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  1. Thank you for the picture, I’ll look into that!
  2. Thank you all for your replies! I appreciate it. ❤️
  3. Hi! I’m almost 10 weeks post rny surgery. I keep having a long lasting bad taste in my mouth. (Yes I’m taking my reflux meds!) I was trying to pay attention to when it’s worse and I think it’s after I take my calcium chew! I switched to a different brand and it’s the same taste. I’m wondering if calcium citrate chews cause a bad taste for anyone else? Maybe it’s something else and I’m way off but I feel like it’s the chews! Thanks for your time!
  4. I enjoyed ready your story and I’m glad you’ve had good success!
  5. Jen-ny

    Nausea 8 Weeks Post-op

    Thanks for your help guys, I appreciate the suggestions and will give them a try!
  6. Jen-ny

    what surprised you?

    I was surprised that I have no restriction. 8+ weeks now and I’m fully on solid foods and still have no restriction. I’ve even pushed it a few times to just see what I can eat and it’s safe to say I have no restriction at all. I’m also hungry. I’m nauseous off and on and I just feel like the surgery hasn’t been a success at all. I was NOT prepared for that.
  7. Hi Everyone, I’m 8 weeks post op and I’ve been having nausea throughout the day for about three weeks now. My doctor ordered zofran and I wouldn’t say it’s been helpful, the nausea still comes and goes all day or lasts for a few hours off and on. My mouth will just water terribly and it feels terrible and I don’t want to do anything because I feel sick. With the nausea came a bad taste in my mouth off and on and nothing tastes the same that I eat either. The thought of even my favorite foods sounds yuck. I’ve paid attention to try and pin point what is triggering the nausea but I see no rhyme or reason to it! (I take omeprazole 40 mg twice a day, which I’ve taken for 10+ years.) I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this, or has any thoughts? Is this normal? I’m a worrier so I worry something is wrong. thanks for the help!
  8. Best of luck to you! Keep us posted on your experience!
  9. I walked to go to the bathroom and get myself drinks and meds throughout the day. Otherwise, my team said to walk regularly so in addition to that I walked five times a day, five times around the outside of my house and spread that throughout the day. I pumped my legs frequently. honestly, one minute every fifteen minutes is odd. (I am a nurse, and I’ve never heard that specifically.) If you’re finding that hard to do, or likely, interfering with resting and getting in fluids and causing anxiety, I would probably get up every hour instead and walk around for say, five minutes around your house. When you’re awake and laying down or sitting pump your feet back and forth a few times. Wiggle your toes back and forth. If you want to see if that would be a safe option give your team a call! I’m sure they would give you their approval! sending you a speedy recovery!
  10. Jen-ny

    Recipes for Ninja creami

    I’ve put just a can of peaches in the freezer and it made a fantastic sorbet! The creami is so versatile! Here is my recipe for protein shake ice cream: 1 chocolate fairlife shake 1 tbsp light cream cheese 1 tbsp sugar free chocolate pudding powder mix 2 tbsp pb fit 1/2 cup milk- any (I add a packet of sweet n low) I blend that then put it in the container and freeze. I spin on light ice cream, then I add about 2-3 tbsp of milk right on the top and hit respin, you can respin again if you want it very creamy. This recipe to me tastes like a frosty.
  11. I had gastric bypass but I was in a tremendous amount of pain at the hospital and I felt like it was barely controlled. I should’ve spoke up more but I’m quiet and I try not to bother people. 🤷🏻‍♀️ My dr eventually ordered me morphine and even that didn’t help. Idk what was going on! Anyhow, by day five I felt like I had turned the corner and felt much improved.
  12. Thank you for your reply, I hope the same happens when I get to purées and soft foods!
  13. I’m hungry too. I keep trying to think is it just “head hunger” or real hunger, but really I do feel hungry. I read other people saying they’re months out and still not hungry and I was actually kind of emotional this morning think boy I really hope this surgery worked/was done correctly. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  14. Hello, I am 6 days post op and I find that I’m able to get in my fluids just fine, my protein shakes go down well and I feel nothing. I can eat my sugar free jello and pudding, and I feel nothing. Zero sense of my stomach, no restriction. This may sound stupid but I’m just worried that my new stomach isn’t working. I keep reading how people can’t get their shakes in and I’m over here meeting my fluid and protein goals just fine. Is this normal?? Is my stomach not small enough?

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