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    Iluvbats got a reaction from Morachia in June Surgeries   
    My surgery was yesterday. It was scheduled for 12 ;30 but there were some issues with the person ahead of me so I finally got in at 5:15. I was so glad they didn't postpone it because I was dying on that pre-op diet only to turn around today and find out that I'm still on liquid for the next 2 weeks!

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    Iluvbats got a reaction from Morachia in June Surgeries   
    For me they did an EKG and blood draw. I didn't have to do the covid test because I'm vaccinated. Hope all goes well for you!
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    Iluvbats got a reaction from Morachia in June Surgeries   
    I was told that the 64oz was in addition to the shakes but each Dr is different. I would love it if it did count. I'm 1 day post-op and I've only managed to down a little Soup, almost a whole shake, a popsicle and a few ounces of water. Tomorrow will be better though!
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    Iluvbats reacted to ZhivagosGirl in June Surgeries   
    Got my surgery date this morning. It's 2 weeks from today! June 23rd. Had to hit the liver shrinking diet full force right out of the chute. Thankfully I had some "supplies" on hand and will do a run to the grocery store in the morning. I still can't believe this is happening.
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    Iluvbats reacted to victoriaciminelli111 in What is your why?   
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    Iluvbats reacted to Wahinebythesea in What is your why?   
    OMG - nothing like tall boots to make you feel like the fattest human being alive!
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    Iluvbats reacted to maslman in What is your why?   
    I honestly thought that I could do it on my own without surgery. After all I was already starting to lose and years ago I worked my butt off and got down to where I wanted to be. Of course had I stayed there I wouldn't be in the position where I needed to be losing weight again. I'm also much older now and while I was still considered healthy (aside from my weight) some things were starting to head in the wrong direction. My wife really wanted me to look into it for myself, for her, and for our children so I started doing some research. Based on everything I read and heard, plus knowing my previous history of struggle and loss and regain I decided that it was worth giving it a shot. So far it has absolutely been worth it for me and everyone close to me.
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    Iluvbats reacted to LizzLosingIt in What is your why?   
    I am still pre-op, waiting on final approval from insurance, and getting very anxious. Mournful even, of the life I live now, and the foods I enjoy that I won’t enjoy again.
    but this thread helps. I’m generally healthy, no issues with BP, cholesterol, GERD, heart or cardiac, only issues areI’m creeping ever closer to diabetes. I want that off the table. And I have sleep apnea. Super low pressure (7 on a scale of 5-30) and can easily be reversed with just 50-75 lbs lost. I’m 34 and want children one day. I want to hike and ride bikes and run and sit comfortably on the floor, play with my nieces and not be exhausted after ONE round of hide and seek, rid myself of back pain, fit into regular sized clothes, wear heels without wanting to cry.
    Men reach out very very often on dating apps and I always “self reject” because something in my mind says “he must be joking” or “your body is just a fetish to him.” Maybe I’m way off base with that one but it’s how I feel and I want to be romantically involved with someone again.
    I want to sit comfortably in airplanes and not see the “oh God I hope the fat girl doesn’t sit by me” face I often see. Don’t want to hear the “wow you have such a pretty face” comment, knowing what they really mean. (I hope I don’t sound self centered, just highlighting that it’s hard to appreciate things that others seemingly appreciate about me because of my deep insecurity.)
    Just so many things. As nervous and sad as I am to have to get to this point to lose weight, I’m still looking forward to all of the above. 🌸
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    Iluvbats reacted to kristieshannon in Thigh lift   
    I didn’t think I would be heading for another round of PS, but at 6 months post op from my Tummy Tuck, breast lift/augmentation and arm lift I am now planning to get my thighs fixed. I’ll go back to Dr. Earle in Miami for it. He is amazing and I trust him and his team. I’m booked for a thigh lift with him next March. However, I want to get de-bulking Lipo done first after I get back to Seattle after my summer living and working in Boston. Anyone have this done prior to a thigh lift? Anyone here have lipo in Seattle and have someone you can recommend? Thigh pic for reference.

