180 but I would be ok if that never happens - I just want to go past 200! I'm hopeful that you finally started losing again that maybe this just happens for all of us!
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    Christina Phillips got a reaction from Jule in My story... I caused my own stalls.   
    I am right there with you. I just passed my 4 months and I am so ashamed of myself for not trying harder...I've literally only lost 40 pounds! I'm at 262 this morning and I just don't know what to do anymore. I just started working this desk job and before I was a stay at home mom so I'm even more mad at myself that I didn't take advantage of the time I had off to exercise bc now I'm literally stuck in a chair for 8.5 hours a day and when I get off I have a crazy kid schedule and it's all about them and not me so no time to do anything. But I know that I gotta find the time somehow and do me! It's just so hard sometimes you just wanna give up and eat every thing in the house! [emoji20] I really thought I would lose like 100 pounds at least but it's just not happening and feel like I've missed a huge opportunity to get it off! Well anyways, I'm glad you got yourself mad and committed yourself! You will do great with the right mindset! I gotta try to get there myself lol

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    Christina Phillips got a reaction from Ana-Maria in Regret?   
    Nope, if you go through it you just go through it....and it is not fun! Lol just try really hard not to go through it lol don't eat too much sugar or fatty foods.

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    Love this outfit!!
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    Cute outfits! I’ll play too.

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    Christina Phillips reacted to sillykitty in OOTD   
    I’ll start!

    I’m channeling my inner Elle Woods today 😂

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    Christina Phillips reacted to Caligirl3000 in Hungry   
    I woke from my surgery hungry and it went on for weeks and I wanted to cry. But please know this.....I found that the stomach is very sensitive to your own stomach acid after surgery and that taking the omeprazole prescription usually given is imperative. It isn't just for treating the heart burn you may or may not get, but it reduces stomach acid levels to allow for the healing of the sutures of your stomach pouch to heal and to heal any ulcers that may develop. I skipped taking this prescription omeprazole because I had no heartburn, I didn't see the need for it. After reading a post from someone with the same burning hunger experience, I took her advice and started taking the omeprazole and was amazed.
    I was like.. I'll be damned...That burning hunger I felt day in and day out was from stomach acid. It truly made me feel I like I was starving. After a week or so, no more burning hunger.
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    Christina Phillips got a reaction from Ana-Maria in Regret?   
    Oh it is rough at first that's for sure but trust me it will get better! I actually wish I could go back to eating two bites and being done lol bc I'm at 4 mo ths post op and can eat almost anything and any amount lol I do get that dumping syndrome which really sucks sometimes but when it passes your all good. It's my own fault though.

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    Christina Phillips reacted to Sweetpyt418 in My story... I caused my own stalls.   
    Good morning! This is my first post here, but I have been "lurking" for a while. 😊
    I had my RNY 3/17/2021 (HW 367, SW 349) and did GREAT for the first 3 months (down to 292.6). Around month 4 I noticed I could eat much more and when boredom hit, I would munch on Snacks. I started eating "around" my surgery. Slider foods mostly. I hit my Protein goals and Water goals daily, but I have realized that I am a stress and emotional eater. In my program, we have a doctor, nutritionist, and a surgeon. I spoke with the nutritionist and the doctor about my habits and how I caused my own stalls. They were quite understanding and even offered to start a medication to control the appetite. (I work 2 jobs and I am a single mother, so I was using food to soothe myself when things were rough.) At my 6 month post-op appointment with my surgeon (279.8) I was hit with accusations of not wanting it bad enough and was told being stressed should make me lose weight, etc. Ugh! At the end of the appointment, he told me he believes in me and it frustrates him when patients aren't losing what he expects. So of course, I went home and did what I knew to do - I ate everything I could without getting sick. I woke up having lost 2 pounds. 🤦‍♀️
    As angry as I was with my surgeon, he had changed something in me. He was wrong. I want it bad enough. I just don't know how to cope with stress well. I have always used food to self-medicate, to Celebrate, to cope with life. I took up smoking and when I quit, the weight piled on. Today I am 263 pounds. I am 6 1/2 months post op. I am tracking every atom of food I consume again. I am drinking a gallon to a gallon and a half of water every day. I am walking more than ever. When I see him in 5 1/2 months, I want to be at goal. His goal for me is 200 pounds. My personal goal is 167. I did not need the medication to jump-start my weight loss again. I needed to be angry. I say this to say that I was not being honest with myself and when someone was honest with me, I became defensive. I still have days when I eat like crap or days when I don't want to walk. Such is life. I am fighting this food addiction with all my might and I really have my mean old surgeon to thank for the kick in the pants. ❤️
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    Christina Phillips got a reaction from Kat2013 in HEAVY Weightlifting is a GAME CHANGER Ladies!!! Pics included!   
    Wow you look amazing!! I am almost 4 weeks post op and have only lost like 12lbs. I feel like as soon as I started pureed stage I stopped losing or when I started to drink more Water too. Ugh I have been walking a decent amount but still struggle. Hopefully I will be able to go longer n longer on walk soon:)

