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    I am a Libra, a wife, a mother plus a few more hats. Positive vibes only type of person. I love to learn and grow.
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    Spending time with loved ones, going out, having fun, shopping, cooking, juicing, learning new things. Law of attraction is vital. I try my best to be a conscious manifestor at all times( in a good way).
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  1. BluPriscilla : I had the traditional duodenal switch surgery on Feb 1st 2022. I’m feeling alright to say the least . To say the most is to mention my 4 complications but I don’t feel like writing a novel about that right now . I wouldn’t trade the DS Surgery for nothing in the World. Go to your PCP to weigh you once a month , you need: EKG, endoscopy with H pylori bacteria test , blood work that mount sinai will order , psych evaluation, nutritionist appointment , letter of medical necessity from your PCP.
  2. Dr. Kini Didn’t do my Surgery, he had to go away for personal reasons / vacation so he referred me to his Colleague at mount sinai who did my surgery last month - Dr Eugenius John Harvey
  3. MandM1188

    January 2022 Surgery Buddies

    Every BODY is different, don’t obsess with the scale . Give yourself Grace Happy New Year!!!!😊
  4. MandM1188

    January 2022 Surgery Buddies

    Dianne: It’s normal to feel nervous. Your feelings are valid. What is every one’s name on Facebook? Add me. I want to create a group chat on Facebook so we can talk and support one another. My name is Marie Antoinette. Add me & send a private message.
  5. MandM1188

    January 2022 Surgery Buddies

    Hi everyone, I submitted all the documents 2 weeks ago to my Surgeon’s Office. I’m awaiting: 1. 2 more appointments with my Surgeon Signing the consent form, picking a Surgery date and taking a quiz while at the 2nd appointment 3. Approval letter from the insurance company The Holiday season is up on, it’s obvious that my Surgery won’t be next month like I wanted . It will be in January Can we make a Facebook group so we can chat daily and cheer each other along?
  6. I’m so happy for you!!! im in the pre op phase as well. I hope To get surgery in December also. I’m gonna get the duodenal switch surgery. I changed My mind about the bypass.
  7. MandM1188

    Pouch stretching?? Can I shrink it?

    Eat less( eat 5 times a day not 12 times a day but make sure you get your macros in).........eat in a certain window for example between 7am and 7pm only. dont eat and drink at the same time. These are ways to make sure your pouch or stomach doesn't stretch too much from this point on. You got this!!!!! You've done such a great job. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!
  8. MandM1188

    July 12th DS - open

    Awesome, congratulations. You are so close to your goal weight. Great job!
  9. MandM1188


    Thank you so much for this!!!!!
  10. GREAT job, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!
  11. MandM1188

    6 Weeks Post Sadi Op Journey

    BEAUTIFUL, well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. MandM1188

    6 Months Post SADI Update

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well done
  13. MandM1188

    Common Channel length for DS?

    I am going to get the TDS in a few months. I dont want a long cc just in case I would have a lower weight loss goal. I am going to talk to my surgeon tomorrow-video pre op appointment and I am going to confirm with him that I want a short cc-ideally 100cc. He measures the total bowel so he has to go in there to measure it then.... I could truly know what my cc is , you know?
  14. Hi everyone, I am so excited and grateful that I am going to join the DS family soon. Dr. Kini is my Surgeon. He performs TDS as well as the modified version of the DS. The way my luck and body is set up, the traditional DS is the best tool for me. So far so good, Dr. Kini and his entire Staff have been Professional and helpful. I am loving the team. I would love to speak to other people that had surgery with him or heard of him. Thank you in advance.
  15. MandM1188

    Zero pounds…

    I was Drinking 6-8 premier protein shakes plus 1 solid meal for dinner ^^^ I did worse than you. I was Taking in too much protein. Now I’m doing Whole Foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If I’m hungry aside from that, I drink only 1 premier protein shake during the day. I’ll have surgery in a few months. I wish I was losing a lot of weight but I’m not. Pcos and fibroids makes it extremely hard to lose more weight. You are doing great!!! Just drink 1 shake a day or none at all. Save the shakes for the liquid pre op diet. You got this!!!🥰😍

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