  10. Congrats!
    Iluvbats reacted to NewMe_2021 in June Surgeries   
    @Sch902right there with you...my sister in law had vsg surgery in December and she was allowed to have oatmeal during her pre-op. Never thought I would be so jealous over oatmeal LOL. You are right...it is temporary! Just have to keep on keepin on at this point!
    @Jessyr702 My plan is 5 Glucerna Hunger Smart shakes a day with some broth, SF jello/popsicles and tea added in as needed. My program gave me several shakes to choose from, so, I was limited on what I could drink. Their reasoning is that all my nutrition is coming from the shakes and they wanted ones that had the best nutritional profile. I originally wanted Premier Protein, but, they said while those are a great shake if I'm drinking 5 a day it would be too much Protein for my kidneys. So, saving those for post op.
    Down to 3 days of liquids. Last night I decided to turn my shake into something I could tolerate. I filled a blender cup with ice, added the shake and blended till smooth. I ate it with a spoon, which, was a nice change. I think the ice helped to dilute it to the point where I didn't feel like it was sticking to my mouth. Whatever it takes at this point!
    Started washing with my Hibiclens and taking my Gabapentin today. Getting close!

  11. Congrats!
    Iluvbats reacted to Morachia in June Surgeries   
    Surgery day is tomorrow! 2 Weeks of 3 Optifast shakes a day, low sodium broth, sf popsicles and Jello. Cannot WAIT to get to the other side. Tbh, I was a little envious of the folks that were able to have chewable food during their 2 weeks. But it went by like that!
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    Iluvbats reacted to Aliana Wood in June Surgeries   
    Don't beat yourself up too much if you slip up once or twice during the pre-op diet. Surgeons know that this will probably happen and they will not cancel your surgery over 1 or 2 slip ups. The whole point of it is to shrink the liver (if indeed you are on the liver shrinking diet pre-op). Your liver is going to still shrink a great deal even if you mess up once or twice in the course of 2 weeks.
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    Iluvbats reacted to Idk91 in June Surgeries   
    I am struggling with feeling incredibly hungry too, the only things making me stick to it perfectly is the fear of not shrinking my liver enough and the op being postponed. I’m 8 days down now, 6 to go. I know it’s so easy to say it but try and think of it as a brief but very important part, and of course things will be much easier and better afterwards 🤞🏻
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    Iluvbats reacted to Sch902 in June Surgeries   
    I am doing a Nutrimed diet. I guess it is sort of like Optifast? ? I just started today but I can tell I have underestimated the struggle 🥴. I am definitely jealous of the ones getting to have actual food. I keep telling myself this is only temporary and we will feel and look so much better ❤️
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    Iluvbats reacted to NewMe_2021 in June Surgeries   
    Four days left to go! My pre-op diet is starting to get to me. Nothing but liquids for 14 days starts to make drinking the Protein Shakes quite the challenge. I'm starting to find there are days where I just am not hungry or cannot stomach another shake and basically have to choke them down. I can definitely understand not ever wanting to drink this type of shake again. I'll definitely be purchasing different ones for post op. The impact on ones digestive track on a diet like this is a real thing and has caught up with me during the final days on the pre-op diet. At this point I would rather just not have to drink 5 a day and maybe just have to drink 2 and just not eat. Just have to limp across the finish line! Friday is right around the corner!
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    Iluvbats reacted to pk88 in June Surgeries   
    Hang in there. Post-op you will not likely get that one meal for a while. Expect to be on liquids a week, full liquids another week before getting cream/pureed foods (all depending on your dietician's approach). I highly recommend getting sugar free popsicles and pudding. The pudding helped me a lot with carb cravings. SO MUCH of the pre-op diet is mental. If you haven't already, I recommend finding the forum "What is your Why?" and journalling about it. Having that long term goal in mind while preparing your body for surgery and caring for it afterwards is crucial. In the short term, everyone goes through withdrawals from food, from eating to replace boredom or out of habit, but those that manage this best are the ones with great faith in why they are doing it. Best to you!
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    Iluvbats got a reaction from JAKE H in never been happier 2 years later....almost.   
    Excellent! Very encouraging!