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    Christina Phillips got a reaction from Sosewsue61 in It happened- I got canceled   
    Wow, I am so sorry to hear this. I can't imagine being that close to it and then it being taken away:( I am so sorry. But don't lose hope! I agree with the person who mentioned the cobra too. Or even the financing if at all possible. Or even try for state insurance if unable to do the others, not sure exactly if they do it in your area but I know they do in Tennessee with the right company. So if you go that route make sure you do your research first so they put you in the right plan. Good luck to you!!! ♡

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    Christina Phillips reacted to Arabesque in I tried again and I did it   
    Some do have a tougher time post surgery & I’m sorry you are. But it does get better. The pain subsides, the swelling reduces, you’ll move more easily, …. Just give yourself time to heal.
    Honestly, there will be days in the future when eating or drinking may be tough or your tummy/body will throw you a curve ball. There’s a lot of learning & new things to discover about yourself & your body.
    It is soooo worth it.
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    Christina Phillips reacted to cPata2020 in Recommendations for unflavored protein powder   
    I have been using Vital Proteins brand unflavored powders. I have been primarily using their collagen complex powder, but coworkers use their Protein powder and love it too. Their unflavored stuff really is unflavored. I usually put it in a hot drink, or yogurt, because that's how I start my day.
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    Christina Phillips reacted to GummyBearQueen in Recommendations for unflavored protein powder   
    Orgain is the cleanest Protein powder I have found.
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    Christina Phillips reacted to PecanFrost in Recommendations for unflavored protein powder   
    The one I use I purchase from Bariatric Advantage. It’s called nectar Medical Unflavored. It has 10g of Protein per scoop and it easily goes into everything without leaving an aftertaste. I use it in grits, Soup and drinks.< /p>
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    Christina Phillips reacted to lizonaplane in Recommendations for unflavored protein powder   
    I haven't tried that one, but I like Isopure or GENEPRO (the caveat with Genepro is that they say you get 30g of Protein from a 7g serving, which seems completely impossible, but lots of people say it works for them. There was a lawsuit, but it was dismissed on a technicality).
    The main thing I've found with these is that you have to be careful how you add them to food. You have to mix them with a little lukewarm Water until they fully dissolve before adding them to hot food, like Soup or oatmeal. If you try to heat (or reheat) the food with the protein powder in them, it's an absolutely disgusting mess of clumps. Also, the isopure smells terrible, but I've used it in some pretty bland foods like oatmeal and lobster bisque and it doesn't taste like anything.
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    Christina Phillips got a reaction from Hlyn in Water sipping   
    I hated that too! I used to live chugging Water so it was quite an adjustment for me. I am 5 weeks out... Soon enough you will be able to drink a lot at a time. Idk if I'm really supposed to but I pretty much chug sometimes lol I love ice cold water lol

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    Christina Phillips reacted to Tripletsmom1971 in Stall   
    I am walking, at the gym on a treadmill for an hour a day, until this past Friday, I started "resistance" training. I went back to work yesterday, so I will get my "steps" in there. I am afraid the doc will be ugly to me at my 6 week check-up coming up. But I had been losing consistently before surgery. I had lost an average of 10 pounds a month since January. So I THINK that I had already "cut my calories" down so much that THIS low of calories isn't cutting it anymore. I am trying the resistance training in hopes of "burning" some of this fat! lol. I was losing WAY more before surgery!
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    Christina Phillips reacted to rjan in Stall   
    My first stall started after 4.5 weeks, and my worst one started after about 2 months and lasted 3 weeks. Stalls happen to everyone. Telling you that probably won't erase your anxiety though...
    I remember my really long stall after 2 months was at exactly my lowest adult weight, where I had stalled out for nearly a year when trying to lose weight "normally" in my 20s. All I could think was that I must have reached the lowest I could ever get, so why did I bother to get my insides cut open? But I kept at it, and after losing almost nothing in my 3rd month, I lost 12 lbs in my 4th month.

    Just keep trucking on! As long as you don't use it as an excuse to ruin your diet, the weight loss will return!
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    Christina Phillips reacted to VIKING 0424 in Anyone dating after surgery   
    stay positive life does go on and think of the valuable lesson s learned it does not stop the hurt however chin up we are here if you need to vent or chat
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    Christina Phillips reacted to lizonaplane in Incision   
    Call your doctor... that's what they're there for, that's why they get paid the big bucks!

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