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  1. Darcie J.

    3 week liquid diet!!

    Yes, I had to do 3 weeks clear liquids and I'm just starting soft for 1 week. Then I can start reg food.. Honestly, I wasn't hungry at all. Darcie
  2. Darcie J.

    June Surgeries

    As time passes by things will definitely get better. Glad your doing good. 🤗
  3. Darcie J.

    June Surgeries

    I'm surprised by reading so many posts on how fast the drs are having people eat. But every facility has their own guidelines. What's odd, puree is kind of a soft diet? I'm totally on clear liquids - I'm not hungry, but my head like feed me.. Lol. But I'll get there and you will too. 🤗
  4. I think I have some type of hernia. Ugh. I'm heading to the drs next week. Surgery was on June 7th
  5. Darcie J.

    June Surgeries

    Hi, Try not to focus on the scale. It will surely drive us nuts. So, how long did you have to do clear liquids for? I'm 3 weeks clears and 1 week soft, then start regular food. Ugh.. Hate this stage. Hang in there 🤗
  6. Darcie J.

    June Surgeries

    Glad to hear.. Everyday you'll get better 🤗
  7. Darcie J.

    June Surgeries

    Hello, Take a deep breath. It's ok 🤗 This is scary. Have you've called your drs. Office and see what they think?? And your skin could be just in the healing phase. Will get itchy when healing. My wound areas are a little itchy also. Your hot and old, do you have a fever? The protein part can be tough- do you like the shakes- can try changing flavors too. Don't worry sweetie- you'll be fine. I would definitely call your Dr and talk to them about what's going on. Hang in there. Everything will all work out. 🤗❤️
  8. Darcie J.

    June Surgeries

    Oh no.. I hope your doing better? Yes, must exercise those lungs after a surgery. Well, just take it easy and rest. Sending positive vibes your way 🤗
  9. Darcie J.

    June Surgeries

    I know everyone recovers differently. I've lost 14 pounds since June 7th ( surgery). Did hiu call your Dr and see what they think?
  10. Darcie J.

    June Surgeries

    Hi, how are you feeling?
  11. Darcie J.

    June Surgeries

    Yayyyyy!!! You did it.. Keep walking that will help with the gas pain- that's the worst. I'm 12 days post and doing well. Keep up the good work 🤗
  12. Darcie J.

    June Surgeries

    Your going to do great. I have never felt alone going thru the process. But it's ok go have these feelings. Probably, your just having doubts maybe? Keep talking about things. 🤗
  13. Darcie J.

    June Surgeries

  14. Darcie J.

    Any tall people who had surgery?

    Hi, I'm 5’9 starting pre op 268 ( Feb) 1 week post op and down to 243. 150 is my goal. 🤗
  15. I'm sorry to hear this. I'm really shocked about your Dr telling you can eat soft after one week. I'm strict 3 weeks clear liquids only, 1 week I can start soft foods. Do, it's a good month before you can eat regular diet. I hope your doing ok- 🤗

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