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  18. Congrats!
    Iluvbats reacted to Nsch1018 in June Surgeries   
    I’m feeling much better than I anticipated. For me, the pain was not bad at all. If I was laying perfectly still, I could not feel a thing. The strongest pain meds I took were Tramadol and I only took those for the first 12 hours and then just at night for the first two nights. For me, the key was getting up and walking. Also getting my back pounded on to get rid of gas pains.
    I had a companion traveling with me but the patient staying in the room next door to me took advantage of the companion care and it was a really great experience. Out of towners all stay on the third floor of the hotel and you’ll see several walking the halls at all hours. Also the hotel rooms all have a section separate from the bed area that has sofa, etc. so there is some space. The visit from Nurses the evening after surgery for IV of fluids and anti nausea drugs was the best thing ever.
    I don’t know how long your journey home is, but I had two flights — 4 1/2 and then 1 hour — and I believe the timing was about right. It was really good to shower in my own bathroom and sleep in my own bed.
    my BMI was not as low as yours I think it was at 38, and I’m only 5’ 2” so I wasn’t expecting to lose much. I lost about five pounds from the time I started two week pre-op diet and the day before surgery. I was happy with that and as of today have lost a total of 10 pounds. WARNING - Blossom will weigh you the day after surgery when you go in for IV and final visit. I gained a pound but totally expected that because of all the IVs I got from surgery.

    feel free to ask any other questions and I’ll be happy to share my experience. So far it’s been great!
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    Iluvbats reacted to 1979grit in June Surgeries   
    My surgery is June 15th. I am on day 6 of my pre op diet. I am allowed to have 1 Protein Shake and 3oz low-fat meat with 1/2 non starch veggies. Then the sugar free Jello, broth, Water, etc.

    I’ve been sticking to plan up until today. I had 6 crackers with hella good dip. Now I am back on track. Could this screw up my surgery?
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    Iluvbats got a reaction from endzone in June Surgeries   
    I am 10 days out and REALLY struggling with this pre-op diet. 2 shakes a day and one meal. It's killing me. Last night I fell off the wagon and had crackers and Philly cream cheese and today I had a spoon full of macaroni cheese! I don't even like macaroni cheese! I have to get through the rest of this day and 9 more. Thankfully I'm not hungry right now but this is hard. If I could do this diet, I wouldn't need surgery!
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    Iluvbats got a reaction from pk88 in June Surgeries   
    I'm so used to stuffing my face when I'm stressed, but I'm determined to make this work. Not receiving alot of support from my husband right now. He had a heart attack in September 20 so I'm not pushing it. That's partly why I'm getting this done NOW!

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    Iluvbats reacted to Tim C in Day 3 on Pre-Op and STARVING!   
    This will pass soon.
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    Iluvbats reacted to ChubRub in Day 3 on Pre-Op and STARVING!   
    Hang in there!! I agree with the SF popsicles!
    Once you get to post op, things will be so much easier. Good luck!
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    Iluvbats reacted to Creekimp13 in Day 3 on Pre-Op and STARVING!   
    sugar free Jello. Clear broth. Green Tea.
    Distractions. Watch movies you love. Have crazy sex. Take a hot bath. Do something you enjoy.
    I had a terrible time of it, too. I HATE how I feel in ketosis. I feel unhinged and horrible, brain fog, hangry, desperate, dizzy, miserable.
    Pre-op diet was really tough for me, but I did it.
    A day at a freaking time. An hour. A minute, sometimes.
    You can do this. It won't last forever.
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    Iluvbats reacted to catwoman7 in Liquid diet help   
    I was allowed to have a limited amount of clear broth and Tomato juice/V8 every day (I think it was a cup of each), and I did have those every day - the sodium in them makes some people retain Water, which can make you feel more "full" (well, less hungry, anyway...). I notice my clinic now allows the patients to have pickles and Pickle Juice on the pre-op diet. Same thing - sodium. I was also allowed to have sugar free popsicles and sugar free Jello - I ate both with abandon (sometimes I'd eat the whole thing of Jello (4 servings or whatever) in one sitting, because it was the only thing I could have which somewhat resembled real food.
    if you're one who's allowed one meal a day on the pre-op diet, consider yourself lucky. Many of us are on all liquid diets. It's tough - but we manage to get through it!!

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